Why is Philip Leaving The Chosen? What Happened to Philips?

Who is Philip in The Chosen One?

Philip was a former student of John the Baptist and played an important role as one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Born and raised in Bethesda, Philip had a typical Hebrew boy upbringing and excelled academically in Hebrew school. Like many others in the community, he learned his father’s trade.

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In his twenties, Philip’s life took a major turn when a friend introduced him to a man named John. This encounter led Philip to discover John, who was living in the wilderness and causing a stir among the Pharisees. Philip was interested in John’s teachings and embarked on a journey to meet John. There he heard John preach about the importance of baptism as a symbol of repentance and forgiveness of sins, echoing the words of the prophet Isaiah.

Philip was so impressed and moved by John’s message that he returned to his hometown of Bethesda with renewed enthusiasm. He shared John’s teachings with great enthusiasm, ensuring that everyone he knew, including his close friend Nathanael, learned about this extraordinary prophet. Philip’s parents recognized the sincerity of Philip’s beliefs and supported his decision to leave home to follow John, embracing his inner calling.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Philip’s journey as a faithful disciple and servant of John the Baptist. His encounter with John and its profound impact on his life played a crucial role in his later destiny to become one of the twelve chosen disciples of Jesus.

In summary, Philip came from Bethesda and became a disciple of John the Baptist after hearing his powerful teachings on repentance and forgiveness of sins. Inspired by this encounter, Philip shared the information with those around him and eventually left his hometown to follow John’s path. This decision eventually led to him playing an important role in becoming one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.

Why did Philip leave The Chosen One?

Actor Yoshi Barrigas, best known for his role as Philip in the show, recently announced his departure. In a post on Instagram, he shared the news and provided some insight into why he decided to leave. The reason for his departure from the show was a combination of professional and personal factors that influenced his choice.

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Yoshi Barrigas took to Instagram to inform his fans and followers about his exit from the show. In his post, he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the series and the support he received while on the show. While he acknowledged the importance of the character of Philip in his career, he revealed that he decided to quit the show due to professional and personal reasons.

While the specific details of Barrigas’ departure may not have been spelled out in the Instagram post, it’s clear that his decision was the result of a thoughtful evaluation of his professional and personal circumstances. Fans and viewers of the show may feel a sense of loss over his departure, but it’s crucial to respect the actors’ choices and support their decision to pursue a new path.

Anyway, Yoshi Barrigas, best known for his role as Philip in the show, recently announced his departure on Instagram. The decision to leave was influenced by a combination of professional and personal factors, including a desire for new opportunities in acting and the need to resolve personal matters. While specific details may not have been provided, it is important to respect his decision and wish him well in his future endeavors.

What happened in The Chosen Season 2?

After watching the first episode of The Chosen Season 2 a few months ago, I made a few predictions about where the show would go. I expect the focus this season to shift from the personal encounters with Jesus in season 1 to the challenges the early Jesus movement faced in uniting amid significant divisions.

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Specifically, I believe the disagreement surrounding Matthew’s place among the disciples will escalate to a critical point, driving the season toward climax and resolution.

Upon reflection on my prediction, it became clear that I was wrong on the specific details. However, the overall thematic thrust of Season 2 seems consistent with my initial assessment. While Matthew’s role in the disciples isn’t as prominent as I expected, this season does emphasize the struggle of the disciples to unite as a community and team.

In addition to this central theme, Season 2 also explores other storylines. These include Jesus’ preparation for the Sermon on the Mount, Shmuel’s conspiracy to denounce Jesus as a false prophet, the emergence of Simon the Zealot, the arrest of John the Baptist, the Romans’ suspicion of Jesus, and Mary’s relapse due to trauma. In the first half of Season 2, it was hard to foresee their inclusion.

While Quintus, a character with a huge fan following, appears in season two, I think his inclusion is somewhat inconsequential. His encounter with Jesus led to nothing substantial. While Jesus’ detention does create a climactic crisis among the disciples, this could have been accomplished through other plot devices that tie more closely into the overarching storyline of season two.

All in all, my predictions for The Chosen Season 2 aren’t entirely accurate on the specifics. Still, as I suspected, the season does revolve around the struggle of the disciples to unite. It also introduces various subplots, some of which I think could have been better placed in season three for a more coherent narrative flow.

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Additionally, while Quintus’ character has a loyal fan base, his involvement in season two feels tangential to the main storyline. Overall, the season delves into multiple storylines while exploring the challenges the disciples face and their journey to come together as a community.

Has Yoshi left the Chosen?

Actor Yoshi Barrigas, best known for his role as Philip in the show, has decided to leave the show due to a combination of professional and personal reasons. He officially announced his departure on Instagram, thanking fans for their support and sending a heartfelt thank you to the cast and crew.

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In his Instagram post, Barigas shared the news of his departure with his followers and admirers. While specific details about the reasons behind his decision were not revealed, it was clear that his choice was influenced by a combination of professional and personal considerations. These factors may differ significantly from an actor’s desire to pursue new opportunities, seek different creative challenges, or prioritize personal well-being.

Barrigas took the opportunity to express his sincere gratitude to his fans who supported him during the show. He recognizes the significant impact they have had on his career and is grateful for their unwavering support, encouragement and loyalty.

This kind of interaction with fans often holds a special place in an actor’s heart, and Barrigas wanted to make sure that his departure was not only announced, but also acknowledged for the important role his loyal fan base played.

Additionally, Barrigas expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew. Acting is a collaborative effort, and the connections formed between those behind the scenes and those in front of the camera are vital to the success of any production.

Barrigas recognized the contributions and camaraderie with the rest of the cast, as well as the hard work and dedication of the crew who worked together to bring the show to life. The appreciation he expressed was a testament to the positive experiences and relationships he built on the show.

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In conclusion, Yoshi Barrigas has made the decision to leave the show due to professional and personal reasons. Through his Instagram statement, he expressed his gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support and thanked the cast and crew for their dedication and friendship. While specific details about his departure have not been revealed, his decision reflects the multiple factors that influenced his choice to exit the production.

Barrigas’ recognition of fans and colleagues demonstrates the profound impact they have had on his career, as well as the positive experiences he had on the show.


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