Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Update Patch Notes for August 31, 2023

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Updates

Exciting news for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk fans! The game is gearing up for its highly anticipated first patch, aptly named “Patch 1,” which will launch in the near future. The update promises to enhance the gaming experience with a host of enticing additional features. One of the standout features is the introduction of a fresh and engaging mini-game called Micro Boy, which you can enjoy directly on your flip phone within the game.

In addition to these exciting new features, the update will address various bugs, ensure a smoother gaming experience and improve overall stability. For comprehensive details on the upcoming patch, read on and learn more details as the release date gets closer.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Update Patch Notes

to add on

  • Micro Boy mobile game added to flip phone app
  • Added a code point to the hideout
  • Added Paul Koster to credits as environment artist
  • Add localization team to credits
  • Added missing taxi driver Benny sound to taxi menu related cutscenes
  • Added support for change motion controls and mobile motion controls
  • Added more explicit boost gate to Chapter 3 Dream introduction


  • Fixed an issue where the transition from Versum Hill to Millennium Square would sometimes soft-lock
  • Fixed an issue where combo multipliers would not reset when entering a combo in Robo-post
  • Fixed an issue where certain building edges in Mataan were considered safe to respawn
  • Fixed an issue where police heat sensitivity was too high in Chapter 6
  • The Mobile Garage is unlocked one chapter earlier, so discovered mobile-style colorways can be used earlier
  • Fixed an issue where REP would be gained by redrawing a graffiti point after another worker completed it again
  • Fixed an issue where mobile style garages were not working when playing as FRANKS
  • Fixed unsaved graffiti spots on billboards high up in Edge Terminal
  • Graffiti at the end of a match no longer disappears on reload
  • Completed combat encounters are no longer set as REP targets
  • Fixed an issue where Felix’s last two outfits were unlocked before the collectible was found
  • Fixed many incorrect grind lines that broke combos
  • Fixed many issues with missing colliders in environments
  • Fixed Nice achievement now also works on BMX and inline skates
  • Fixed artist and title names on several small graffiti
  • Fixed an issue where VSYNC settings were saved incorrectly
  • Players should no longer be locked out of the boss fight environment when they fall out of a level
  • Oldhead, Base and Jay show correct number of costumes in character select
  • Players should no longer be able to drop out of Chapter 5 Dream Introduction
  • Maps on mobile should no longer show graffiti points that are not yet available
  • Fixed an issue where Rise’s second challenge activated before the first challenge was completed
  • The game no longer stops executing when it loses focus
  • Improved speed of skipping cutscenes
  • Ensure players are loading into the correct scene after a crash during scene changes so cutscenes and character/action style/mobile app unlocks don’t miss a beat
  • Changes were made to the shaders of some VFX used by enemies, including turrets, causing crashes for some players on older hardware
  • Fixed some memory leaks causing crashes


bomb dash cyberpunk

In 2023, Team Reptile launched Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, an indie action-adventure platformer gem that made waves in the gaming world. This dynamic game was released on August 18, 2023, attracting players on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms. Excitingly, PlayStation and Xbox versions are in the works, with a release date scheduled for September 1, 2023.

In this exciting game, you play as a rebellious member of the Bomb Rush Crew, using inline skates, skateboards, and bicycles to navigate the vibrant fictional city of New Amsterdam. Your mission: Cover the entire city with graffiti, take on rival gangs, outwit the authorities, and claim all five boroughs as your own.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s aesthetic pays homage to the iconic 2000 video game Jet Set Radio from the SEGA Dreamcast era, with a cel-shaded art style, a stunning soundtrack from independent artists, and even the famed composer behind Jet Set, Hide Naganuma. Hideki Naganuma’s contribution to the radio series.

Critics’ response to Bomb Rush Cyberfunk was mixed, but mostly positive. While some have questioned its similarity to Jet Set Radio, the game has won praise for its engaging gameplay, striking visuals, and a fittingly eclectic soundtrack. However, it has its share of detractors, who express concerns about its combat mechanics and relatively simple deception system.

Bomb Rush Cyberpunk Gameplay

In the entertainment realm, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk offers a gaming experience that immerses players in the vibrant virtual world of New Amsterdam. The core of the experience revolves around the player’s choice of vehicle, which can be a skateboard, inline skates or a BMX bike, each offering a unique feel and the opportunity to perform thrilling stunts.

The game goes a step further and equips players with a super-powered backpack, a technological marvel that not only increases their speed but also adds an extra layer of excitement as they traverse the cityscape. The central goal of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is to leave your creative mark on the cityscape by graffitiing buildings. This artistic act serves a dual purpose: not only does it add to the game’s aesthetic appeal, it also enhances the gang’s reputation, the in-game REP.

When you successfully increase your REP, you unlock the ability to challenge rival gangs, leading to intense showdowns and battles for control of New Amsterdam’s five distinct boroughs. This dynamic and multi-faceted gameplay not only tests players’ skills in performing stunts and navigating the city’s various terrains, but also encourages them to think strategically as they compete for territorial dominance in this exciting urban playground.

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