Harness the Power of music in Stray Gods

God of Wandering

Step into the enchanted realm of “The Wandering God,” an enchanting urban fantasy world crafted by the imaginative mind of David Gaider. Embark on a journey with Grace, a college dropout gifted with the magical powers of a muse. These newfound abilities are her beacon of hope as she delves into the mystery of her ex’s untimely death. Time is of the essence, and Grace must uncover the truth before the sands of time slip through her fingers.

It’s up to you to weave the threads of fate in this extraordinary interactive musical adventure. Your decisions will shape the alliances Grace forges, the trust she entrusts, and the shadow of betrayal that may hang in her path. The world of Stray Gods comes to life with detailed artistic illustrations, inviting you to take part in an experience that blends role-playing, music, and magic.

David Gad’s masterful storytelling introduces you to Grace’s journey – a story filled with themes of self-discovery, determination, and embracing one’s destiny. As Grace, you’ll navigate the field’s tangled web, using your charm, negotiation skills, or sheer force to navigate its intricacies. Every choice you make has consequences, opening up new paths and shaping your adventure.

Immerse yourself in original musical compositions that resonate with the heart and soul, created by a trio of musical geniuses. Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory, the harmony talents of Tripod (Scott Edgar, Steven Gates and Simon Hall Hall) and the ethereal notes of Australian Eurovision singer Montaigne (Jess Cerro) blend perfectly to create an aural masterpiece. These mesmerizing melodies, performed by an extraordinary ensemble of voices, transport you into a world where you are not just an observer, but an integral part of the symphony.

The rhythm you choose will harmonize your journey. Depending on your decisions, countless permutations await and you will weave your own unique musical narrative. Adventure and love are intertwined, and the songs become a vehicle for emotion, taking you on a unique and personal adventure.

Harnessing the power of music in The Wandering God

In the enchanting realm of The Wandering God , music is more than just a background melody; This is the essence of this enchanting urban fantasy world. Crafted by the imaginative mind of David Gaider, this extraordinary journey unveils a symphonic tapestry that connects it to the heart and soul of its protagonist, Grace. A college dropout, she possesses the magical power of the muse, becoming a harmonious bridge between realms of magic, mystery and melody.

Grace’s newfound abilities become her guiding light, illuminating the path she must take as she sets out to unravel the mystery of her ex’s untimely death. Time is a flowing thread, slipping from her grasp, urging her to discover the truth before it disappears. It’s a race against time – and the power of music becomes her ally, resonating with her every step of the way.

In this interactive musical adventure, the thread of fate is entrusted to your hands. As the Weaver of Destiny, your decisions will take root, affecting the alliances Grace makes, the trust she bestows, and the shadow of betrayal that threatens her journey. The world of Stray Gods is beautifully illustrated, colorful and lifelike, immersing you in a seamless blend of role-playing, magic and musical magic.

Guided by David Gad’s masterful storytelling, Grace’s journey is a symphony of themes – self-discovery, determination, and embracing one’s destiny. Grace, the muse of this melodic odyssey, navigates the domain’s intricate web using her charisma, negotiation skills or sheer force to navigate its labyrinthine intricacies. Each choice strikes a note, each resonating with the chords of the story and shaping a new path that unfolds before her.

Immerse yourself in original musical compositions created by three musical masters. The genius of Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory, the harmonizing talents of Tripod (Scott Edgar, Steven Gates and Simon Hall), and Australian Eurovision The ethereal notes of Net Montaigne (Jesse Cerro) coalesce into an aural masterpiece that transcends mere sound. As these captivating melodies unfold beneath an extraordinary ensemble of voices, you become not just an observer, but a living part of the symphony itself.

The rhythm you choose will harmonize your journey. Depending on your choices, there are infinite paths to explore and you will become the master of your own unique musical narrative. When adventure and love intertwine, the songs become vessels of raw emotion, propelling you through a journey that is both personal and extraordinary.

The Wandering God is a narrative symphony—an odyssey that resonates with the heart and spirit. Join Grace on her adventures as she discovers the power of her voice, forges her legacy, and shapes her destiny. Adventure beckons, love stirs, and songs resonate in a captivating blend of fantasy and melody. Do you dare to seize the opportunity to create your own story, find your own path, and leave your mark on the story as you hold the quill that determines its direction? The stage is set, the music is waiting, and the story will unfold with every choice you make.



Stepping into a modern fantasy realm, college dropout Grace is given the extraordinary power of a muse. Armed with this newfound ability, she begins a race against time to uncover the truth behind her ex’s mysterious death. Alliances, trust, and betrayal are all in your hands as you guide Grace’s journey, all against the backdrop of a beautifully hand-drawn role-playing musical.

From the imaginative mind of Dragon Age series lead writer David Gaider, The Wandering God is an urban fantasy narrative that encompasses the pursuit of identity, control over destiny, and the discovery of expectations. A long-awaited revelation. Your decisions hold the key to different endings and countless paths to them.

In this captivating story, Grace’s fate is intertwined with your choices as you guide her through a world brought to life through beautifully hand-drawn illustrations. As the story unfolds, you’ll shape her alliances, determine who she can trust, and face the chilling specter of betrayal.

How does Stray Gods turn a role-playing game into a musical?

In Stray Gods, your journey unfolds through a mesmerizing blend of branching dialogue options and interactive music – a unique symphony that responds to your choices, shaping words and melodies. In the kingdom of Summer and Autumn, Grace’s decision is influenced by three vivid characteristics: charming green, powerful red and smart cold blue. These features come to life at key musical moments, changing tempo, tone, and style depending on how you navigate the narrative, painting a vibrant tapestry of possibility.

Led by Music Director Austin Wintory and renowned songwriters Tripod and Montaigne, Stray Gods delivers an extraordinary musical experience. As you delve deeper into Grace’s odyssey, the music evolves to adapt to your charming, powerful, and clever tendencies. This dynamic melodic writing spawns a range of song variations – punk, soulful, percussive – tailored to your choice.

A modern voice cast, including Laura Bailey, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Troy Baker, and more, breathe life into the characters and enrich the story’s texture. Stray Gods is an inclusive journey, with accessibility options such as subtitles, audio description, and UI customization. Summerfall Studios’ commitment to diversity ensures every player is fully immersed.

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