How to Fast Travel in Blasphemous 2?

How to fast travel in Blasphemy 2?

Mirabras using Return to Port Carol

How to fast travel in Blasphemy 2?

The illustration shows the location of Mirabras returning to port to pray in the Profundo Lamento area of ​​Blasphemous God 2. Return to the location of Mirabras in Port Carol.

One of the first prayers available to players in Desecration 2 is to return to Mirabras in port. This ode is located within the Profundo Lamento area, specifically in the room to the left of the elevator leading to the Sea of ​​Ink location.

This spell serves an important purpose, allowing players to quickly return to the City of the Holy Name. When activated outside the city, the Penitent will quickly return to the Prie Dieu located outside the Artisan’s Shop.

Utilize fast travel doors

How to fast travel in Blasphemy 2?A visual depiction of the Penitent standing in front of the fast travel door in Blasphemy 2. You can travel using fast travel doors.

As you venture through Cvstodia, you’ll encounter numerous portals located within its designated rooms. These portals provide quick access to other gates you’ve discovered previously.

However, this system has one big limitation – you can only go to doors you’ve already discovered. Therefore, this fast travel option is most effective for reaching areas you have previously explored.

Prie Dieu comes into play through the Cobijada side quest

Illustration showing all Cobijada sisters found in Blasphemy 2. Each lantern symbolizes a tribute reward. One of the best-kept secrets in the game is the Cobijada side mission. Mayor Cobijada has tasked you with finding the nine trapped sisters hidden in the corners of Cvstodia. You can meet him in the City of the Holy Name.

When you find pairs of these sisters, she will reward you with tribute. Unlocking two of these rewards in Prie Dieu grants the ability to fast travel: Finding 2 Cobijada Sisters allows for fast travel back to the city from any Prie Dieu.

Discovering the 6 Cobijada sisters unlocks the ability to fast travel between Prie Dieus. Both of Prie Dieus’ unlockable abilities prove to be very useful. The latter, in particular, can significantly speed up map traversal given the abundance of Prie Dieus present throughout the landscape.

Blasphemy 2

Blasphemous 2 is a side-scrolling metroidvania game produced by The Game Kitchen and made possible through the publishing efforts of Team17. This sequel, based on its predecessor Blasphemous (2019), will debut in August 2023 and will be available on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S. The game’s launch sparked a positive response and was well received by critics, further cementing its place in the gaming landscape.


“Desecration 2” gameplay

Much like its predecessor, Blasphemous 2 is a 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania action-adventure game that immerses players in a captivating journey. Players take on the role of the Confessor, a brave and silent knight tasked with embarking on a new adventure in a newly discovered kingdom. The goal: to prevent the resurgence of the malevolent curse known as “The Miracle” in order to defend the kingdom. The storyline unfolds after the “Twilight Wounds” update to the original game’s storyline.

As with previous entries in the series, the game’s world is filled with dangerous traps, demanding platforming sequences, hostile enemies, and powerful boss encounters, while also providing opportunities to interact with non-player characters who offer help or Launch engaging side quests.

A notable highlight is the introduction of a range of new weapons, each with unique attributes such as range, speed, professional abilities and skill trees. Among these weapons are the War Censer, known for its slow but powerful attacks; the dual-wielding power of a rapier and dagger, perfect for quick attacks; and the Prayer Blade, a versatile weapon that perfectly combines the best features of its class. In addition to their combat uses, these weapons are indispensable for time travel, allowing players to explore unknown routes and solve complex puzzles.

The protagonist’s abilities can be further customized through a wealth of abilities. Players can equip themselves with up to five “rosaries,” which grant passive enhancements, as well as two active spells called “prayers.” Additionally, statues in the game can grant smaller individual buffs and even more substantial benefits when combined harmoniously. This complex system aids players in strategic decision-making and enhances their abilities throughout the enchanting adventure.

Blasphemous 2 Trailer

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