Will There be a Talk to Me 2? Talk to Me 2 Release Date

Will there be a “Talk to Me 2”?

Yes, there will be a Talk to Me 2 movie. The first “Talk to Me” movie did very well after its release and made a lot of money. Therefore, A24 decided to make a sequel to the film. In the second film, the same directors as the first film, Danny and Michael Phillip, will return. They’re working on a new story, but we don’t know what it will be yet. So if you enjoyed the first Talk to Me movie, you can look forward to the second one.

“Talk to Me 2” release date

The release date of “Talk to Me 2” has not yet been officially announced. Currently, they are still busy making the film. Therefore, we still need to wait for more news on when “Talk to Me 2” will be released in theaters. If you’re excited to see it, keep an eye out for updates.


How the ending of “Talk to Me” created a sequel

The ending of “Talk to Me” leaves behind some hints and questions that could set the stage for an interesting sequel. In the movie, Mia is haunted by her mother’s ghost and does some dark things, but things take a turn when she is hit by a car. At the hospital, Mia realized she was waiting on the other side of the hospital, next to the embalmed hand. This leaves viewers wondering whether Mia will be a friendly spirit or a vengeful one. Director Danny Phillippe mentioned that the answers to these questions are hidden in the film, and Mia’s journey is a bit of a mystery as she’s caught between two worlds.

While the possibility of Talk to Me 2 is exciting, the Phillip brothers hinted that the sequel won’t necessarily focus solely on Mia. It could explore her experiences on the other side, whether she becomes a benevolent spirit or fights an evil entity. Or, a sequel could even delve into the history of the Embalming Hand and how it served as a gateway to the other side. With these interesting possibilities, the ending of Talk to Me leaves room for a variety of directions for potential sequels.

Talk to me plot

Talk to Me is a horror movie about a group of friends who stumble upon a mysterious way to communicate with spirits using preserved medium hands. However, as they attempt this supernatural ritual, things take a terrifying turn when one of them crosses the line and inadvertently releases a malevolent supernatural entity.

The film explores the consequences of their actions as they face horrific encounters and try to come to terms with the otherworldly powers they have unleashed. The story delves into the dark and suspenseful journey of these friends as they grapple with the consequences of tampering with the supernatural, leading to a series of chilling and unexpected events.

Talk to me cast



Sophie Wilde


Alexandra Jensen


Joe Bird


Otis Danger


Miranda Otto


Zoe Trax


Chris Alosio


Alexander Stephenson


Marcus Johnson


Ali McCarthy


sonny johnson


Talk to me trailer

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