How To Solve The Sealed Envelope Riddles In Blasphemous 2?

How to solve the sealed envelope mystery in “Desecration 2”?

Find the first sealed envelope:

The Cursed Letter, Page One: The Biggest Mirror:

  • The riddle suggests finding the largest mirror and kneeling down in homage.

  • Go to the lower part of the two moons where there is a large mirror.

  • Position yourself neatly in front of the mirror and squat down.

  • After a few seconds, you will receive a second sealed envelope.

The Cursed Letter, Page Two: The Divide and the Scream:

  • The riddle refers to a crack above the scream.

  • Return to the chasm leading to Profundo Lamento, where you hear a scream.

  • Stand on the left edge of the chasm and wait.

  • You will get a third sealed envelope.

Cursed Letter, Page Three: The Shadow of the Bell:

  • The riddle tells of the bell used to charge the enemy.

  • Find this bell in the Mother of Mothers area.

  • From Prie Dieu in the top center, take the lower right exit.

  • On the far right side of the screen, there is an intact bell on the ground.

  • Ring the doorbell and the wall behind the door and a new room will appear.

  • Collect the fourth sealed envelope from this room.

Cursed Letter, Page Four: Under the Skull:

  • This mystery means finding the skull.
  • Find the skull above the shop on the right side of the city.
  • Walk out of the store three times.
  • Your reward will be the fifth and final sealed envelope.

Cursed Letter, Last Page: Towering Cliff:

  • The riddle mentions “sea breezes” and “ending it all.”

  • Go to the platform on the left side of the elevator at the top of Profundo Lamento that extends above the Sea of ​​Ink.

  • Jump from the platform into the sea of ​​ink.

  • You will be safe, this action completes the mission.

  • Your reward is the Seguiriya to the Memory of your Eyes chant, which stops time for everyone except you.

Blasphemy 2

Desecrated 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Desecrated (2019) and is a side-scrolling metroidvania genre. Produced by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17, the game launches in August 2023 for platforms such as Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

The game retains the dark and complex world of its predecessor, encouraging exploration across interconnected levels. Players utilize combat skills and platform jumping to face challenging enemies, puzzles, and bosses. Its gothic design and rich narrative continue to captivate, delving into the game’s lore. Desecration 2 has earned praise for its blend of familiar mechanics with fresh innovation, introducing new elements while enhancing the essence of the series.


“Desecration 2” gameplay

The gameplay of Blasphemous 2 retains the essence of its predecessor, providing a captivating 2D side-scrolling experience in the metroidvania genre. Players will once again take on the role of the Penitent, a staunch knight battling the resurgence of the ominous curse “The Miracle” in a new realm.

Following the events of the Dusk Wounds update, the game is filled with dangerous traps, intricate platforming, tough enemies, and powerful bosses. A range of new weapons with unique properties, such as war censers and dual-wield rapiers and daggers, add variety. Equipable Rosary Beads and dynamic Prayers enhance customization and combat, while collectible statues provide bonuses. Blasphemous 2 builds upon its predecessor, offering an expanded weapons arsenal and deeper customization.

Blasphemous 2 Trailer

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