Where to Find Mekar Island in Tears of the Kingdom? Mekar Island Tears of the Kingdom Location

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” will be released in 2023. It is an action-adventure masterpiece created by Nintendo specifically for the Nintendo Switch platform. The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) seamlessly inherits the essence of its predecessor. In “Tears of the Kingdom”, the vast open world of Hyrule has been further enriched, allowing adventurers to freely explore vertically.

Players will guide the fate of the heroic Link on an epic quest to find Princess Zelda and thwart the evil ambitions of the Demon King, whose sinister intentions could bring about global catastrophe.

Where is Mekar Island in Kingdom Tears?

To defeat each type of Phantom Cannon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm and receive rewards, follow these strategies:

Sword Fantasy Cannon strategy:

  • Ganon has three different attacks: a sword swing to the right, a charging sword attack, and a spin attack.
  • Block the first two attacks with your shield, but avoid the spinning attack by moving backwards.
  • After avoiding the spin attack, counterattack.
  • Defeat Phantom Sword Cannon and obtain the Dark Sword, Demon King’s Bow, and Dark Bush.

Spear Phantom Cannon Strategy:

  • Ganon’s attacks include forward thrusts and charging with his spear.
  • Get close to Phantom Canon and strafe around him to avoid his attacks.
  • When he misses, get in close for a few attacks, then back away to avoid taking damage.
  • If strafing is difficult, raise your shield to block his attacks.
  • After defeating Gun Phantom Cannon, you will receive the Gun of Darkness, the Demon Lord’s Bow, and the Dark Blob.

Club Phantom Cannon Strategy:

  • Ganon’s attacks include jumping into the air, smashing the ground, slashing in front of him, and kicking.
  • He distances himself as he jumps into the air to avoid taking damage, then launches into a flurry of backflips.
  • Use your shield to block his other two attacks.
  • Defeat the Club Phantom Cannon to obtain the Dark Club, the Demon Lord’s Bow, and the Dark Blob.

Phantom Cannon location:

  • Sword Phantom Cannon:

    1. Lindormei Cave in the Hylar Ridge region.
    2. The Great Deku Tree Canyon in the Great Laru Forest.
    3. Woods northeast of East Abbey on the Great Plateau.
  • Spear Phantom Cannon:

    1. Meka Island, west of Korok Forest.
    2. Stop at the coordinates below Hyrule Castle (-0219, 1201, 0023).
  • Phantom Cannon Club:

    1. Located in a large tree stump in Crenel Hills at the coordinates (0748, 0759, 0075) or (0677, 0736, 0074).
    2. The coordinates of Odorak Quarry are (3645, 2509, 0001).

By utilizing these strategies and finding different types of Phantom Cannon, you can improve your chances of defeating them and earning valuable rewards in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm.


Mayka Island Kingdom Tears location

Meka Island is a unique location in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, located within the game’s vast world. To explain its location in more detail, let’s break it down step by step:

World exploration:

As you travel across the vast landscape of Kingdom Tears, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the different areas and landmarks. Meca Island is located in one of these areas.

Reference points:

Start by identifying reference points around Meka Island. A key reference point is the Korok Forest, located to the east of Meka Island.

West direction:

To find Meka Island, you need to head west from Korok Forest. Start your journey in Korok Forest and start moving west on the map.

To use the in-game map:

The in-game map is a valuable tool that can help you navigate and pinpoint specific locations. Access the map to monitor your progress and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Explore and discover:

As you explore west from Korok Forest, keep an eye out for geographical features, water, and any clues that might indicate you’re approaching Meka Island. The game’s visual cues and environmental design can provide clues as to how close you are to the island.

Arriving at Meka Island:

Once you arrive at Meka Island, you may notice its unique characteristics from its surroundings. It may have unique terrain, landmarks, or other visual elements to signal your arrival.

Fighting Spear Phantom Cannon:

Meka Island is where you encounter Gun Phantom Cannon, one of the most challenging enemies in the game. Get ready for battle and use your skills to defeat enemies and earn rewards.

Remember the details:

Pay attention to the island’s features and surroundings. This knowledge can be useful for future gameplay, quests, or game discussions.

By following these steps and using the in-game map, you should be able to successfully locate Meika Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm. Keep your senses sharp and embrace adventure as you explore this fun and fascinating world.

How to get to Kingdom Tears on Meka Island?

“Maika is a key location in Breath of the Wild and Kingdom Tears, offering unique gameplay experiences and challenges.

Breath of the Wild:

In Breath of the Wild, Mekar Island is located in Lake Mekar, west of the Great Sealar Forest. The island’s eerie atmosphere and scattered bones set the tone for encounters with ChuChus, Stalkoblin, Stalizalfos, and Stalmoblin. The island changes at night and is filled with undead enemies. Players must remain alert and ready for battle, navigating the island’s dangers and seeking rewards.

Tears of the Kingdom:

While specific details about Mekar Island in Tears of the Kingdom haven’t been fully revealed, its inclusion signals a return to this interesting location. Players may discover new challenges, enemies, and rewards when they explore the island again.

Getting to Meca Island:

Access to Meca Island is strategic and attractive. To reach it, players can teleport to a nearby shrine and glide down the mountainside. This approach takes advantage of the game’s glider mechanic, adding an element of adventure to the journey.

Features and Discovery:

Meka’s eerie atmosphere and bone-strewn environment create an interesting backdrop for exploration. Whether it’s Breath of the Wild or Kingdom Tears, players can expect an environment that inspires curiosity and discovery.

Enemies and Challenges:

The island is known for hosting a variety of enemies, including ChuChus and Stal enemies, ensuring players must be prepared for a fight. Engaging these enemies provides the opportunity to demonstrate combat skills and earn valuable rewards.

Tears of the Kingdom of Meka Island

“Getting to the Isle of Mekar in Kingdom Tears is a simple process, allowing players to easily explore this interesting location. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to access the island:

Places beyond the fog:

Meka Island is located outside the misty borders of Hyrule Forest and is easily accessible. Unlike some inaccessible areas of the forest that are obscured by fog, Meka Island is easily accessible, making it a prime destination for exploration.

Nearby Hyrule Forest:

Meka Island is located on the first island on the left side of Hyrule Forest, not far west of the forest area. This strategic location simplifies the journey from the forest suburbs to the island.

Teleport to the shrine:

Start your adventure using the shrine teleportation system. Open the map and find the closest shrine to Meka Island. If you unlock and activate the shrine during the game, you will have a number of fast travel options available to you.

Gliding from the mountainside:

Once you teleport to the shrine, head to the nearby mountainside. Get your trusty glider ready and leap from the mountainside to take to the skies on your way to Meka Island.

Explore effortlessly:

Glider allows you to travel effortlessly across the open skies, providing a scenic flight as you approach Meka Island. Pay attention to the island’s unique features to accurately guide your landing.

Participation content:

Once you arrive on Meka Island, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in what awaits. Encounter enemies like Spear Phantom Cannon and explore the island to find secrets, rewards, or surprises it may hold.

All in all, the process of reaching Mekar Island in Tears of the Kingdom involves teleporting to a nearby shrine and gliding down the mountainside using a glider. The island is located just outside the misty borders of the Great Hyrule Forest, ensuring a carefree and enjoyable exploration experience. Embark on a journey to Meka Island and uncover its mysteries as you soar through the skies and embrace adventure. ”

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