How Long is Atlas Fallen? How Long Does it Take to Finish Atlas Fallen?

Atlas fallen gameplay

Atlas Fallen is an engaging third-person action role-playing video game that immerses players in a dynamic universe from the start. At the beginning of the adventure, players can craft and personalize their own unique player avatar.

Equipped with the ancient and mysterious Gauntlet, players can harness the power of manipulating sand, crafting it into powerful weapons that become an extension of their strength. While limited to a choice of two weapons from three at a time, the Gauntlet’s potential is limitless, allowing players to seamlessly switch between land and air combat while expertly dodging, countering, and blocking their opponent’s attacks.

In a stark departure from Deck13’s previous titles, Atlas Fallen takes a more traditional action-oriented stance. Complex gameplay requires fluid engagement, with players forced to switch seamlessly between evasive moves and combat attacks.

As players engage enemies, the accumulation of momentum becomes critical, with this resource reaching a threshold that triggers transformative weapon status. This transformation allows players to unleash devastating special abilities, dealing a cascade of massive damage to their opponents.

The game’s vast scope is reflected in its multiple open areas to explore. This quest for discovery reveals a range of non-playable characters that can be interacted with, as well as a host of side quests and various activities. Movement becomes the cornerstone of the exploration experience, and challenges provide a multifaceted toolkit.

Players nimbly glide across vast deserts, performing gravity-defying feats such as aerial dashes, while excavating hidden enclaves and forging new paths. Progressing through the game enhances the gauntlet’s combat capabilities as players unearth “Fragments” and “Catalyst Fragments,” highlighting the game’s depth.

And, to foster camaraderie, Atlas Fallen expands the adventure with a cooperative multiplayer mode for two players. This dimension injects a social element into immersive gameplay, promoting collaboration and shared victory.

All in all, Atlas Falls transports players into a mesmerizing realm where the challenge of mastering the manipulation of sand is intertwined with exploration, combat, and cooperative camaraderie into an extraordinary gaming adventure.

How long has it been since Atlas fell?

As anticipation continues to build for Deck13’s upcoming RPG masterpiece Atlas Has Fallen, one burning question dominates the minds of eager gamers: What does it take to embark on an immersive journey through this desert-buried civilization? for how long? Delve into comprehensive insights gleaned from statements, interviews and industry trends to uncover the intricate tapestry of Atlas Falls’ duration.

Estimated game duration

Jan Klose, the visionary creative director behind Atlas Fallen, has stepped up as an authoritative voice on the matter. Drawing on his expertise, Klose said it would take 15 to 20 hours to get through the heart of the main campaign. This timeline outlines the player’s journey within the central narrative, setting the stage for an epic conflict with the tyrannical sun god Theros. However, this is just the beginning.

Uncover the side quests

The world of Atlas Fallen is filled with fascinating side quests, each offering a unique opportunity to further enrich the gameplay experience. For those eager to take on these additional challenges and delve deeper into the lore, expect an additional 10 hours of engagement time. By undertaking side quests and solving supplemental missions, players can discover hidden gems, unlock new abilities, and form bonds with the characters who inhabit this desert kingdom.

path to mastery

For those brave souls seeking unparalleled mastery of Fallen Atlas, a comprehensive approach beckons. By committing to completing the main missions and side missions, players can look forward to an immersive journey of approximately 25-30 hours. This holistic effort provides players with a deep understanding of the game’s world, mechanics, and complexities, allowing players to savor every aspect of this carefully crafted universe.

Personal variables and exploration

It’s important to realize that individual play style, exploration preferences, and puzzle-solving abilities can significantly impact the time it takes to conquer Atlas Fallen. As players traverse the quicksand and unravel the mysteries of this ancient civilization, the duration of their adventure may naturally fluctuate.

Exploration is the cornerstone of gaming, and each player’s level of engagement with complex environments and pursuit of hidden secrets helps create a personalized and dynamic gaming experience.

Balance quality and quantity

Atlas Fallen exemplifies a popular trend in the gaming industry that values ​​quality over quantity. In recent years, there has been a shift towards fully enjoying the crafting experience within 25 to 30 hours. This thoughtful approach aligns with the needs of modern gamers, who seek engaging and immersive experiences that fit seamlessly into their weekly routines.


Atlas Fallen will be available on gaming platforms on August 10, 2023, and its duration will harmoniously blend compelling storytelling, strategic combat, and exploration fun. As you embark on this epic adventure, remember that duration isn’t just a number, it’s a journey. Whether you choose the core narrative, delve deeper into side missions, or strive for 100% completion, Atlas Falls is an unforgettable odyssey through deserts and ancient mysteries.


How long does it take to complete Atlas Has Fallen?

Within Atlas Fallen’s vast realm, a series of missions guide players across diverse landscapes, shaping a narrative journey that can be completed in 15 to 20 hours for those primarily dedicated to unraveling the story. Of course, this duration depends on the player’s experience and the difficulty level they choose, with higher settings bringing in terrifying ghosts and boss opponents.

Notably, what sets Atlas Fallen apart from other RPG giants is its incorporation of navigation assistance, a feature that clarifies objectives and minimizes guesswork, ensuring a smoother experience. For those dedicated completionists, the lure of additional side quests and errands adds about 10-15 hours to the game.

If one harbors the ambition to meticulously complete every conceivable task, a commendable 25 to 35 hours of dedication is necessary. Atlas Fall’s narrative tapestry unfolds against the backdrop of a carefully balanced blend of time investment and exploration, combat, and narrative depth.

How many main quests are there?

In order to advance Atlas Fallen’s main storyline, players will need to successfully complete a series of 13 main missions. While some of these missions unfold sequentially, in some cases progression requires completing accompanying side missions or enhancing specific items before starting. The following is a comprehensive compilation of story missions that align with the Game Center narrative.

mission name


Essence Caravan

Caladrias – Tithe Caravan

Stay away from the eye of the sun

Sandy Canyon

The Road to Bastengal

Caladrias – Forbidden Land

Reforged Gloves

Caladrias – Forbidden Land

From faith to trust

Monsaral – Bastengal’s Underground

city ​​of the sun

Monsaral – Wilderness

a bridge from the past

Monsaral – Wilderness

City of the Sun (2)

Monsaral – Wilderness


Monsaral – Wilderness

Reaching the power of Theros

Monsaral – Wilderness

source in swamp

Black Alms – Castle

source in ruins

Black Alms – Castle

war of gods

Black Alms – Castle

How long does it take to complete the side quest content?

Analyzing the above statement by Jan Klose, it is clear that the term “every little task” belongs to the realm of side tasks. This explanation leads us to conclude that the main campaign will take approximately 15-20 hours, with the rest of the gameplay experience being spent completing engaging side missions.

However, it is important to acknowledge that this estimate is not an absolute number. It is characterized by its inherent subjectivity. The influence of factors such as travel and exploration is a core principle of game design, ensuring that playtime varies significantly from player to player. Hidden puzzles are cleverly woven together to reveal hidden secrets, further adding to the overall length of the game and contributing to a wider journey.

Concerns began to arise about whether Atlas Has Fallen would suffer from being too brief. To solve this problem, we have to get to the heart of the matter. Is this concern valid? In a word, no. It makes sense that Atlas Fallen’s gameplay length is very much in line with player expectations.

Today’s trends in the gaming industry have seen the rise of games that can be fully experienced within 30 hours. Additionally, a large number of gamers spend approximately 10 hours per week enjoying their favorite pastime – gaming. The paradigm has unquestionably shifted toward prioritizing a mix of premium experiences over too much content.

Taken together, the chronological panorama of Atlas Has Fallen has been fully examined. It is designed to be inclusive in nature and in line with contemporary gaming trends and the habits of the player base. This article provides an explanation that can serve as a comprehensive guide to solving the mystery of Atlas Fallen’s length.

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