Starfield Digipick Explained, Wiki, Gameplay, and More

Starfield Digipick explained

In Starfield, the Digipick is an important tool for picking locks, featuring a unique mini-game. As you use it, you’ll encounter a series of rings with open slots that require the correct key. The available keys are displayed on the right and your task is to choose the correct key for the slot, which is usually best achieved by careful counting and elimination.

Unlock Security Level 2 makes it easier to identify the correct key through blue illumination. However, installing the key does not guarantee success as it may lock other required keys. Complex locks require multiple keys for each ring and require experimentation. Align the keys correctly, avoid overlapping slots, and manage your attempts wisely, as using the Digipick consumes resources. Mastering this mini-game is a beneficial skill in Starfield games.

Where can I find Digipick in Starfield?

In Starfield, locating Digipicks is a relatively simple task. You can find them in grocery stores in various cities such as Jemison, Akila, Neon, etc. These grocery stores usually stock 4 to 5 Digipicks. While Digipicks’ standard price hovers around 35 points, your affiliate relationship may give you a discount on your purchase.

Additionally, successfully completing the lockpicking mini-game will occasionally reward you with a free electronic lockpick. With these options, getting Digipicks and maintaining a steady supply in Starfield becomes a manageable and convenient part of the gaming experience.


Starfield Where can I buy Digipick?

To buy Digipick in Starfield, buy from your always reliable supplier in Jemison, within the Alpha Centauri system. After disembarking at the New Atlantis Spaceport, simply stroll to Fountain Square. On your left you will find Jemison Mercantile, your go-to store for your Digipick needs. Contact the supplier and navigate to the “Other” submenu at the bottom of the menu. Here you’ll usually find Digipicks available for purchase, making it an easy and convenient option to stock up on this essential tool for your lockpicking adventures in Starfield.

starry sky

“Starfield” is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Released during Bethesda’s E3 presentation in 2018, it represents a major milestone as the studio’s first new intellectual property in 25 years. The game is set in a space-themed universe and provides players with a vast open-world experience.

“Starfield” officially launches on September 6, 2023 on Windows and Xbox Series X/S. Reviews for the game have been generally positive, praising its vast open world, immersive environments, and engaging soundtrack, although opinions on the story have been mixed.

Starry Sky Trailer

starry sky game

Starfield is an action role-playing video game set in a galactic open world. Players can switch between first-person and third-person perspectives at any time. The game features over 1,000 planets, moons, and space stations, with procedurally generated landscapes that adapt to each planet’s star and atmosphere.

Players can customize their character, unlock traits and abilities, and fight with a variety of weapons and customizable attachments. The game also allows for the construction of outposts and spaceships, each with modular customization options. Ship combat and boarding ships piloted by hostile or peaceful NPCs are part of the gameplay. Starfield offers a rich, immersive experience set in a vast and diverse universe.

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