All Armored Core 6 Endings: Armored Core 6 Ending Explained

All Armored Core 6 endings

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the various endings in Armored Core 6:

1. Bad ending – “Crow’s Fire”

The Bad Ending unfolds as a result of the player’s decisions causing the game world to become darker. Unlocking this ending requires making specific choices during key missions:

  • Chapter 3 – Mission 22: Destroy the Special Forces Ship
  • Chapter 4 – Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers
  • Chapter 5 – Mission 37: Intercepting corporate power

2. Good Ending – “The Liberator of the Rubicon”

Good endings present players with a more optimistic outcome, showing the tangible impact of their choices on the game world. Achieving a good ending requires making specific decisions in the following tasks:

  • Chapter 3 Mission 21: Eliminate the Law Enforcement Team
  • Chapter 4 – Mission 31: Intercept the Red Gun
  • Chapter 5 – Mission 38: Eliminate Kara “Cinder”

3. True Ending – “Alea Iacta Est”

True Ending offers a more complex and multifaceted conclusion, requiring players to delve deeper into game mechanics and play New Game++ mode. Unlocking the true ending requires making specific choices in key missions:

  • Chapter 1 – Mission 6: Attack the Damned Complex – Select “Accept”
  • Chapter 3 – Task 19: Preventing companies from salvaging new technologies
  • Chapter 3 Mission 21: Eliminate the Law Enforcement Team
  • Chapter 4 – Mission 26-B: Deny Coral Exit
  • Chapter 4 – Mission 33-B: Destroy V.III

Armored Core 6 ending explained

Armored Core 6 presents players with three different endings, each determined by their choices and decisions throughout the game. The first ending, “The Liberator of the Rubicon,” paints a hopeful narrative in which Raven’s Al in mission control emphasizes the potential of coral to advance humanity. In order to unlock this ending, players must choose a mission that fits Al’s perspective and ultimately achieve harmonious coexistence between coral and humans.

In contrast, the ending of “Raven’s Fire” takes a much darker turn. By prioritizing choices that gain the approval of characters like Handler Walter or Cinder Carla, players can push the story toward a disastrous outcome. As the Coral Convergence is destroyed through a series of carefully planned decisions, this ending demonstrates the dire consequences of prioritizing certain tasks over others.

Finally, the elusive “Alea Iacta Est” ending, which is only available through the new game mode, reveals a complex ending. After multiple games and specific choices, players uncover the hidden truth about Coral’s potential, culminating in a universe-spanning narrative. These three endings offer players a variety of outcomes, echoing the game’s emphasis on decision-making and its impact on the fate of the Rubicon world.


Armored Core 6

“Armored Core 6: Rubicon Fire” is an important work in the famous mecha game series. Developed and published by FromSoftware Inc. in partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., the game continues the series’ tradition of complex mecha customization and intense combat.

The game, which will be released on August 25, 2023, invites players into a world where they can pilot highly customizable mechs and engage in dynamic battles across land and air. The game’s emphasis on decision-making and narrative impact, coupled with refined action gameplay, delivers an immersive experience that will appeal to fans of the mecha and action genres.

Armored Core 6 gameplay

Armored Core 6 introduces engaging gameplay centered around intense mech-vehicle combat. Players take on the role of a skilled pilot, controlling a powerful mechanized unit known as the Armored Core. A defining aspect of the experience is the extensive customization mechanics, allowing players to fine-tune their mechs by equipping various parts to enhance their performance in combat scenarios.

A standout feature is that players can equip their mechs with a diverse arsenal of weapons, placing weapons on both arms and the back of the mech. This strategic flexibility allows players to adapt to different combat situations. The addition of the Combat Ability Assessment Program maintains the series’ competitive edge, allowing players to test their skills against others.

Notably, the removal of the debt system from previous installments frees players from financial concerns, facilitating them to focus on improving their abilities and taking on the challenges of combat without money limits.

Armored Core 6 decisions

Armored Core 6 incorporates an important gameplay element called “Decision Missions,” which have the power to shape the trajectory of the game’s narrative. These missions are identified with unique icons in the Sortie menu, giving players a critical choice between two concurrent missions, each aligned with different factions and outcomes.

The decision-making process requires careful consideration as only one task can be performed and the other disappears once chosen, emphasizing the need for thoughtful evaluation before making a commitment. By entering a synopsis of both options, players can gain more context about who assigned the task and the resulting consequences, helping them navigate the complex narrative with clarity.

The impact of decision-making tasks amplifies over time, having a significant impact on the unfolding story. Players can choose to change allegiances, but in order to get the desired ending, it is recommended to align yourself with one of the three key factions early on.

Armored Core 6 trailer

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