Sea Of Stars Trophies, Guide and Achievements

Xinghai Trophy

Star Ocean is a highly anticipated retro turn-based role-playing game that has garnered widespread attention for its nostalgic charm and engaging gameplay. Players have always loved the game’s aesthetic, which is reminiscent of classic games like Chrono Trigger. Here’s a complete list of all the in-game trophies and achievements you can unlock as you embark on your adventure in the Sea of ​​Stars:

  • Conch Master: Collect all conchs and deliver them to Myrna in Dokari Village.
  • Fishing Master: Catch each type of fish at least once.
  • Bounce: Successfully bounce the Moon Dart 25 times in a row.
  • The Myth of Locks: Break a total of 50 locks in combat.
  • Taste Complete: Cook all available recipes at least once.
  • Grind your teeth: Unlock all available combat combinations.
  • Well read (to): Listen to all the campfire stories.
  • Measurement Hunter: Discover and collect every treasure.
  • Boss Bash [Secret]: Defeat the boss of the Forbidden Cave.
  • No, wait! [Secret]: Be teleported to Sleeper Island.
  • stretch task [Secret]: Defeat the Chromatic Phantom.
  • Give me that now! [Secret]: Overcoming Romania.
  • Disaster for residents [Secret]: Defeat the scourge dwellers.
  • Who would have thought? [Secret]: Reveal Captain Klishe’s true identity.
  • Yo, ho! [Secret]: Defeat the Stormcaller.
  • Home [Secret]:Build and establish your own town.
  • solstice power [Secret]: Find the Solstice Amulet.
  • torture residents [Secret]: Defeat the Tormented Dwellers.
  • falling debris [Secret]: Defeat the leaf monster.
  • Keep a low profile too! [Secret]: Defeat the Acolyte.
  • Conflict residents [Secret]: Engage conflicting residents.
  • Putting out fires with the moon [Secret]: Defeat Toad.
  • samurai chef [Secret]: Attend the award ceremony.
  • Who would have thought?part [Secret]: Reveal Serai’s true identity.
  • Cheer up! [Secret]: Defeat Meduso.
  • Featherweight [Secret]: Defeat the illustrious Big Three.
  • Technician appears [Secret]: Meet Artie.
  • fear residents [Secret]: Conquer the fearful inhabitants.
  • lieutenant [Secret]: Overcoming Elysan’darelle.
  • clockwork champion [Secret]: Defeat the Clockmaker in the wheel game.
  • wholesome food [Secret]: Enjoy a meal at the Golden Pelican.
  • It’s better to be dead [Secret]: Defeat the Gun Goddess.
  • Hey, that’s Reskin! [Secret]: Defeat the sea slugs.
  • Elders disdain [Secret]: Defeat Ancient Mist again.
  • glass diat [Secret]: Defeat Crustarion.
  • Free from Selviduk [Secret]: Free the soul of the Duke of Aventry.
  • tidy home [Secret]: Build a spa, hotel, shop and fishing hut in fun.
  • encyclopedia of life [Secret]: Get professional rankings in every quiz question pack.
  • New Garr+ [Secret]: Fulfill your final wish.
  • no god for me [Secret]: Defeat the Flesh Mage.
  • What a great technique! [Secret]: Defeat 10 bosses using cleverly equipped opening relics.
  • my day [Secret]: Use the spa in Mirth with all six playable characters.
  • true solstice warrior [PlayStation Exclusive]: Complete all available feats.

Sea of ​​Stars Achievement Guide

Unveil the adventure

Follow the story of Valere and Zalai, sons of the Solstice, on an enchanting journey through the enchanted world of the Star Sea. Valere harnesses the power of his staff and moon spells to conquer his enemies, while Zhar wields the power of the sun as a skilled swordsman. As your adventure unfolds, however, you’ll meet new allies who infuse your party with versatile abilities, a key aspect in achieving the various achievements that await across the stars.

A great RPG, Star Ocean interweaves its achievements with an unfolding narrative and battles with powerful bosses. Your progression through the story and victory over these challenges will help earn numerous trophies. However, it will take more than just storyline progression to earn the coveted platinum trophy. To help you achieve your quest, we’ve compiled an extensive list of all the achievements that Sea of ​​Stars has to offer.

Different partners, different achievements

Navigating the star sea can discover companions, thus enriching your gaming experience. With each new ally added, your party’s potential expands, allowing for creative strategies to overcome story- and achievement-related obstacles. The road to platinum requires more than just fighting bosses, it also requires engaging with the game’s intricacies, unlocking hidden secrets, and demonstrating your mastery of the various mechanics. By creating this comprehensive achievement guide, we aimed to shed light on every milestone you can strive for in Star Ocean.

Whether you want to uncover secrets, show off your strategic prowess, or simply enjoy exploring, Sea of ​​Stars achievements will add an extra layer of engagement to your adventure. Delve deeper into the storyline and take on powerful opponents to unlock the full potential of this RPG gem while aiming to conquer every achievement it has to offer.


Stars and sea

In 2023, Star Ocean, a fascinating role-playing video game, was born from the creative minds of Sabotage Studio. The highly anticipated game debuts on a variety of gaming platforms, including Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Star Ocean plunges players into an immersive world, delivering a mesmerizing experience that is intricately connected to the universe introduced in its predecessor, The Courier, released in 2018 by the same developer.

Star Ocean is positioned within the realm of role-playing video games, immersing players in a compelling narrative and gameplay that embodies Sabotage Studio’s signature style. Released on multiple platforms, including current and previous generation consoles as well as PC, the game caters to a wide range of gamers, ensuring a diverse audience can experience its captivating universe and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Additionally, Sea of ​​Stars shares a tightly connected universe with its 2018 predecessor The Courier. This connection establishes a sense of continuity and familiarity for players who have delved into the developer’s previous titles, offering the potential for interesting crossovers. , references, and extensions of established knowledge.

Sea of ​​Stars gameplay

Star Ocean is a timeless, immersive turn-based role-playing game that draws inspiration from beloved classics such as Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. At the same time, it also created its unique image. In this engaging adventure, players navigate a carefully designed world, meet lovable characters, and engage in tactical combat against cunning opponents.

The combat system unfolds carefully, requiring adaptive strategies and well-timed attacks to gain the upper hand, injecting exciting anticipation into every conflict. One of the highlights of “Stars and Sea” is the richness of the characters. The game features six playable party members, each with unique personalities and combat skills, providing a multi-dimensional experience.

Crucially, character development is harmoniously intertwined with the unfolding narrative, avoiding monotonous grinding. Instead, players can anticipate important interactions that keep them firmly involved in the story’s progression. The game’s dynamic cycle of day and night enriches its world and injects a palpable energy into it. The carefully crafted 2D pixel art magnifies the visual splendor and returns the nostalgic charm of classic aesthetics.

Stars and Sea trailer

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