Where is Seaside Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure? How to Find Seaside Critter List?

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

“Hello Kitty Island Adventure” is a life simulation game jointly developed by Sanrio and Sunblink. It will be launched on July 28, 2023. The game revolves around Hello Kitty and her friends who embark on a tropical island vacation and accidentally take on the task of restoring an abandoned amusement park called “Hello Kitty”. Great Adventure Park.

As a player, you can customize your avatar and actively participate in enhancing the functionality of your island. You’re free to explore on foot, swim, and even fly across the island.

Participate in activities such as cooking, crafting, connecting with Sanrio characters, capturing memorable moments through photography, decorating your cabin while sending out invitations to your friends, and more. It’s worth noting that the game offers a 2-player co-op mode. Ongoing updates will introduce new characters and content upon release.

The game is available exclusively on Apple devices through Apple Arcade, has a 4+ rating in the App Store, and offers controller support, leaderboards, and achievements for an immersive gaming experience.

Where is the list of seaside critters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

The list of seaside critters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure is located in the Swamp Critter Room, accessible through the Nature Reserve in Spooky Swamp. To find it, perform the “Open the Nature Reserve” quest after reaching level 2 friendship with Keroppi. Follow his directions to the nature preserve and then to the swamp animal room behind the building.

After making a web tool under the guidance of Badtz-Maru and donating a small animal to the nature reserve as part of the mission objectives, you will begin the “Restore the Nature Reserve” mission. In the swamp critter room, move north along the left side to find a list of seaside critters hiding in the corner. Collecting this list allows you to unlock the Seaside Critter Room, expanding your chances of protecting critters.


How to get the list of seaside animals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

Obtaining a list of seaside critters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure involves a series of steps within the game. Follow this detailed guide to successfully obtain a list of seaside critters:

  • Unlock the Nature Reserve mission: First interact with Keroppi in the Ghost Swamp area. This interaction will start the “Open Nature Reserve” quest. To complete this quest, you need friendship level 2 with Keroppi.
  • Follow Keroppi’s instructions: Keroppi will guide you to the nature reserve building and explain its importance and purpose. Listen carefully to his instructions as they provide valuable insights into biological conservation.
  • Get the Swamp Critter List: As part of the “Open the Nature Reserve” quest, Croppy will guide you to find your first critter list, called the Swamp Critter List. To find this listing, go behind the nature preserve building. It is located in the Swamp Animal Room, which you can enter from inside the nature reserve.
  • Make a Net and Donate Critters: After obtaining the list of swamp critters, you will receive a goal to make a net tool from Badtz-Maru. Follow the instructions to create a network, which is essential for catching small animals. After crafting, use the net to catch small animals from the island.
  • Complete the mission: Donate the captured creatures to the nature reserve to achieve the goal of the “Open Nature Reserve” mission. By doing this, you will complete the mission and trigger the next mission “Restore the Nature Reserve”.
  • Navigate to a list of seaside critters: In the “Restore Nature Reserve” mission, your goal is to find a list of seaside critters. Return to the Swamp Animal Room in the Nature Reserve. Move north while approaching the left side of the room.
  • Collect a list of seaside critters: As you explore the swamp critter room, you’ll eventually find a list of seaside critters hiding in the corners. Interact with it to add it to your collection.
  • Unlock the Seaside Critter Room: Return to the central area of ​​the nature reserve. Use your collected list of seaside critters to unlock the seaside critter room. This will allow you to delve into protecting and housing organisms unique to the seaside biome.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Game

Hello Kitty Island Adventure offers engaging gameplay as you enjoy a tropical vacation with Hello Kitty and her friends, transforming an abandoned theme park into a thriving attraction. Customize your avatar, explore the island by walking, swimming and flying, and participate in various activities such as cooking, crafting and decorating your cabin.

Form a bond with beloved Sanrio characters, take unforgettable photos, and host them in cozy cabins. The game’s 2-player co-op mode lets you share the experience with friends. Regular updates introduce new characters and content, ensuring the adventure is constantly enriched.

The game is available exclusively for Apple devices via Apple Arcade and features controller support, leaderboards, achievements and family-friendly ratings. Immerse yourself in this delightful world where creativity and friendship flourish on the charming Hello Kitty Island.

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