Best Armored Core 6 Builds

Best Armored Core 6 Versions

Plasma Cannon Tenderfoot This setup is one of the most effective early game AC builds in Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon. With dual plasma rifles, it’s suitable for early and mid-to-late game encounters.

Plasma Cannon Tenderfoot Components:

  • Right arm unit: Vvc-760PR
  • Left arm unit: Vvc-760PR
  • Right Back Unit: Vvc – 70VPM
  • Left rear unit: Vvc – 70VPM
  • Head: VP-44S
  • Core: VP-40S
  • Weapon: VP-46S
  • Legs: VP-422
  • Booster: BST-G2/P04/ALULA/21E
  • FCS: FCS-G2/P05
  • Generator: VP-20COST Extension: Pulse Protection
  • BASHO Cannonier A heavy, powerful build designed for raw damage and AP output, especially effective against tough opponents like PCA ships.

BASHO Cannonier components:

  • Right arm device: RF-02 SCUDDER
  • Left arm unit: MAJESTIC
  • Right rear unit: BML-G2/P05MLT-10
  • Left rear unit: BML-G2/P05MLT-10
  • Head: AH-J-124 BASHO
  • Core: AC-J-120 BASHO
  • Weapon: AA-J-123 BASHO
  • Legs: AL-J-121 BASHO
  • Booster: ALULA/21E
  • FCS: FCS-G2/P05
  • Generator: VP-20D
  • OST extension: pulse protection
  • The Godslayer is a strong end-game build for the boss fights in Chapters 4 and 5, with high agility and heavy artillery capabilities.

Godslayer components:

  • Right arm unit: Vvc-760PR
  • Left arm unit: Vvc-760PR
  • Right rear unit: VP-60LCD
  • Left rear unit: VP-60LCD
  • Header: EL-TH-10 FIRMEZA
  • Core: EL-TC-10 FIRMEZA
  • Weapon: EL-TA-10 FIRMEZA
  • Legs: EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA
  • Booster: None
  • FCS: VE-21B
  • Generator: VP-20D
  • OST extension: pulse protection
  • Lightning God A versatile build designed specifically for New Game+ and New Game++ missions, providing overall balanced stats and weapon compatibility.

Thor components:

  • Right arm unit: DF-GA-08 HU-BEN
  • Left arm unit: DF-GA-08 HU-BEN
  • Right rear unit: BML-G1/P07VTC-12
  • Left rear unit: BML-G1/P07VTC-12
  • Header: IB-C03H: HAL 826
  • Core: IB-C03C: HAL 826
  • Weapon: IB-C03A: HAL 826
  • Leg: IB-C03L: HAL 826
  • Booster: BST-G2/P06SPD
  • FCS: FCS-G2/P05
  • Generator: VP-20COST Extension: Pulse Protection
  • Designed for challenging boss fights, Doombringers are capable of taking on formidable opponents in Armored Core 6.

Doombringer components:

  • Right arm unit: IA-C01W6: NB-REDSHIFT
  • Left arm unit: SG-027 ZIMMERMAN
  • Right back unit: VE-60SNA
  • Left back: VP-60LCS
  • Header: IB-C03H: HAL 826
  • Core: IB-C03C: HAL 826
  • Weapon: IB-C03A: HAL 826
  • Leg: IB-C03L: HAL 826
  • Booster: BST-G2/P06SPD
  • FCS: VE-21B
  • Generator: AG-T-005 HOKUSHI
  • OST extension: pulse protection

These AC builds cater to a variety of play styles, from early game efficiency to end game dominance, giving players diverse options for their Armored Core 6 journey.

Armored Core 6 gameplay

Armored Core VI offers an immersive mech-centric vehicle combat game that puts players in the role of a skilled pilot controlling a powerful Armored Core. These mechs can be extensively customized with different parts, allowing players to refine and enhance their abilities.

A notable feature is that players can equip their mech with a range of weapons, with slots on each arm and two slots on the back of the mech. This variety allows players to make strategic choices during combat.

The arena concept seen in previous games returns with the Combat Ability Assessment Program, allowing players to test their skills against others.Successfully completed missions earn in-game points, which scale based on goals achieved, without the penalties of past debt systems for failed missions.

Unlike previous games, Armored Core VI eliminates the debt system, allowing players to attempt missions an unlimited number of times without fear of losing currency.


Armored Core 6 plot

The story of “Armored Core VI” takes place in a future era where mankind has achieved interstellar society. The story centers on the planet Rubicon 3, which is located on the frontier. Here, a multifunctional substance called coral was discovered, capable of acting as an energy and data conduit. Coral was initially thought to be a boon to technological advancement, but instead sparked a catastrophic event known as the “Ibis Fire.”

The event engulfed the planet and its neighboring star system in destructive flames, leaving dangerous contamination in its wake. Although it was believed that all the coral had been wiped out, traces of Rubicon 3 reappeared five years later.

Driven by corporate interests, companies rush to exploit the potential of corals without regard for the well-being of residents. This sparked conflict and mercenaries took advantage of the confusion. Players take on the role of “C4-621,” an augmented human under the command of the notorious Administrator Walter. The protagonist, as an Armored Core pilot, performs mercenary missions with the goal of a new beginning. After illegally landing on Rubicon 3, C4-621 assumed the identity of a fallen mercenary and adopted the callsign “Raven”.

Armored Core 6 Development

In September 2016, FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki hinted that a new armored core unit would be in the early stages of development. A leak in January 2022 revealed work in progress on the series, which was confirmed via focus testing. The official announcement was made at The Game Awards 2022 in December.

Masaru Yamamura served as the chief game designer of “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” and succeeded Hayao Miyazaki in directing “Armored Core VI”. The project’s resources were carefully managed, resulting in the delayed development start expected by the team. In 2018, when prototyping began and the gameplay was finalized, Yamamura took over as director.

Lead composer Kota Hoshino composed the game’s music. The mountain village provided the keywords to create the desired atmosphere – filled with loneliness and nostalgia. Hoshino’s compositions are guided by keywords and evolve to adapt to the progression of the game. Takashi Onodera and Shoi Miyazawa contributed additional music during development.

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