Sea of Stars Fishing Guide: How to Fishing in Sea of Stars?

Xinghai Fishing Guide

Fishing in the Sea of ​​Stars is a very interesting activity, but the game does not provide a tutorial and players need to explore on their own. However, it is a simple process. When you come across a pond and dock, you can start fishing. Simply press the cue button to throw your line into the air, use the d-pad or left analog stick to guide the line, and press the button again to drop it into the water.

Once you catch a fish, the music will change and part of the water will turn light blue. Your goal is to keep the fish in the area by maneuvering it left and right. Hold down the fishing button and maneuver the fish carefully to prevent the line from breaking (as indicated by red flashing). If it does break, you can cast it again. Fishing starts out easy but becomes more challenging as you progress, making it a free and rewarding way to collect cooking ingredients.

How to fish in the sea of ​​stars?

Fishing in Sea of ​​Stars is a simple and fun activity that allows players to collect valuable cooking resources and unlock in-game rewards. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to fishing in the Sea of ​​Stars:

Approaching the pier:

  • To start your fishing adventure, find a suitable fishing spot with a dock. These locations can be found as you explore the game world. Approach the dock and position yourself close to the water’s edge.

Starting the cast:

  • When you’re ready to cast your line, look for an on-screen prompt indicating a confirm button (usually A or the equivalent button on your controller). Press this button to start the casting process. Your character will be ready to cast the fishing line.

Control actors:

  • When your character is in a casting animation, you can affect the direction of the casting. Use the direction keys or left joystick on the controller to adjust the casting direction. If you decide you want to stop casting before it reaches full length, press the OK button again to stop casting.

Lure fish:

  • The fish in Xinghai are famous for their greedy eating. In most cases, they take the bait quickly. However, if the fish doesn’t bite right away, there’s a subtle technique you can use. Try rolling the line gently to create a slight sway in the bait. This action can lure a hesitant fish into attacking.

Put away your catch:

  • Once you successfully hook a fish, the process of reeling it in is fairly simple. Your main goal is to control your fishing line skillfully to keep the fish within the visible current moving toward you. This technology ensures that you can reel in your catch steadily and smoothly without too much trouble.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled fisherman in Star Ocean, taking advantage of this easy and rewarding in-game activity.


Sea of ​​Stars fishing location

In the Sea of ​​Stars, different fishing locations offer specific fish species. Catch all 23 fish species to unlock trophies, and these fish are all unmissable so you can return to these locations during the game. Here are the fishing locations and some of the fish you can find at each location:


Type of fish

Xiaguang Lake

Moon Trout, Man O’War

Wind Lake (Sleeping Island)

Grass haddock, hard shell fish, moon trout

Luxury Lake (Sleeping Island)

Hard Shell, Man O’ War, Grass Haddock

Haunted Creek (Abandoned Wizard Laboratory)

moon trout

Haunted Creek (Ghost Island)

Ghost Eel, Ghost Surgeon, Bone Barracuda

settlers resting place

Crimson Bass, Rockjaw, Hard Shell Haddock, Grass Haddock

Sulfur Basin (Basalt Island)

Rock shrimp, lava koi

Watcher’s Pond

Fluorescent piranha, red perch, sun carp, evergreen lobster

turquoise lake

Clockwork crab, fluorescent piranha, swordfish, ninja starfish

sky lagoon

Sky urchin, cloud ray, ninja starfish

Hualan Reservoir

Laser Burbot, Curled Flounder, Cybernardl Hermite, Sponge Silica

Overview of Stars and Sea

Star Ocean is a 2023 role-playing video game developed by Sabotage Studio that invites players to embark on an epic adventure. The game is available on multiple platforms including Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and takes place in the same fascinating universe as its predecessor, The Courier (2018).

In this engaging journey, players take on the roles of Valere and Zale, two heroic figures who harness the power of the sun and moon. Their mission? Fight powerful alchemists and thwart their evil plans. As they progress through Star Ocean, players will encounter interesting puzzles to solve and engage in strategic turn-based combat. With the ability to command a party of up to six characters, the game offers a diverse and engaging gaming experience.

Sea of ​​Stars gameplay

Sea of ​​Stars offers a rich and diverse gaming experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional RPGs. Players can dive into a variety of activities, from engaging in intense battles with powerful enemies to enjoying the tranquility of relaxing yet challenging fishing mini-games. What starts out as simple fishing gradually evolves into a more complex and demanding pursuit, reflecting the overall progression of the game.

Fishing, in particular, provides players with a unique way to collect essential ingredients for cooking, which is an aspect of the game that adds depth and immersion to the role-playing experience. Additionally, as players delve deeper into the star world and expand their fishing range, they unlock a range of bonus rewards that add extra motivation to this enjoyable side activity. At its core, Star Ocean is a testament to the fusion of compelling storytelling, engaging gameplay, and the magic of fishing, all harmoniously intertwined to deliver an unforgettable gaming adventure.

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