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Ruins 2 Morrow Diocese Wiki

The Parish of Morrow is a key and fascinating location in the vast universe of Remnant 2. Positioned as the starting point for conspiracy narratives in the mysterious Lothorm biome, Morrow Parish is the gateway to a kingdom filled with stunning vistas, fascinating events, labyrinthine dungeons, powerful adversaries, and troves of sought-after artifacts.

As intrepid players delve deeper into the mysteries of Morrow Parish, they will unravel the intricate layers of this unique sanctuary, igniting an endless appreciation for the countless dimensions and richness of each unique location in Remnant 2’s ever-evolving tapestry. curiosity.

“Remnant 2” Moreau Parish Guide

Here is the guide for Remnant 2 Morrow Parish Sanatorium:

Step 1: Find the safe

Locate the safe inside the Morrow Parish Nursing Home. This safe contains valuable loot that you can unlock using a specific code.

Step 2: Use the security code

Enter the code “2971” into the lock of the safe. To do this, interact with the safe and the lock screen will appear on the screen. Rotate the number to match “2971” and confirm the code.

Step Three: Get the Carved Doll

If code “2971” doesn’t work for you (due to the random nature of the game), you’ll need to find three stone dolls to get the correct code.

Step 4: Find the first doll

Look for the first doll in the room next to the safe room. Look for the first stone doll behind the broken bookshelf.

Step 5: Find the second doll

Go to the Morrow Parish Nursing Home courtyard and walk to the back right corner. There, you’ll find a second stone doll.

Step 6: Find the third doll

Head to the top floor of the sanatorium to find the third stone doll.

Step 7: Give the doll to the woman

Take all three dolls to the basement and give them to the woman behind the steel door. When you do this, she will sing a song containing numbers. These numbers are the correct security codes.

Step 8: Unlock the safe

Return to the safe and enter the password obtained from the woman’s song. Turn the numbers in the lock to match the numbers given in the woman’s song and confirm the password.

Step 9: Collect your loot

Once you successfully enter the correct code, the safe will unlock and you can claim your reward. Inside the safe you’ll find a new double-barreled sidearm that deals serious close range damage.

Following these steps, you should be able to open the safe and obtain valuable loot in Remnant 2 Morrow Parish Sanatorium. Enjoy your adventure and the rewards that come with it!


Remnant 2 Moro Parish Guide


There’s a place in the realms of Remnant 2 that can make even the boldest adventurer uneasy: the Parish of Morrow within the Lothomu biome. This bizarre hospital hides many puzzling secrets, including a mysterious safe hidden in Dr. Moreau’s office. If you’re struggling to unlock this hidden treasure, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will expertly guide you through revealing the contents of your safe and uncovering its mysteries.

As you travel through Remnant 2’s multiverse, your missions will take you across different planets, all with the overarching goal of defeating the source of evil. When you arrive on the planet Lothomu, the Parish of Morrow becomes an important location, filled with challenging boss encounters and a host of hidden mysteries.

Explore the Diocese of Morrow

At the heart of Moreau Parish lies a fascinating mystery: Moreau Parish Nursing Home Dr. Moreau’s office contains an elusive secret safe. To obtain its hidden treasures, your first step is to venture into the basement of the mental hospital, where a sealed door reveals the incarceration of the attending doctor. After responding to her request for aid, you’ll embark on a journey to find three mysterious stone dolls.

Looking for stone dolls

These dolls are hidden in every corner of the nursing home. One is located in the courtyard, another is hidden behind a bed on the third floor, and the final one is in a room near Dr. Parrish’s office. Collecting all three dolls and presenting them to the imprisoned doctor, a haunting song reveals a numerical code: “2971.”

Decipher the code

With this newfound knowledge in hand, head to the safe and enter the code there. As the safe’s door creaked open, they revealed a powerful weapon: a double-barreled gun known for its ability to wreak havoc in close combat.

Unveiling the location of the Diocese of Morrow

Morrow Parish becomes one of your first destinations as you embark on a journey through the cold realms of the Lothorm biome. This ominous realm was created by the fusion of the Dran and Fae worlds, presenting a complex landscape full of dangers, demons, and intricate passages.

Open the safe in Morrow Parish

Begin your mission by entering the basement of the mental hospital, where you will meet the imprisoned Chief Doctor. Her request sets in motion a mission to retrieve the carved stone doll she seeks. One doll is located behind a bed on the third floor, another is located in a wooden shed, and the final doll is located next to Dr. Parrish’s office.

Decrypt password

After collecting all three dolls and listening to the Doctor’s song, you will find the code “2971”. This sequence holds the key to the safe in Dr. Moreau’s office. Enter the code into the lock to access the contents of the safe.

Uncover the treasure

Inside, you’ll find a double-barreled gun, a weapon capable of quickly and efficiently dispatching enemies in close combat.

In summary

Exploring the secrets of Morrow Parish requires careful observation and determination. This guide carefully outlines the path to unlocking the hidden safe and obtaining the coveted Double Barrel Gun. As you continue to travel through the world of Remnant 2, remember that these mysteries are just a few of the mysteries waiting to be discovered.

For similar secrets and challenges, delve deeper into Area 13 to discover hidden treasure chests and earn extraordinary rewards. The journey in Remnant 2 is as dangerous as it is exciting, and with a guide like this, you’ll be fully prepared to face them head-on.

“Remnant 2” Morrow Parish gameplay

Remnant 2 draws inspiration from the Soulsborne video game, taking the form of a third-person shooter reminiscent of its predecessor. Players can use up to two firearms and one melee weapon. At the beginning of the game, players are given the opportunity to choose their character archetype. For example, the Gunslinger class replaces the former cult class from the first game, emphasizing firearms proficiency.

The Challenger class has the ability to unleash disintegrating shock waves on enemies, while the Handler class has a loyal canine companion that can aid in combat. As players progress, they can choose to take on dual careers. Additionally, players can activate archetype-specific perks and skills.

For the Gunslinger, the unique “Load” skill helps instantly reload all carried guns, while the Handler class excels in the “Bind” skill, allowing the canine companion to resurrect the character after losing a battle.

Compared to the previous game’s procedural generation, which affected level design and enemy spawn locations, Remnant 2 expands on this concept. Gunfire Games amplifies randomness by incorporating variability into enemy types, zone aesthetics, boss characters, non-playable character encounters, and narrative and mission structures.

While players can embark on a solitary journey, the game supports a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to three players.

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