Where is Al Michaels Now? Is Al Michaels Still Broadcasting? Did Al Michaels Retire? Where is Al Michaels Announcing?

Where is Al Michaels now?

Al Michaels is an experienced sportscaster currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He has a prominent role as the play-by-play announcer for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video. In this capacity, he teams up with analyst Kirk Herbstreit to provide viewers with his signature smooth commentary.

With a career spanning more than 50 years, Michaels is known for his ability to make NFL games a vivid experience for viewers. His impressive accomplishments have earned him a well-deserved spot in the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame.

In 2022, Al Michaels begins an exciting new chapter when he joins Amazon Prime Video after a remarkable 37-year tenure at NBC Sports. He signed a five-year deal with the streaming service, solidifying his role as a key figure in the world of sports broadcasting. Despite his extensive career, Al Michaels remains an active and influential presence, ensuring fans can continue to enjoy his professional commentary for many years to come.

Is Al Michaels still on the radio?

Yes, Al Michaels is still active in radio. He currently serves as the play-by-play announcer for Thursday Night Football, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Michaels teamed up with analyst Kirk Herbstreit to continue his signature commentary.

In 2022, he took a major career turn, saying goodbye to 37 years at NBC and starting a new chapter with Amazon Prime Video, signing a major five-year contract to provide commentary for “Thursday Night Football” .

The change is a sign that fans can expect to hear Michaels’ experienced voice grace NFL games for the foreseeable future. In addition to his regular Thursday Night Football commitments, he plans to announce the 2024 playoffs and Super Bowl games via Amazon Prime Video. As a legend in sports broadcasting, Al Michaels’ appearance on Amazon Prime Video is considered a major win for the streaming service, and viewers can look forward to an even more exciting game viewing experience.


Has Al Michaels retired?

No, Al Michaels isn’t retired yet. There has been much discussion and speculation about his retirement, but he remains very active in broadcasting. After leaving NBC Sunday Night Football in 2021, Michaels signed an honorary deal with NBC Sports that will allow him to continue working on a variety of high-profile events including the NFL playoffs and the Olympics.

He currently serves as the play-by-play announcer for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video along with analyst Kirk Herbstreit. Michaels has made it clear that he plans to continue calling NFL games for many years to come.

He’s even expected to cover some playoff games for Amazon Prime Video and provide voiceovers for the 2024 Super Bowl. His presence on Amazon Prime Video is a major achievement for the streaming service, as it brings decades of experience and expertise to making football broadcasts even more exciting for viewers. All in all, Al Michaels is far from retired and remains an active force in the world of sports broadcasting.

Where was Al Michaels announced?

Al Michaels, currently the voice of Thursday Night Football, can be seen announcing the move on Amazon Prime Video. After resigning from NBC’s Sunday Night Football in 2021, he agreed to an honorary contract with NBC Sports that allowed him to continue his broadcasting career.

This includes coverage of prestigious events such as the NFL playoffs and the Olympics. Known for his legendary sports commentary career, Al Michaels is an iconic figure in football broadcasting.

His move to Amazon Prime Video in 2022 marked the beginning of a new chapter, signing a five-year contract to call the shots on Thursday Night Football. In addition to Thursday night, he is scheduled to provide commentary for select playoff games on Amazon Prime Video and will host the 2024 Super Bowl broadcast. Al Michaels’ reputation as a sports commentator ensures that his presence on Amazon Prime Video will elevate the excitement for football broadcasts for viewers.

Who is Al Michaels?

Al Michaels is a famous American sports host. He is currently the play-by-play announcer for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video and holds an honorary position at NBC Sports. He has been in the sports television business since 1971 and worked at ABC Sports for nearly three decades before joining NBC Sports. Michaels is known for his commentary on NFL games, including ABC’s “Monday Night Football” from 1986 to 2005 and NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” from 2006 to 2021.

He became famous for his iconic call in the “Miracle on Ice” when the U.S. hockey team defeated the Soviet Union at the 1980 Olympics. Michaels is also a member of the National Sportscasters and Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1944, he graduated from Syracuse University in Broadcast Journalism. His broadcasting career began in the early 1970s. Michaels joined ABC Sports in 1976 and became one of their top broadcasters. He called Monday Night Football from 1986 to 2005, along with analysts like John Madden and Cris Collinsworth.

In 2006, he moved to NBC Sports and began hosting “Sunday Night Football.” He worked with John Madden until Madden’s retirement in 2009, and has worked with a number of analysts, including Cris Collinsworth, Tony Dungy and Mike Tirico.

Michaels is known for his smooth and exciting commentary during matches, making the matches more enjoyable for the audience. He also excels at creating memorable calls for big plays. He is a highly respected and admired figure in the sports broadcasting world, and he will likely continue to entertain sports fans for many years to come.


al michaels

birth name

Alan Richard Michaels

date of birth

November 12, 1944 (78 years old)

place of birth

Brooklyn, New York City, USA

alma mater

Arizona State University


sports commentator

Active for several years

1964 to present


Linda Anne Starmaton (m. 1966)



Al Michaels age

Al Michaels was born on November 12, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York. He is 78 years old. He had a distinguished broadcasting career and received many awards for his sports commentary. He won multiple Emmy Awards for his play-by-play work and earned a spot in the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Despite his advanced age, Al Michaels still brings his passion and knowledge to the broadcast room. His unique voice and insightful commentary have made him a cherished figure among sports fans of all ages.

Is Al Michaels married?

Yes, Al Michaels is indeed married. He married Linda Anne Stamaton in 1966 and their marriage lasted more than 50 years. They have two children, Jennifer and Steven.

Their enduring marriage is not only a testament to their love, but also their commitment to philanthropy, as they established the Al Michaels Foundation, which supports educational opportunities for children and contributes to various charitable causes . This enduring partnership set an example for many couples, showing that a long and happy marriage was possible even in the public eye.

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