Where to Find Ashura in Palia? All Villagers in Palia

All the villagers of Palia

Palia is a charming village filled with diverse personalities, introducing a range of charming villagers for players to interact with. From the dedicated farmer to the eccentric innkeeper, each character contributes to the vibrant rural life. Let’s take a look at the lives of these residents:

Auni: the energetic postman

  • Auni prides itself on delivering mail at lightning speeds.
  • Known as the fastest man in Palia.
  • Loves catching bugs, but beware of his loose lips.

Asura: the benevolent innkeeper

  • Manage the inn Orm’s Corner in Kilima Village.
  • Knowledgeable foragers are always ready to help.
  • Close relationships with colleagues and friends.

Badruu: green thumb pun lover

  • Your agricultural mentor who loves word games.
  • We welcome you to Palia and teach you the basics of agriculture.
  • He is family-oriented and has a wife and two children.

Caleri: the helpful librarian

  • The librarian of Kilima Village is serious yet approachable.
  • Help villagers find books and acquire knowledge.
  • Eloise’s twin sisters, their bond is unbreakable.

Charn: Optimistic Dragon Priest

  • Therapist, spiritual guide and amateur astronomer.
  • Sending positivity and kind words to everyone.
  • Cultivate relationships with students and friends.

Delela: the hard-working farm manager

  • The Daya Family Farm is managed with unwavering dedication.
  • A good wife and mother, known for her hard work.
  • Deeply committed to her family and community.

Einar: Night-walking Resident of Gardu

  • Night lovers found in Fisherman’s Lagoon.
  • Enjoys fishing and collecting rocks for his unique collection.
  • One of nine romantic villagers, adding an element of intrigue.

Elouisa: Calleri’s twin bond

  • Palia’s charming twin sister and a source of joy.
  • She has a close bond with her sister Kaleri.
  • Friendships were formed with Einar and others in the village.
  • Each villager of Palia brings their unique personality and story to the tapestry of this charming village, creating a sense of community that feels warm and inviting to players.

Where can I find Asuras in Pariya?

Ashura, the innkeeper with a heart of gold Nestled in the idyllic landscape of Palia, the charming Kilima Village can be easily found. If you’re wandering through this quaint settlement, head to the center of the village, where the delightful Horn of Orm stands as a testament to Ashura’s devotion and kindness. A true gem of Kilima Village, this cozy hotel, under the thoughtful management of Ashura Hotels, exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere that attracts weary travelers and curious locals alike.

Asura’s multifaceted personality adds to the hotel’s appeal. In addition to his duties as an innkeeper, he is a knowledgeable forager with an innate connection with the rich nature surrounding Palia. His willingness to share his insights and techniques about foraging demonstrates his sincere desire to enrich the lives of those he meets. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer seeking wisdom, or a newcomer looking to learn, Ashura’s presence in the Horns of Orm will be a rewarding experience.

The lodge itself is a haven of comfort and camaraderie, providing space for travelers to rest and for villagers to gather and share stories. From the thoughtfully curated décor to the delicious meals served to guests, Ashura’s attentive service is evident everywhere. His ability to foster a sense of belonging makes Ormu’s Corner more than a place of rest but a true focal point of the community, a testament to Ashura’s integral role in Kilima Village.

Whether you are looking for a charming place to stay, the opportunity for meaningful conversation or a glimpse into the art of foraging, Ashura’s presence at Cape Ormu ensures an unforgettable experience. Ashura’s commitment to the lodge, deep connection with nature and warm interaction with everyone she meets make Ashura a cherished figure in Palia, embodying the spirit of hospitality and friendship in this charming village .



Palia is the highly anticipated sequel to Singularity 6 and represents the pinnacle of gaming to come. This massively multiplayer online community simulation game features a captivating narrative set in a carefully crafted fantasy world, transporting players into a stunning realm of possibility.

Unlike its predecessors in the simulation genre, Palia breaks new ground by cleverly integrating strong online multiplayer elements and an engaging third-person perspective. This dynamic combination infuses unprecedented depth and richness into virtual experiences, engaging players like never before.

Within the enchanting confines of Palia, players are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection. The game gives them the extraordinary ability to not only inhabit a fantasy world, but actively shape it. Every aspect of Palea’s existence is up to the player, from forming connections with other residents to crafting the details of their daily lives. This emphasis on personal agency weaves a series of experiences, each as unique as the individual behind the screen.

The essence of Palia’s charm lies in its namesake “Palia”, a word derived from ancient Greek meaning “ancient”. This choice of nomenclature has profound implications, alluding to the rich historical tapestry the game has carefully woven.

This virtual world is steeped in lore, beckoning players to uncover its secrets and connect with its storied past. The interplay between modern interactivity and ancient history adds narrative complexity, taking Palia beyond mere gaming and into the realm of immersive storytelling.

While Palia’s exact release date remains a closely guarded secret, the palpable excitement throughout the gaming community is a testament to its potential impact. As anticipation continues to grow, it’s clear that Palia is more than just a game; It is a gateway to a dynamic living world where players are not passive spectators but active architects of their destiny. At the fusion of technology and imagination, Palia paves the way for an unprecedented era of interactive entertainment, where players are no longer bound by reality and are free to explore, create and belong.

Parlia gameplay

Palia’s gameplay is a harmonious blend of two distinct yet related genres: the immersive dynamics of a massive multiplayer community simulation and the thrill of exploration of an open-world adventure game. Set in an exquisitely crafted fantasy kingdom, Palia calls players on an enchanting journey filled with opportunities for social connection and personal growth.

In Palea, players find themselves immersed in a world of vibrant communities, each populated by adventurers and residents. At the heart of the gameplay is the art of making connections, allowing players to interact meaningfully, cultivate relationships, and contribute to a shared narrative. The game encourages collaboration and communication, fostering a sense of belonging in a comfortable and welcoming virtual environment.

Beyond its social dynamics, Palia’s open world invites explorers to venture into uncharted territories, revealing stunning landscapes, mysterious ruins, and hidden treasures. As players travel through different environments, they will mine the lore of the realm, uncovering stories of forgotten civilizations and mysterious histories. A captivating blend of community simulation and open-world adventure allows players to shape their own destiny, from creating their own unique abode to mastering the arcane arts of magic.

Notably, the gameplay footage shown offers a tantalizing glimpse into Palea’s evolving world, offering a preview of its tranquil atmosphere and visual aesthetics. However, as a work in progress, elements such as facial animation and user interface have yet to be further refined. Palia’s gaming experiences are designed to transcend traditional boundaries, inviting players to engage in an immersive journey of connection, exploration and self-discovery in a realm where possibilities are as limitless as imagination.

Palia plot

In the enchanted realm of Palia, where myth and reality intertwine, a story of ancient mystery and determined revival unfolds. Eons ago, humans were paragons of power, weaving magical threads into the tapestry of existence. Their glory knew no bounds, until they inexplicably disappeared from the annals of history, leaving the world to ponder their mysterious departure. Thousands of years have passed, and the question of their fate has become a lingering whisper in the winds of time.

Then a cosmic commotion swept across the vast expanse of Palia, heralding a phenomenon of staggering proportions. Humanity reappeared from the mists of antiquity, scattering the land like fragments of forgotten legends. In it, the players embark on an extraordinary journey that embodies the spirit of a people who have been dormant for many years. As they venture to uncover the truth behind humanity’s disappearance, every step they take is a brushstroke on the canvas of rediscovery.

Guided by an insatiable curiosity, players navigate lush landscapes, form bonds with otherworldly creatures, and rekindle the spark of magic that once flowed from their ancestors. Paglia holds them in his arms, offering them an opportunity to reimagine their identities and purpose in a world reshaped by the passage of time. As friendships develop and secrets of mysterious wisdom are revealed, Paglia’s intricate narrative begins to take shape.

A renaissance saga is unfolding, with players taking the helm, shaping not only their own destiny, but the destiny of humanity’s resurgence. Through triumphs and tribulations, Paglia demonstrates the enduring power of curiosity and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to rewrite the script of history.

Palea trailer

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