Tarkov Shooter Part 1 Not Working: How to Fix the Tarkov Shooter Part 1 Not Working Issue?

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter currently developed by Battlestate Games and designed specifically for the Windows platform.

The game’s immersive narrative unfolds in the fictional Novinsk region as the backdrop for the ongoing conflict between two private military entities, the United Security Forces (“USEC”) and the Combat Encounter Assault Regiment (“BEAR”). Gamers immerse themselves in intense encounters called “Raids,” engaging in battles against other players and AI-controlled entities.

In these engagements, the primary goal is to obtain valuable resources while working to ensure individual survival and ensure a successful escape from a dangerous environment.

Tarkov Shooter Part 1 not working

Based on the available search results, there appear to be limited identifiable reasons for the glitches in Tarkov Shooter Part 1 in Escape from Tarkov. However, it has been observed that this particular endeavor can come with challenges and frustrations, especially for less experienced players who are new to the gaming environment.

The essence of the mission is to eliminate 5 Scavs from a distance of over 40 meters using a bolt-action rifle equipped with iron sights. Given the elusive nature and tendency of Scavs to move around frequently, one notable aspect to consider is the level of skill and patience the mission requires. Additionally, players must ensure precise rifle and iron sight selection to ensure successful mission completion.

Essentially, the main factor contributing to Tarkov Shooter Part 1’s apparent lack of functionality is more likely to stem from the inherent complexity of the missions themselves than from any inherent bugs or glitches in the game’s environment.


How to fix Tarkov Shooter Part 1 not running issue?

In order to resolve the challenge of Tarkov Shooter Part 1 not working as expected in Escape from Tarkov, here are the steps you can take:

First, ensure mission compliance by verifying the use of a bolt-action rifle with iron sights, as clearly stated in the mission requirements. Care must be taken to check that the appropriate weapon is accurately equipped.

Next, carefully consider the distance factor to ensure compliance with the mission directive to maintain a distance of more than 40 meters when engaging a Scav. Strategically identify vantage points or areas that provide a safe distance while keeping the Scav’s line of sight unobstructed.

In addition, practice patience and keen observation. The Scav proved elusive and prone to moving frequently. Take a thoughtful approach, spend enough time observing their actions, and find the right moment to shoot from a distance. The development of patience remains critical to the successful completion of this task.

To improve proficiency, especially for new players, effort should be spent practicing and improving your shooting skills. Participating in offline modes or other raids provides the opportunity to improve accuracy and become familiar with game mechanics.

A valuable strategy is to seek guidance from experienced players who have completed the mission. Check out guides, videos, or discussions to learn about effective techniques, strategies, and specific locations that can help you get the job done.

If obstacles persist even after strict compliance with task requirements, potential errors or failures should be carefully considered. Reporting such discrepancies to the game developer, with a detailed description of the issue encountered, may help resolve it.

It’s important to realize that mastering Tarkov Shooter Part 1 requires a combination of skill, patience, and understanding of the dynamics of the game. Committing to practice and exploring various approaches can help achieve successful outcomes.

Tarkov Shooter Part 1 Guide

certainly! Below is a comprehensive guide designed to complete the Tarkov Shooter – Part 1 missions in Escape from Tarkov:

mission target:

The main objective of this mission is to eliminate 5 Scavs at a distance of over 40 meters while using a bolt-action rifle equipped with iron sights.

Get the Mosin Rifle:

Start the process by purchasing a Mosin rifle from Plabol, a well-known merchant in the game. The Mosin rifle is a bolt-action firearm with iron sights that effectively meets the requirements of the mission.

Preparing for a raid:

Equip yourself with plenty of Mosin rifle ammo. Also, make sure to include essential supplies like healing items, armor, and backpacks.

Map selection:

Select the Woods map to start the raid. This map offers terrain that is conducive to engagements that require longer ranges.

Scav location identification:

Travel across the map looking for Scavs. These entities are often located in various locations, including open fields, lumber yards, and close to scavenger houses.

Remote engagement strategies:

Use strategic positioning to maintain a safe distance of 40 meters or more from the Scav. Ensure shooting accuracy with your Mosin rifle’s iron sights. Prioritize headshots for quick and effective elimination.

Exercise patience and observation:

Given Scavs’ tendency to move, it is recommended to be patient and observe their movements. Take the time to adjust your shots and use the right moments to engage.

Iteration process:

Repeat the process of killing Scavs until you have successfully killed 5 people more than 40 meters away. Stay vigilant and track your progress to ensure mission compliance.

Extraction plan:

After completing the stated objectives, navigate to the extraction point to successfully exit the raid, thus ending the mission.

It is important to remember that successful execution of Tarkov Shooter – Part 1 missions requires precision and patience. Think through your actions, choose your shots carefully, and maintain situational awareness. I wish you all the best!

What are the rewards for completing Tarkov Shooter – Part 1 missions?

After successfully completing the Tarkov Shooter – Part 1 mission in Escape from Tarkov, you will be entitled to the following rewards:

Experience value (EXP):

The commendable achievement of completing a mission will grant you a massive +12,300 EXP, thereby increasing your overall progress in the game.

Reputation improvement:

Your reputation with the quest-giver Jaeger will be significantly increased by +0.02, highlighting your dedication and abilities.

Monetary compensation:

We will give you a monetary reward of 50,000 rubles as tangible recognition of your achievements. When the intelligence center reaches level 1, the reward will increase to 52,500 rubles. And, as the Intelligence Center reaches level 2, the reward soars further to an impressive 57,500 rubles.

It’s important to stress that the rewards listed above are derived from information gathered from search results. Mission rewards may change with future updates to the game, so caution should be exercised.

Escape from Tarkov gameplay

The creators of Escape from Tarkov drew inspiration from the field of massively multiplayer online games and carefully designed the game to embody the authenticity and challenge of a first-person shooter, while incorporating survival elements.

Currently, the gameplay of “Escape from Tarkov” includes three unique modes for players to participate in: online PMC raid, Scav (short for “Scavenger”) raid, and temporary offline mode. In these immersive raids, players can choose to adventure alone or as part of a team, spawning on designated sides of the various maps available in the game.

Once activated, players are assigned to an extraction point on the other side of the map, where they need to find an escape point by fighting against human players and AI-controlled characters.

In a strategy game, players are presented with a range of extraction options. In addition to standard extractions, there are “optional” extraction points located in the center of the map, depending on specific prerequisites such as monetary payment, absence of a backpack, or the presence of specified items on the character.

Loot acquisition, including guns, gear, and armor, forms an important aspect of gameplay. These collected loot can be kept in personal stashes for future raids or traded in virtual flea markets, depending on their “Found in Raid” status.

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