Why is Elden Ring Not Showing Controller Buttons? How to Fix Elden Ring Not Showing Controller Buttons?

Ring of Elden

“Elden Ring” is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki. Released in 2022, the game features a world created by Hayao Miyazaki and famous fantasy author George R.R. Martin. It’s available on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

In Elden Ring, players take on the role of a customizable character who embarks on a quest to restore the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord. The game offers a vast open-world experience, allowing players to freely explore and navigate six main areas. They can travel around the world on horseback, using their mount Torrent to travel.

The game combines linear and hidden dungeons, providing the opportunity to discover valuable items. Players can fight using a variety of weapons and magic, with the option of stealth gameplay. Checkpoints are scattered around the world, facilitating fast travel and allowing players to use in-game currency called runes to enhance their character’s attributes.

Elden Ring features an online multiplayer mode that enables cooperative play and player-versus-player combat, adding a social element to the gaming experience.

During development, FromSoftware aimed to create an open-world game based on the gameplay mechanics of its predecessor, Dark Souls. Working with George R.R. Martin makes the narrative more accessible, blending Miyazaki’s game storytelling with Martin’s extensive backstory creation. The developers focused on the scale of the game’s environments, role-playing elements, and complex storytelling to create a vast and immersive world.

Elden Ring has received critical acclaim for its vast open-world design, engaging game systems, and engaging settings. Although some critics highlighted technical performance issues, the game has won multiple Game of the Year awards and sold over 20 million copies in its first year of release.

Why doesn’t Elden Ring show controller buttons?

The reason Elden Ring doesn’t display controller buttons on the screen is due to a design choice made by the game’s developers. FromSoftware, the studio behind Elden Ring, has chosen to prioritize immersion and a minimalist user interface (UI) approach to its game. This decision is intended to create a more immersive cinematic experience for players by minimizing on-screen distractions.

By removing on-screen controller buttons, players are encouraged to rely on their familiarity with the controls and create a deeper connection with the game world. Players should learn and memorize button configurations through the game’s tutorials and exercises to enhance their overall gaming experience.


How to fix Elden Ring not showing controller buttons?

Here are a few fixes for issues with the Elden Ring controller not working on PC:

Disable Steam overlay:

  • Disable the Steam overlay feature as it can sometimes cause issues with the controller in the game.

Disconnect the keyboard and mouse:

  • If you are using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse, disconnect the keyboard and mouse to avoid any hardware conflicts. Then, restart the game and check if the controller is working properly.

Properly configure the controller on Steam:

  • Open Steam and go to Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings.
  • Select the controller you want to use from the available options (Xbox, PS4, Switch, Universal).
  • Restart the game and check that the controller is functioning as expected.

Close other controller software:

  • Check Task Manager for any other controller software running on the computer and force end it. This prevents conflicts with the Steam client.

Modify the Steam input settings for each game:

  • Open Steam and switch to large picture mode.
  • Go to Library > Games > Elden Ring > Manage Games > From Steam Input.
  • Select Controller Options and enable “Force On” for Steam Enter Per-Game Settings.
  • Restart the Steam client to see if the issue is resolved.

Fix to disconnect bluetooth device:

  • Disconnect any other Bluetooth devices connected to your computer to ensure a smoother gaming experience and prevent potential interference.

“Elden Ring” gameplay

Elden Ring is an action-packed third-person role-playing game that combines elements from other popular FromSoftware games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Set in a vast open world called “Lands Between”, players are invited to embark on an exciting journey of combat and exploration.

As they travel across the game’s six main areas, including the lush grasslands of Ringgrave and the dangerous wastelands of Kelid, players will encounter a variety of non-player characters, enemies, and powerful demigods who rule each area. These demigods serve as the game’s primary bosses, challenging players through intense battles that require skill, strategy, and quick reflexes.

In Elden Ring, players are free to explore hidden dungeons, catacombs, tunnels, and caves, all filled with challenging enemies and valuable loot. The game offers a variety of character classes to choose from, each with unique starting spells, equipment, and attributes that shape their playstyle.

Combat in Elden Ring is dynamic and offers a variety of approaches. Players can engage in close melee combat with enemies, use ranged weapons to attack from a distance, or cast powerful spells to gain an advantage. The shield can be used to block and evade enemy attacks, while the stealth mechanic allows for sneaky approaches and critical strikes.

To aid in their journey, players will discover Places of Grace, which serve as checkpoints throughout the game. Here, they can improve character attributes, change spells, and manage equipment. Runes earned by defeating enemies can be used as in-game currency to upgrade attributes, purchase items, and enhance weapons and armor.

Crafting plays a big role in Elden Ring, with players gathering materials to create items like poison darts, explosive canisters, and makeshift combat boosters. Crafting recipes can be found in collections called recipes scattered around the world.

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