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Sea of ​​Stars does not have a demo version of the official demo wiki page, so we have given basic information about Sea of ​​Stars Sea of ​​Stars is a role-playing video game released by Sabotage Studio in 2023, set in the setting of Sea of ​​Stars “Sea” in the universe. The Messenger” (2018). Players control two heroes, Valere and Zal, who harness the power of the sun and moon to battle the Alchemist.

The game combines puzzle solving and turn-based combat, allowing you to control up to 6 characters, such as Zale, Valere, Garl, Seraï, Resh’an, and B’st. It features navigation, side quests, and combat focused on exploiting elemental weaknesses. Although the setting is the same as The Courier, it is set thousands of years before that game.

Development and release

Star Ocean was announced via Kickstarter in March 2020, aiming to deliver a more ambitious RPG experience than its predecessor. It introduces six characters, non-linear exploration, and a unique narrative style. The game’s soundtrack, composed by Eric W. Brown (Rainbowdragoneyes) and featuring guest appearances by Yasunori Mitsuda, adds to the game’s appeal. Star Ocean will be released on multiple platforms on August 29, 2023, becoming the first game to be launched simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

Sea of ​​Stars Demonstration Walkthrough

The Sea of ​​Stars demo walkthrough was officially released in February 2023, and in the video they cover the entire aspect of the demo and Q&A, as well as eager gameplay via Discord and YouTube, only of which we have shown here a small part of.


  • Relics are items that can change your gaming experience.
  • They are tied to your entire game, not just individual saves.
  • The default relic is the “Storytelling Amulet”, designed for easier challenges.
  • This amulet provides +100 health to all characters and automatically heals up to 75% of maximum health after combat.

Moonilan damage:

  • The Moonerang is a key weapon in the game.
  • No details on its damage or abilities are provided, so be sure to learn how to use it as you play.

Enemy respawn and grind:

  • Enemies will respawn in the game world.
  • Grinding (defeating enemies repeatedly to gain experience and items) is possible.
  • However, the game has a low level cap, and leveling up affects your character significantly.
  • Grinding may not be necessary to max out your character.

Timed hits and blocks:

  • The game involves timed hits and blocks in combat.
  • Mastering your timing is crucial to success in combat.

Dynamic weather:

  • Dynamic weather is part of the game world, affecting the environment and potentially gameplay.
  • Be aware of weather changes as they may affect your adventure.

Ultimate attack:

  • No details were given about the ultimate attacks, but they’re likely to be powerful abilities that can turn the tide of a battle.


  • Seashells, also known as rainbow silhouettes, are optional collectibles.
  • Collect them to earn rewards, which may include game-changing items or abilities.

Practice combat area:

  • There is no dedicated practice mode.
  • You’ll learn combat mechanics through the main story, tutorials, and encounters.
  • You can practice combat as you progress and return to previous areas for easier combat when needed.

Character Statistics:

  • The game features characters with low statistics.
  • The level cap is low, similar to games like Super Mario RPG.
  • Character advancement involves making choices as you level up.
  • By the end of the game, your average level will probably be around level 20.
  • Once a character levels up, the character cannot be reassigned.
  • The choices you make when you level up are permanent, so choose wisely.

Fishing mini game:

  • There is a fishing mini-game in the game.
  • Fishing equipment has linear upgrades, making fishing easier.
  • Upgrades include increased stamina, slower blink speed, and hindered fish stats.

Difficulty settings:

  • The difficulty setting is not chosen from the start, but is affected by the artifacts.
  • Relics like the Storytelling Amulet can make the game easier.

For a complete walkthrough of the demo, watch the video below courtesy of Sabotage Studios


Xinghai Demonstration Guide

The Sea of ​​Stars demo gives us a glimpse into the upcoming role-playing game. You start out as two young heroes, Valere and Zalay, on an island with rich visuals and tranquil music. Your goal is to save Moonblood and explore the mysterious world.

You’ll embark on a fascinating journey where artifacts play a vital role in shaping your adventure. These relics will transform your gameplay experience, one example being the “Storytelling Amulet” which enhances your character with extra health and post-combat healing.

As you progress, master timed hits and blocks in combat, explore shells to unlock unique rewards, and enjoy a dynamic weather system. Keep in mind that grinding for experience is possible, but the game’s low level cap and character progression options make every decision impactful. The immersive fishing mini-game also adds a new experience beyond the main story.

While there’s no dedicated practice mode, you’ll hone your skills through the main story and encounters.Choose your character upgrades wisely as there are no respec options and the game’s low number system ensures every bit counts

Sea of ​​Stars Demo Game

The game begins with a charming animated cutscene that introduces young heroes Valere and Zarai, who are tasked with thwarting an ancient evil. You’ll explore a charming village, interact with villagers, visit the item shop to learn how to craft and buy items, and manage your inventory.

You face your first enemy and face it with timed attacks and blocks. Exploring the forest involves solving puzzles and fighting enemies. Test your combat skills in a climactic showdown with a powerful boss. Upon victory, you’ll gain praise from the villagers, setting the stage for more thrilling adventures throughout the game. For the full demo game, watch the video below.

Stars and sea

Star Ocean is a role-playing video game developed by Sabotage Studio and released in 2023. It’s set in the same universe as their previous game, The Courier. In this game, players take on the roles of Valere and Zale, two young heroes who use the power of the sun and moon to fight against a powerful alchemist who threatens their world.

The game offers engaging turn-based combat that rewards well-timed actions and combo attacks. It features a unique navigation system that allows players to seamlessly explore the game world without the limitations of traditional grid-based movement.

Sea of ​​Stars also features a rich narrative, filled with original characters and a compelling storyline that delves into classic themes of adventure and friendship.Dynamic lighting brings the world to life, including day and night cycles, weather effects, and more, adding depth and immersion to the experience

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