Baldurs Gate 3 Search the Cellar, How To Search the Cellar and Open the Ornate Mirror?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Search the Crypt

In the captivating world of Baldur’s Gate 3, the Search the Vault mission unveils an engrossing journey in Act One. As adventurers explore blighted villages and the mysterious Whispering Abyss, they stumble upon a journal that hints at a hidden vault containing a powerful artifact. Exploring deeper, the crypt reveals its secrets as the realm of the Necromancer, filled with mystery and danger.

A coveted necromancer’s book, The Necromancy of Sai, takes center stage, presenting a moral dilemma – should it be destroyed for its evil nature, or be destroyed for its arcane knowledge? Unlocked? The mission’s intricate narrative, coupled with choices and challenges, provides players with an engaging experience that features the opportunity to utilize the “Speak with the Dead” spell and shape the unfolding of their adventure.

How to search the cellar and open the ornate mirror?

During the “Search the Crypt” journey in Baldur’s Gate 3, adventurers must first find the Apprentice’s Journal in the Whispering Abyss within the Blighted Village. The diary revealed the existence of a hidden cellar, sparking a quest for further investigation.

Arriving in the cellar, we encounter a strange artifact known as the Ornate Mirror, which holds the secrets of a mysterious magic. To open the ornate mirror, players must engage in thoughtful dialogue sequences that convince them of their alliance and answer complex questions intelligently.

Correct responses will lead to approval of the mirror, allowing access to a hidden laboratory. The intricate interplay between exploration, dialogue, and puzzles adds a layer of depth to the exploration, making the journey both engaging and challenging.


Baldur’s Gate 3 Search the Crypt Walkthrough

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for navigating the complex challenges and choices in this mission.

Get the task:

First find the Apprentice Journal in the Whispering Abyss of the Blighted Village. This diary holds important clues about the hidden cellar, starting a journey of discovery.

Sailing in the whispering depths:

After entering the Whispering Abyss, head southwest and climb the cliff on the right. Carefully pass a phase spider matriarch. At (X: -539, Y: -364), you’ll find a Dark Amethyst on the ground.

Uncovering the cellar:

Return to the Blight Village teleporter and enter the house next to it. Read the apothecary’s ledger to learn the location of the cellar. Enter the cellar through the hatch under the window behind the bar.

Explore the cellar:

In the first room of the cellar, find the healer’s log and the lever hidden behind the crates. This reveals a passage leading to the next room.

Facing the Guardian:

In the new room, open the Rotting Coffin to obtain the Scroll of Summoning Quasit. Approaching the middle coffin will trigger an ambush by the Undead Agility Guardian. Deploy them strategically to avoid overwhelming encounters.

Advance tasks:

Head to a crack in the northern wall to find the Dark Diary. Reading it advances exploration. Continue southeast to reach an ornate mirror that hides a secret. Have conversations and make smart choices to get approval in the mirror.

Unlock the lab:

Pass the mirror challenge and head to the lab. Get the Rusty Key in the side room. Use it to unlock doors while avoiding traps with Sleight of Hand checks.

Tai’s Necromancy:

Find the book titled “Sai’s Necromancy”. Insert the Black Amethyst found earlier to start the process. Choose carefully who reads this book, as it can only be read by one character in your party.

Complete this book:

Read this book on a successful Wisdom saving throw. Completing these throws will grant you the undead status effect, furthering the mission.

Exit and conclusion:

Finally, find a lever in the side room to return to the cellar entrance. The quest ends here, leaving the adventurer with impactful choices and rewards.

The Search the Vault mission showcases the intricate storytelling, puzzle-solving, and decision-making elements of Baldur’s Gate 3, providing players with an immersive experience in this rich fantasy world.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Search Crypt Guide

This guide provides essential insights into the intricacies of this quest, helping players make informed decisions and discover its hidden treasures.

Starts and clues:

The quest begins with the discovery of the Apprentice’s Journal in the whispering depths of a blighted village. This diary is like a key to unlock the mysteries of the hidden cellar.

Explore the depths of whispers:

As adventurers travel across the Whispering Abyss, they must carefully navigate obstacles and enemies to eventually discover the all-important Dark Amethyst.

Uncovering the cellar:

Upon returning to Blight Village, players must find the cellar entrance beneath the pub window. The Apothecary’s Ledger holds the information needed to access this hidden space.

Dive deeper:

Within the crypt, exploration will reveal interesting artifacts and hidden levers that lead to new rooms, each with their own challenges and guardians.

Mirror Mystery:

The Ornate Mirror is an important puzzle that requires skillful dialogue choices to gain its favor and unlock the passage to the mysterious laboratory.

Unlock secrets:

Players must utilize skills such as “Trick” to navigate traps, collect necessary keys, and open doors while avoiding danger.

Unlock this book:

The central focus of the quest is a powerful book called “The Necromancy of Sai”. Careful consideration must be given to who reads this book, as there are both rewards and potential risks.

The test of wisdom:

Reading the book requires overcoming a Wisdom saving throw, a crucial step in completing the quest and solving the mystery.

Mission conclusion:

As the mission reaches its climax, players must use the knowledge and choices gained throughout to make critical decisions that influence the outcome of the mission’s resolution.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a captivating, immersive video game that draws players into a realm of fantasy and adventure. Developed by Larian Studios, this role-playing masterpiece is set in the famous Dungeons & Dragons universe.

With a rich narrative and complex gameplay mechanics, players find themselves in a world where choices have profound consequences, shaping the trajectory of their journey.

The game’s rich visuals and intricate storytelling create an unforgettable experience as they explore a story of friendship, betrayal, and heroic enterprise. Baldur’s Gate 3 releases on August 3, 2023, bringing you an engrossing exploration of a fantasy realm filled with danger and wonder.

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