Best Ways to Farm Scrap Quickly in Remnant 2


Scrap is the key in-game currency in Remnant 2 and is key to enhancing the gaming experience. Scrap is scattered across the worlds and can be exchanged for a range of valuable resources, including weapons, consumables and modules, in the central hub, Area 13.

This versatile currency plays an important role in increasing your character’s strength and resilience, and is vital in meeting the various challenges presented by powerful bosses throughout your journey. Easily track your scrap balance by referring to the upper right corner of the inventory screen (represented by the hexagon icon).

While other forms of currency exist in the game, scrap is the most common and versatile, forming the backbone of your resource management strategy. Whether earned through combat, exploration, or trading, scrap is proof of your progress and a means to carve out a more difficult path in the ever-evolving world of Remnant 2.

The best way to collect scrap quickly in Remnant 2

To collect scrap effectively in Remnant 2, you can employ a number of effective strategies. Engaging in areas with frequent battles, such as the palace halls of Lutholm or the temple of Yesha, can prove beneficial, as these locations are filled with enemies and destructible objects that generate scrap upon failure. Resetting the area by touching the World Stone after destroying enemies ensures a continuous cycle of farming.

Additionally, selling unwanted items to vendors like Cass or Dr. Nora in District 13 can provide a quick source of scrap. For an extra advantage, keep an eye out for the Scavenger’s Gadget Amulet on Yaesha, as it will increase the amount of scrap obtained from any source.

Finally, venturing into Adventure Mode allows for focused boss fights and visits to specific areas, quickly accumulating scrap that can also be transferred to your campaign progression. Clever use of these methods will allow you to collect scraps quickly, helping you obtain necessary upgrades and items in the game.


ruins 2

Remnant 2 is an engaging third-person shooter action role-playing game that continues the legacy of its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes. Developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, the game brings players a rich and immersive gaming experience. Set in the Souls-like game, players use guns and melee weapons to engage in dynamic combat.

A selection of character archetypes adds depth, with classes such as Gunner, Challenger, and Handler, each offering unique abilities and perks. The game’s procedural generation system affects not only level layout and enemies, but also extends to aesthetics, bosses, and the storyline itself.

This feature enriches playability and ensures that every play session brings new challenges and discoveries. Remnant 2 offers single-player or three-player co-op multiplayer modes, providing a diverse and engaging gaming experience to suit a variety of play styles. With its engaging gameplay, procedural variety, and multiplayer options, Remnant 2 saw the action role-playing genre evolve.

Remnant 2 gameplay

Remnant 2 offers engaging gameplay that combines third-person shooter elements with the immersive mechanics of an action RPG. Taking inspiration from Souls-like games, players wield up to two firearms and melee weapons in a dynamic world. At the beginning of the game, players can choose character archetypes, each with unique abilities and perks.

The Gunner class focuses on firearms, the Challenger class can unleash powerful blasts, and the Handler class has a loyal canine companion to aid in combat. As they progress, players can dual-class, further enhancing their abilities. These archetype-specific perks and skills, such as the Gunner’s “Loaded” ability to quickly reload, help add strategic depth.

It’s worth noting that procedural generation is integral, changing not only level layout and enemy spawning, but also affecting aesthetics, boss encounters, and the narrative itself. Multiplayer options support both single-player and cooperative three-player modes, allowing for a variety of ways to approach Remnant 2’s challenges. This engaging blend of mechanics creates an immersive and exciting gaming experience that immerses players in an ever-evolving world.

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