Is A Bridge Too Far a True Story? A Bridge Too Far Cast, Plot, and More

Is A Bridge Too Far a true story?

Yes, “A Bridge Too Far” is based on a true story. The film was released in 1977 and was directed by Richard Attenborough. It is adapted from a 1974 book by Cornelius Ryan. The film depicts a failed Allied operation called Operation Market Garden during World War II.

The film shows what really happened and depicts those involved in the action, such as American, British and Polish paratroopers, as well as the German soldiers who defended the bridge. Although some details were changed in the movie to make it more exciting, it’s still very close to what really happened.

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“A Bridge Far Away” is a 1977 war movie about a failed plan called “Operation Market Garden” during World War II. The film is adapted from the book by Cornelius Ryan and directed by Richard Attenborough. Many famous actors are included, such as Sean Connery, Robert Redford and Anthony Hopkins.

The film is a British and American co-production and they filmed it in real locations in the Netherlands where these events took place.

“A Bridge Too Far” won four awards at the BAFTA Awards, including Best Supporting Actor for Edward Fox and one for John Addison’s score. awards. Richard Attenborough was also nominated for Best Director and the film was nominated for Best Picture.


The Bridge Too Far Synopsis

“A Bridge Too Far” is a film about Operation Market Garden, a failed operation during World War II. The plan involved 35,000 troops taking off from Britain and landing in the Netherlands to seize key bridges.

American paratroopers were tasked with securing the roads and bridges leading to Nijmegen. The British, led by General Roy Urquhart, intended to land near Arnhem and capture a key bridge there.

Polish paratroopers were also part of the plan. There was also a unit called the XXX Armored Corps that was supposed to come with tanks a few days after the paratroopers.

At first, the soldiers thought it would be easy because they believed the Germans in the area were inexperienced. But there were signs that the Germans were more prepared than they thought, such as the tanks at Arnhem. However, their leaders ignored these signs and believed the operation would work.

The main target was the Arnhem Bridge, as it was the final route for German forces to escape the Netherlands and a quick route for Allied forces to reach Germany. But the road to the bridge was narrow, and anything moving along it could easily be seen by the Germans.

Things didn’t go as planned. The American paratroopers performed well at first, but the Sandbridge they needed to capture was destroyed by the Germans. Urquhart’s British branch also faced problems, such as a missing jeep and a broken radio. The XXX Corps also faced resistance and had to build new bridges.

The British soldiers in Arnhem were isolated and had to fight hard against the Germans. They were eventually captured or had to retreat. Urquhart was ordered to retreat, disappointed at the failure of the operation.

In the end, only a few soldiers escaped and the wounded were left behind. The film shows the challenges and difficulties they faced during this operation.

A bridge far away cast list



Dirk Bogarde

Lieutenant General Browning

James Caan

Sergeant Eddie Dunn

Michael Caine

Lieutenant Colonel Joe Vandler

Sean Connery

Major General Roy Urquhart

Edward Fox

Lieutenant General Horrocks

Elliot Gould

Colonel Robert Stout

Anthony Hopkins

Lieutenant Colonel Frost

Gene Hackman

Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski

Hardy Krueger

Major General Ludwig

Laurence Olivier

Dr. Jan Spender

Ryan O’Neal

Brigadier General James Gavin

robert redford

Major Julian Cook

Maximilian Schell

Lieutenant General Bittridge

Liv Ullmann

Kate Ter Horst

Where can I watch “A Bridge Far Away 1977”?

“A Bridge Far Away” can be watched on various online platforms. You can rent or buy movies on platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, or Vudu. For those who want to watch for free, there are options to stream via Pluto TV or Tubi. Another option is to check if the movie is available for streaming on Prime Video. But it’s important to note that accessing it on Prime Video may require an Amazon Prime subscription or a separate rental or purchase fee. Therefore, individuals have a variety of options to enjoy “A Bridge Far Away” based on their preferences.

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