Where To Find Vanilla In Dreamlight Valley? How To Get Vanilla Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dream Valley

Disney Dreams is a highly anticipated life simulation adventure game crafted by Gameloft Montréal and brought to life under the Gameloft publishing banner. In this immersive gaming experience, players are entrusted with the care of a mysterious valley, a kingdom once populated by a series of beloved Disney and Pixar characters. However, these characters are trapped by a curse that erodes their memories of their lives in this enchanted land.

The game hits early access on multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on September 6, 2022, marking an important milestone.

Anticipation continues to grow as the macOS version joins the Early Access list on December 6, 2022, coinciding with the release of the game’s second content update. Eager players can enter this enchanting universe through early access by purchasing the Founder’s Pack or subscribing to Xbox Game Pass.

Where can I find vanilla in Mengguang Valley?

In Disney’s Light Valley, vanilla is a leafy green plant that grows in the Sunny Plateau biome along with other spices. While it may not be as abundant as some other spices, players can still find a vanilla plant or two to harvest throughout the day. Unlike certain spices that can be purchased at Goofy’s stand, vanilla cannot be purchased and requires players to find and collect it themselves.

Vanilla’s use extends into cooking, particularly in the creation of dishes such as the highly regarded vanilla ice cream, a four-star recipe that combines ice, vanilla, milk and sugar cane. Additionally, vanilla can serve as a versatile ingredient in a variety of recipes, allowing any spice to be used instead of a specific spice.

Due to its potential demand, players are advised to keep some vanilla in their stash. If you choose to sell vanilla, it is worth 60 Star Coins, making it one of the more valuable ingredients, similar to in-game coinage.


Where can I buy vanilla in Mengguang Valley?

In the Disney game Dreamlight, vanilla appears as a leafy green plant that grows from the ground, similar to other spices in the area. The best place to encounter vanilla is in the Sunny Plateau biome.

While the number of vanilla plants may not be high, diligent players can discover one or two plants to harvest during the day. It’s worth noting that unlike many other spices sold at Goofy’s stalls, vanilla cannot be purchased from these stalls. This unique feature requires players to proactively find and collect herbs independently.

The versatility of herbs shines through its culinary applications. For example, it plays a key role in the creation of vanilla ice cream, a famous four-star recipe composed of basic ingredients such as ice cream, vanilla, milk and sugar cane. Additionally, in some recipes that allow any spice, vanilla can be combined with other spices rather than restricted to a specific one.

How to obtain Vanilla Dream Valley?

To get vanilla in Disney Dreams Light Valley, go to the Sunny Plateau biome.

Unlock Sunshine Plateau:

As you search for the Disney Dreams Light Valley Vanilla, navigate through the game until you successfully unlock the passage to Sunshine Plateau. This important milestone will require completing a specific goal or achieving a specific level of progress.

Explore the sunny plateau:

Once you enter the stunning sunny plateau, take the opportunity to thoroughly explore its surroundings. Look closely to discover vanilla plants, which naturally flourish on the ground in the Sunny Plateau biome.

Harvest precious herbs:

To get the coveted vanilla ingredient, actively engage with the vanilla plant. It’s important to acknowledge that you may need to collect several of these plants to amass a sufficient quantity of herbs for your anticipated cooking or crafting needs.

Mengguanggu vanilla location

Disney’s Dream Valley launches an enchanting quest to discover the coveted vanilla. This enchanting journey takes you deep into the heart of the Sunny Plateau biome, where the essence of magic is revealed. Here, in this natural wonderland, vanilla is not bound by artificial constraints and sprouts freely in the embrace of the earth. Guided by curiosity, travel across the sunny plateau and cast your gaze to the earth to discover the hidden gems of precious vanilla plants.

Engage with these botanical wonders in a gentle interactive dance that gently extracts vanilla essence from the leaves. This intimate connection proves beneficial, as it allows you to accumulate essences that enhance your culinary and creative pursuits in the game’s fascinating realm.

Disney Dream Valley gameplay

In Disney’s Dreamland, players dive into the enchanting Dreamland, a magical kingdom filled with diverse biomes and beloved Disney and Pixar characters. Gameplay is reminiscent of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series, with players guiding a personalized human character through a valley that is synchronized with real-world time.

Exploration involves gathering resources and using magic to fight off “night thorns”, while cooking stations create food and crafting stations shape materials and furniture. Energy can be replenished by consuming food to fuel magically infused tools.

Customization abounds through furniture placement, architectural repositioning and exterior changes. “Star coins” serve as currency to promote trade and interaction. Making friends with villagers brings rewards and rich interactions, making the journey full of fun.

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