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“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontline” The Collector’s Disappearance Mission

In the “Vanishing Collector” mission in Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, you will help Neytu find her missing friend Vu’an. This is a simplified version of the task:

Start the task:

  • Follow the main story to the main tree of the Silk Forest and meet the Alanach clan.

  • Speak to Netu standing across from Coranu in the Weaver’s Lair.

Requirements for internal images:

Find shade trees:

Wu’an’s positioning:

  • Lurei mentions that Vu’an is located on the north shore near Lake Wisdom.

  • Head north past the Falls Field Laboratory to Lake Wisdom.

Following clues:

  • Cross the Lake of Wisdom and find a crooked branch.

  • Climb it and find four clues: Scattered Arrows, Severed Herb Bag, Deadly Viper Wolf, and Broken Bow.

  • Correct pairing of clues:

Follow Wu’an:

  • Follow the scent trail northwest to the Wildwood Lair.

  • Talk to Vaan and he asks you to clear the area where the Viper Wolf is.

Clean up area:

  • Defeat Viper Wolf, then return to Wu’an.

  • Continue west through the tree trunks to face more Viperwolves.

Return to the main tree:

  • After clearing the area, return to Hometree.

  • Find Vu’an and Neytu where you first spoke to Neytu.

mission accomplished:

  • Talk to Uan to complete the quest.

  • Earn favor with the clan and receive rewards: Uan’s Armguards, Recipes, and Gatherer Body Paint.

Next step:

Completing “Gatherer Gone” helps you progress in the game and earn valuable rewards.

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“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontline” collector disappears

In the “Gatherer Vanishes” mission in Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, talk to Neytu in Hometree to find her missing friend Vu’an. Go to Shaded Grove Camp west of Hometree and ask Lurei. Follow the clues to Uan’s gathering point near the Lake of Wisdom and connect the Death Adder Wolf with the cut herb bag and the scattered arrows to Uan’s bow.

Follow the scent of the herbs north to find Wu An trapped in the cave. Clear the area with the aggressive Viper Wolf, return to Wu’an and complete the mission. Receive Clan Favor, Uan’s Armguards, Recipes, and Collector Body Paint as rewards.


Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier is a new video game set in the open world of the Avatar film series. The game is developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft and will be available on PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S from December 7, 2023. It is the second video game in the Avatar series after Avatar: The Game. In 2009, it belongs to the action-adventure genre.

Players can explore a vast and immersive world and participate in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game was developed with directors Magnus Jansén and Ditte Deenfeldt and music composed by Pinar Toprak. Despite being highly anticipated, Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier received mixed reviews upon release.

“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” gameplay

In “Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier”, the player plays a Na’vi orphan and receives military training from the Resource Development Administration (RDA). After fifteen years of sleeping in an abandoned facility, the story unfolds from a first-person perspective. Set on the unknown western frontier of Pandora as the background, players embark on a journey to explore their own origins.

The mission included rallying local Na’vi tribes to oppose the RDA, a group that aims to develop the area’s natural resources. The game seamlessly integrates its narrative into the broader context of the Avatar film series while maintaining its standalone appeal. Gameplay revolves around exploration, with players navigating the lush and unexplored landscape of the Western Frontier. The protagonist’s journey is a combination of self-discovery and rebellion against the RDA’s resource-starved plans.

Notably, the game supports two-player co-op multiplayer, allowing friends to join forces on this immersive adventure. This cooperative element enhances the gaming experience and promotes collaboration among players as they work together to solve challenges. Overall, Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier blends storytelling, exploration, and cooperative gameplay to provide players with stunning visuals and an engaging experience in the untamed world of Pandora.

“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” trailer

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