Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Trailer Breakdown: 6 Story Reveals & Things You Missed

The first trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been released, and the images reveal many details of the DCEU sequel’s story.


  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom takes place four years after the first film and shows Arthur’s evolution as King of Atlantis.
  • Arthur is now married to Mera and the two have a son, and their relationship progresses during the unseen years between films.
  • Black Manta’s return brings a new threat to Arthur and his family, prompting him to seek help from his brother Orm.


The first trailer of Aquaman and the lost kingdom has been revealed, bringing with it plenty of lore information and DCEU Easter eggs. Aquaman and the lost kingdom It will be directed by James Wan, who returns from the first film. Given AquamanFollowing the billion-dollar success, it’s not hard to see why Warner Bros. trusted James Wan to continue Arthur Curry’s story in the DCEU.

Despite Wan’s return, many have wondered how Aquaman 2 will take into account the broader status of DC Films given that James Gunn’s DCU reboot is imminent. That being said, the first trailer for Aquaman and the lost kingdom It seems intrinsically focused on selling the independent, self-contained story of the sequel to the first film. As such, here are all the story reveals and hidden details found in the first trailer for Aquaman and the lost kingdom.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom takes place 4 years after the first film

The first major revelation in history found in Aquaman 2The trailer is the film’s location in the DCEU timeline. The film comes out five years after the first, but Arthur’s voiceover in the trailer shows that he has spent more time in the universe since he became King of Atlantis. Arthur mentions that four years ago, he was a simple loner who took no responsibility for his inheritance before taking Atlantis from his brother Orm. This proves that Aquaman 2 It takes place four years after the first film.

Aquaman is now married to Mera

Naturally, Arthur’s character has progressed in these four invisible years. One way this is true is through his relationship with Amber Heard’s Mera. In the time between Aquaman and Aquaman and the lost kingdomArthur and Mera have gotten married.

Aquaman and Mera have a son

An equally significant story revealed by the Aquaman and the lost kingdom The trailer also refers to the time Arthur and Mera spent together. In addition to getting married, Arthur and Mera also have a son. This is likely to have a lot at stake in the film now that Arthur has more to protect than just his kingdom, including his wife and his newborn son.

Black Manta returns to take revenge on Arthur in Aquaman 2

An element that the first Aquaman What was created was the rivalry between Black Manta and Aquaman. Despite being Arthur’s main villain in the comics, Black Manta was only a secondary antagonist in the first one. Aquaman in favor of King Orm being the main villain. However, the feud between Black Manta and Aquaman appears to be coming to a head in Aquaman and the lost kingdom The first returns even more powerful than before to take revenge on Arthur, his kingdom and his family.

Black Manta’s Aquaman 2 Goals Revealed

While it is likely that there is more to it than the Aquaman 2 As the trailer reveals, clues are provided about Black Manta’s overall goals. After shots of him returning as a credible threat to Aquaman and Atlantis, more details are revealed about what Black Manta specifically seeks to accomplish. Rather than wishing to rule Atlantis himself, Black Manta’s goals are purely based on revenge. The villain wants to kill everyone Arthur loves and burn his kingdom to the ground.

Arthur seeks Orm’s help in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

An important story revealed by Aquaman and the lost kingdomThe trailer shows how Arthur retaliates against Black Manta’s attack. Since the film takes place four years after the first, the former king of Atlantis, Orm, appears to have suffered in exile. Despite this, Arthur seeks Orm’s help against Black Manta, leading the estranged brothers on a maritime adventure and discovery of the kingdom in Aquaman and the lost kingdom.

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