Starfield Transfer Container Not Working, How to Fix Starfield Transfer Container Not Working?

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Starfield is an exciting action role-playing game, the latest release from the acclaimed Bethesda Game Studios, proudly presented to eager gamers by Bethesda Softworks. The game made its grand debut on the global stage at Bethesda’s fantastic E3 showcase in 2018.

Set in an endless universe, “Starfield” marks an important milestone as Bethesda’s first original intellectual property in nearly three decades. “Starfield” is scheduled to debut on Windows and Xbox Series X/S platforms on September 6, 2023, preparing for an extraordinary space voyage.

Starfield earned critical acclaim and was praised by critics alike, who praised its open-ended gameplay, immersive combat, stunning visuals, captivating musical score, and technical prowess that showcased Bethesda’s Extraordinary development over the years. However, the response to its storytelling and exploration aspects proved to be a more varied experience.

The game tells the story twenty years after a devastating conflict, with the major factions delicately maintaining an uneasy peace. As you embark on a journey across the cosmos, you’ll play as a customizable character proudly affiliated with Constellation, a renowned organization dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of space. The appeal of Starfield proved irresistible, with 230,000 players embarking on their intergalactic adventure within the first two hours of Steam Early Access.

Star teleport container not working

In Starfield, teleporters are an important gameplay feature that allow players to seamlessly transfer resources and items between various destinations, including outposts and spacecraft.

However, if you encounter specific issues with your transfer container, it’s important to acknowledge that it could be attributed to a game bug or glitch. In these cases, it is recommended to monitor updates and patches released by the game’s developer, Bethesda Softworks. These updates frequently resolve known issues and enhance the overall gaming experience.

If you are experiencing problems with your Starfield transfer container, consider the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure the object is not floating or colliding with other objects.
  • Make sure your ship isn’t too far from the outpost. If the cargo bay does not recognize your outpost as a storage container option, consider building a landing pad at the outpost.
  • Double check that you don’t have the transport container set up to output to the storage container.
  • Take advantage of the available options to transfer items between cargo holds, ship storage, and outpost storage. Explore freight links that move resources between different outposts.

These measures should help resolve Starfield’s transshipment container issues.


How to fix Starfield Transfer Container not working issue?

Of course, here are the detailed steps to troubleshoot and fix a non-functioning transport container in Starfield:

Check power supply

Make sure the transfer container has enough power. To do this, check the charge indicator on the container. If the indicator shows low battery, it means the container is not receiving enough power. Connecting it to a power source inside the spacecraft solves this problem. Power is critical to the functionality of the container.

Verify link to your ship

Verify that the transshipment container is properly linked to your ship. This link is crucial for the container to facilitate the transfer of items. To establish a connection, transfer the container and select the “Link to Ship” option from the menu. This operation ensures a seamless connection between the container and your vessel.

empty container space

Please note the storage capacity of the transfer container. It can only hold a specific number of items. If the container is full, you will not be able to transfer other items into it. If necessary, remove some items to ensure there is free space in the container.

Coordinate system position

Keep in mind that successful item transfer between the transfer container and your ship depends on both being in the same star system. If you find yourself in a different star system, you’ll have to navigate back to the system your ship is currently in. Going to the right system can adjust their location for a seamless transfer.

Restart game

Sometimes, in-game issues can be resolved by simply restarting the game. Completely close the game and restart to see if the transfer container works properly after reopening.

Submit a bug report

If all previous attempts have failed to correct the transport container malfunction, please consider submitting a bug report to Bethesda, the game developer. Provide details about the problem you are experiencing. Bethesda’s support team may be able to help or fix the issue in a future update.

By following these comprehensive troubleshooting steps, you can resolve common issues related to non-functioning transport containers in Starfield.

Why doesn’t the Starfield teleporter container work?

There are several potential factors that may cause a Starfield transfer container to not operate as expected:

  • Improper placement: Make sure the transfer container is placed correctly and does not float or intersect with other objects. Improper placement may prevent the container from functioning properly.
  • Power issues: Verify that the transfer container is adequately connected to a stable power source. Without adequate power supply, containers may not be able to facilitate cargo transfers.
  • Software Bugs or Bugs: Starfield may contain software bugs or bugs that may affect the functionality of the Transfer Container. Please keep an eye out for any available updates or patches that address known issues.
  • Missing materials or requirements: Make sure you have accurately built the transfer container and met all necessary material and power prerequisites. Please refer to the in-game tutorial or guide for the correct build process.
  • In-game restrictions: It is conceivable that certain restrictions or restrictions within the game may prevent the transport container from running under certain conditions or in certain scenarios.

If you’ve tried these solutions and are still experiencing issues with the transport container, you may find it helpful to seek help from the Starfield Community Forum or contact the game’s developer, Bethesda Softworks, for further guidance.

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