A Certain Trifle Quest Genshin Impact 4.0

A Little Thing Mission Genshin Impact 4.0

“A Little Thing” is a mission in Genshin Impact 4.0 that provides players with an engaging adventure. To start a mission, players can manipulate the game time so that it is between 8:00 and 12:00 the next day. This unlocks missions that allow them to delve deeper into the storyline. The mission begins by guiding the player to Melmonia Palace, where they interact with Iaune.

The player must then find Estelle in the Fontaine Smithy in the Fontaine Court area. After finding her, they assist Estelle in finding the item Eoin is looking for. After retrieval, the player returns to Melmonia Palace to install the keycaps on the typewriter, thus completing the quest line. In the “Something Little Thing” mission in Genshin Impact 4.0.

Not only are players immersed in the game’s enchanting world, they are also required to solve tasks through exploration and interaction. The multi-step nature of the quest, including talking to NPCs, searching for items, and ultimately completing the quest, adds depth to the gameplay experience. This mission exemplifies Genshin Impact’s skill at blending narrative and gameplay, ensuring players are not only entertained but rewarded for their efforts in the game’s rich and dynamic environments.

How to unlock a certain small task?

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to unlock the “Some Little Thing” quest in Genshin Impact:

Complete a notification task:

  • Before accessing “Some Little Thing”, make sure you have completed the previous quest “Some Little Notice” as it is a prerequisite.

time adjustment:

  • After completing “a certain notification”, control the game time between 8:00 and 12:00 the next day.

Visit Melmonia Palace:

  • After adjusting the time, go to Palais Mermonia and find Iaune sitting at the table working.

Start a conversation:

  • Interact with Iaune to initiate a conversation and start the “Some Little Thing” questline.

Find Estelle:

  • Follow the quest prompts to find Estelle in the Fontaine Blacksmith Shop in the Fontaine Court area.

provide help:

  • Talk to Estelle and help you find the item Iaune is looking for.

Retrieve keycaps:

  • Successfully assisted Estelle in finding the lost item, which was a keycap.

Return to Melmonia Palace:

  • After getting the keycap, return to Melmonia Palace.

Install keycaps:

  • Attach the keycap to the typewriter in Melmonia Palace to complete the “Some Little Thing” quest.


Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a broad action role-playing game developed by miHoYo that has attracted players around the world. Set in the enchanting fantasy kingdom of Tivat, the game invites players to explore a carefully crafted open world environment filled with diverse landscapes and cultures. It has a distinct anime style aesthetic.

Gameplay is centered around elemental combat and character switching mechanics, adding strategic depth to combat. As players embark on the journey of the Traveler, an interstellar explorer separated from his Teyvat siblings, they will uncover the intriguing lore of seven nations, form alliances, and uncover the mysteries hidden within this enchanting world .

While the game was critically acclaimed for its combat system, immersive open world, and engaging story, it was also discussed for its monetization model and post-launch content updates.

Genshin Impact gameplay

Genshin Impact offers a captivating gaming experience set in a vast open world. As players travel through Teyvat’s diverse landscapes, they control a cast of interchangeable characters, each with their own unique abilities. The game’s combat system is a dynamic combination of real-time action and strategic planning.

Players can seamlessly switch characters during combat and strategically combine elemental abilities to create powerful reactions. The depth of combat extends to character development, with upgrading and equipping artifacts and weapons enhancing their abilities. Exploration is a key element of the game, with players able to run, climb, swim, and glide across Teyvat’s various terrains.

These actions are controlled by stamina, introducing an element of resource management. Players can interact with the environment and use character-specific abilities to alter it, which not only enhances traversal capabilities but also aids in solving puzzles. Additionally, teleport nodes and fast travel options ensure efficient movement across the vast world.

Genshin Impact encourages cooperative play by blending single-player and multiplayer modes, encouraging up to four players to explore the world together, take on challenges, and share experiences. Cross-platform games promote interaction between players on different platforms and cultivate connected gaming communities.

A small thing task reward

In the “Something Little Thing” mission in “Genshin Impact”, players will be rewarded with the following valuable items:

Hero’s Wisdom x3:

  • Hero’s Wisdom is a valuable item that provides characters with instant experience points, allowing them to level up without traditional combat or activities. These three heroic wisdom items can significantly contribute to your character’s progress and growth.

Mora x21500:

  • Mora is the primary currency of the world of Teyvat. Through 21,500 Mora as part of mission rewards, players can gain additional economic resources to invest in enhancing their characters, weapons, artifacts, and various in-game activities.

These rewards not only recognize the completion of the “Some Little Thing” mission, but also aid players’ progression through the game, ensuring their characters become more capable and well-equipped to face the challenges of Genshin Impact’s diverse and dynamic world.

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