Who are Zach Cunningham Parents? Meet Fred Cunningham and Sophie Cunningham

So who are Zach Cunningham’s parents? According to our research, Zach Cunningham’s parents are Fred Cunningham and Sophie Cunningham. Zach Cunningham (born December 12, 1994) is an American football linebacker.

real name Zachary Daniel Cunningham
Nick name Zach Cunningham
date of birth December 12, 1994
age 28 years old
high 191 cm
weight 108 kg (238 lbs)
place of birth Pinson, Alabama, USA
gender male
Profession american football linebacker
Country of Citizenship American
zodiac signs Sagittarius
parents Fred Cunningham, Sophie Cunningham
Instagram association

Who is Zach Cunningham?

Zach Cunningham is a famous American football player who rose to prominence in the National Football League (NFL) as a talented linebacker. Born on December 12, 1994 in Pinson, Alabama, Cunningham’s path to NFL stardom was marked by his exceptional skills, dedication and work ethic.

Cunningham’s football career began to flourish in high school, where he showcased his athleticism and passion for the game. His outstanding performance earned him a scholarship to Vanderbilt University, a prestigious institution in academics and football. During his collegiate career, he solidified his reputation as one of the top linebackers in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) while also excelling in his academic pursuits.

Zach Cunningham was selected by the Houston Texans in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He quickly adapted to the professional level and became a key cog in the Texans defense. His combination of speed, agility and football IQ make him a versatile and dynamic linebacker.

Over the years, Cunningham’s career has been marked by his ability to make key interceptions, read opposing offenses and serve as a run blocker and pass defender. His consistency and excellence on the field have made him one of the league’s top linebackers.

In addition to his achievements on the court, Zach Cunningham is also known for his community involvement and philanthropy. He actively supports various charities and uses his platform as an NFL player to make a positive impact off the field.


Zach Cunningham Age

Zach Cunningham is 28 years old. Born on December 12, 1994 in Pinson, Alabama, USA. His birthplace in Pinson, Alabama, a small city, played a significant role in shaping his early life and passion for football.

Zach Cunningham’s birthday is December 12, 1994, and his birthday is celebrated on this day every year. The 28-year-old remains an NFL standout, known for his linebacker skills and contributions to his respective teams.

Cunningham’s age marks his prime years as a professional athlete in the NFL. He has the experience and physical attributes gained from many years of playing football at the highest level. His age also highlights his potential for further growth and success in the league as he continues to make an impact on the court for the team.

Zach Cunningham height and weight

Zach Cunningham is a tall figure on the football field, with a height of 191 centimeters, which is approximately 6 feet 3 inches. His length is a major asset for an NFL linebacker as it allows him to have excellent vision, cover passing lanes and tackle effectively. Cunningham’s height also gives him an advantage when guarding taller opponents, making it difficult for quarterbacks to get past him and for receivers to escape his guard.

In terms of weight, Zach Cunningham maintains a strong physique and weighs 108 kilograms, which is equivalent to about 238 pounds. This weight is evenly distributed across his body, giving him the strength and power necessary to take on larger offensive linemen and knock down ball carriers with authority. His length and weight make him a force in the midfield, where he can stop the run, rush the passer, and drop deep into the defensive zone effectively.

To stay in shape and shape, Cunningham will likely undergo rigorous training and conditioning to ensure he has the stamina and physical fitness required to meet the demands of the NFL linebacker position. His height and weight are crucial to his success and reputation as a versatile and impactful player in the league.

physical properties



191 cm


108 kg (238 lbs)

Zach Cunningham nationality

Zach Cunningham’s nationality is American. He was born and raised in the United States, his birthplace being Pinson, Alabama. As an American citizen, Cunningham not only represents himself but also his country as a professional American football player in the National Football League (NFL).

Being an American is important to Cunningham’s career because the NFL is the most important American football league in the world. His nationality underscores his involvement in a sport deeply rooted in American culture and tradition. It also highlights the opportunities and pathways available to talented athletes within the United States, where football is more than just a sport but an important part of the national identity.

Furthermore, as an American, Zach Cunningham is part of the rich tradition of American football, a sport with a rich history and a place in the hearts of many across the country. His accomplishments and contributions to the game reflect not only his individual talent, but the collective passion for soccer within the United States.

Zach Cunningham’s acting career

Zach Cunningham is an American football linebacker for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL). He was selected by the Houston Texans in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He played football at Vanderbilt University.

Cunningham has been a consistent player since he was drafted. He was selected to the Pro Bowl once and was named to the 2020 All-Pro Second Team. He is known for his speed and ability to run the game.

Cunningham had a breakout season in 2020, totaling 142 tackles, three sacks and two forced fumbles. He was a second-team All-Pro selection and selected to the Pro Bowl.

Cunningham signed a four-year, $58 million contract extension with the Texans in 2021. However, he was waived by the Texans in March 2023. He then signed with the New York Jets.

Here are some of Cunningham’s notable achievements:

  • 2020 Pro Bowl Selection
  • 2020 All-Pro Second Team selection
  • 2017 Butkus Award Winners
  • 2017 SEC Defensive Player of the Year

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