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brisk introduction

  • Briscoe is a vibrant port town that offers plenty of opportunities to explore. Once inside, you’ll meet a colorful group of pirates, including Captain Klisher, Kinason, Yolanda, and Walter Reed.

Preliminary Study

meet pirates

  • Approach a pirate fleet led by Yolande. Engage in some interesting conversations, including a discussion about RPG clichés. They’ll tell you about an offer that includes a visit to the “Humble Boast” hotel, located on a boat in the southeast part of town.

Shopping and Item Merchant

  • Visit the item merchant on the right and purchase items, including the valuable recipe: Papillotte.
  • While it’s disappointing that the weapons merchant doesn’t offer new weapons, you can find other treasures in Brisk.

Climbing and collecting

  • From the item merchant, head north to an open area with a wooden walkway. Climb the ledge to find a chest containing a pirate costume.
  • Continue north and climb the ladder to get a Shining Pearl from another chest.
  • Further exploration will lead you to a treasure chest containing 30 gold coins.
  • If you find a mini-game called “Idiot’s Chest” in the house, you have a chance to win 10G or even a rainbow conch.

Golden Pelican Restaurant

  • Find the “Golden Pelican” restaurant in the northwest part of town. You need a reservation to dine here, but you don’t have one yet.

Rainbow Conch and more mini-games

  • Continue exploring to collect rainbow conchs, one of which is hidden near the beach.
  • Try your luck with a little game called Spin Roulette. You can also pay the correct number outside the house to get the reward.
  • Climb, jump and make your way through buildings to find hidden treasure chests containing valuable items.
  • Head to the southeast beach area to collect seafood and another rainbow conch.
  • Swim to the merchant hidden under the dock to buy it, provided you have the merchant’s emblem.

Meet the pirates on the Humble Beast

  • When you’re done exploring, head to the “Lowly Beast” inn on the ship, located southeast of town.
  • Engage in a cutscene that reunites you with Garr, and learn about a powerful token called the Undead Protocol Coin.

wheel game

  • Explore a new mini-game from Pirates called The Wheel.
  • Obtain items such as the “Bronze Wheel”, “Warrior Statue” and “Mage Statue” from pirates to play the wheel game.
  • If you win the championship match, you can get the Archer Statue.

Embark on a new journey

  • When you try to leave, the pirates reveal their true intentions, leading to a new mission involving the “Coin of the Immortal Agreement.” This quest seems to be related to the campfire story I heard earlier.

Get ready for future adventures

  • Make necessary preparations for upcoming tasks.
  • Head to the world map and head to the marked location in the north to continue your journey.

Blisk is not only a picturesque town, but also a place filled with hidden treasures, mini-games, and unforgettable encounters. Explore it thoroughly before embarking on your next interstellar adventure.

A guide to the dangers of the stars and the sea

crisis briefing

  • Blisk faces a dire threat and it’s time to step in and save the city. The enemies you have to deal with here are “conflict creeps”.

Effective strategies for fighting conflict creeps

  • Clash minions are powerful enemies with high health. You may find it more effective to defeat them using skills or empowered attacks.
  • Consider targeting orbs dropped by minions, as multi-attack abilities can damage both minions and orbs.

rescue villagers

  • Participate in battles to eliminate conflicting minions and rescue villagers. One of the first villagers you rescue will go to a pirate band for protection.

Businessmen and food

  • Along your path, you’ll encounter a merchant selling various items, including weapons and food. Rescue villagers to get dishes from them, but be careful if your food inventory is full as you may have to discard excess items.

Rescue trapped villagers

  • Continue to the right and you’ll encounter a trapped woman in a house. Use your wind power to free her and she’ll reward you with a base salad.

Go to the inn

  • Move right and swim towards the hotel. Inside, you’ll face more conflict minions trying to get to civilians. Defeat them to save the woman in the hotel and she will give you a Tomato Club.

The roof of the inn

  • Use the ladder inside to access the roof of the inn. Use your grappling hook to head left and climb up the house, eventually using your wind power to move a block as a platform to reach the north. Along the way, you’ll encounter another conflicting minion battle.

Rescue trapped man

  • After overcoming the rooftop challenge, jump into the hole to find the person trapped below. Use the wind to move the block and rescue him. He would express his gratitude with mushroom soup.

further north

  • Continuing your journey north, enter another battle, this time against three conflict minions.

city ​​survivors

  • After defeating the conflict minions, head to the northeast stairs for a scene. You’ll return to the south where the pirate crew and the city’s survivors have gathered.

Future plan

  • The survivors are divided between those who want to stay and rebuild and those who want to leave and start over.
  • A new plan was proposed: to recapture the ghost ship “Vespertine”, which was also the original goal of the pirates. When you’re ready to move on, you’ll be responsible for talking to the captain.

Optional side travel

  • Before talking to the Captain, consider stopping by another area by talking to Yolande. Follow the guide for this extra adventure.

With the city’s looming crisis resolved, you’re now ready to face the challenges ahead, including recapturing the Vespertin.


Stars and sea

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