What Happened to Lauryn in Top Boy? How Did Lauryn Die in Top Boy?

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Top Boy is a British crime television series created and written by Ronan Bennett. The show is set at the fictional Bower Estate in Hackney, London. It revolves around the lives of individuals involved in drug dealing, gang violence and various criminal activities in this urban community. The show initially gained recognition for its realistic depiction of the harsh realities of life in urban London.

The series follows the experiences of two central characters: Dushane, played by Ashley Walters, and Sully, played by Kane Robinson, who are involved in the drug trade and aspire to rise to the top of a criminal syndicate. Their complex and often dangerous journey forms the core of the narrative. “Top Boy” explores themes of crime, power dynamics, loyalty, and the impact of socioeconomic factors on its characters’ lives.

It won a loyal fan base and critical acclaim for its realistic depiction of city life and engaging characters. After an initial run, Top Boy was resurrected and continued its story with support from Canadian rapper Drake, who serves as executive producer.

The series gained international recognition and a wider audience through its partnership with Netflix. The show’s depiction of the challenges and choices faced by its characters makes it a compelling and impactful addition to the crime drama genre.

What happened to Lauryn in Top Boy?

Lauren’s storyline on Top Boy took a tragic turn in season three. Despite having given birth to her children and trying to move on, she continues to struggle with emotional and psychological trauma from her past. In the series, Lauren’s struggle is evident when she receives drugs on her doorstep. This suggests she was struggling with substance abuse.

Her worried sister Jacques tries to support Lauren, encouraging her to adopt healthier habits like practicing yoga and staying away from drugs. There are hopeful moments, too, like when Shelley offers Lauren her old job. However, despite these efforts, Lauren succumbed to her addiction. Unfortunately, she fell asleep in the bathtub after taking drugs and drowned. This devastating turn of events marked the end of Lauren’s role on Top Boy.


Who is Lauren in “Top Boy”?

Lauryn is a character in the popular British crime television series “Top Boy”. She is played by actress Saffron Hawking. Lauren’s story unfolds throughout the show, especially in season three. She plays an important role in the story and is the sister of Jaq, the other protagonist played by Jasmine Jobson. Lauren’s character arc on Top Boy has a rocky past.

In previous seasons, she had an abusive and controlling relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Curtis (played by Howard Charles). Her life takes a dark turn when she becomes pregnant and fears for her safety. This situation leads her to seek help from her sister Jacques.

As the series progresses, Lauren’s character faces significant challenges, including trauma from her past and the struggles of being a new mother. Her character’s journey explores themes of resilience, survival and the impact of trauma in the gritty and intense world depicted in Top Boy.

Top Boy Season 3 Ending Explained

Top Boy Season 3 ends with a series of dramatic and intense events that have a profound impact on protagonists Dushane and Sully. The season begins with Sully acting out and Dushane learning of his actions, leading to a confrontation between the two. Sully pressures Dushane to quit the drug trade in exchange for a large sum of money and plans to take full control of his top man.

However, Sully’s reign is challenged when Irish gangsters Tad and Jonny step in. These ruthless gangsters disrupt Sully’s movements, forcing him to seek help from Duchamp. While the alliance initially seemed beneficial, it led to a violent showdown with Irish gangs. Meanwhile, other characters, like Jaq, who are busy following Sully’s orders and defending her community, are facing their own challenges.

This season features complex relationships, power struggles, and the consequences of past actions. The season finale was marked by significant character development, betrayal, and unexpected twists, leading to a conclusion that left a lasting impact on the series’ narrative.

How does Lauren’s death affect Jacques on Top Boy?

In Topboy Season 3, Lauren’s death has a profound impact on Jacques. Jac was devastated by the loss of his sister, and she and her girlfriend Bex took on the responsibility of caring for Lauren’s newborn child. The tragedy forces Jacques to face the harsh realities of the world they live in, where addiction and violence can have dire consequences.

After Lauren’s death, Jacq’s character undergoes significant growth as she strives to provide a stable and nurturing environment for her nephew. She also faces difficult decisions, including getting involved in the drug trade and pursuing her own path in a turbulent world. Jacques’ experiences in the series reflect the complexity of her character, as she deals with the challenges of her environment while grappling with the emotional fallout from her sister’s untimely death.

How did Lauren die in “Top Boy”?

In the second episode, Lauren tragically drowns from a drug overdose, leaving her sister Jacques heartbroken. But Lauren’s tragic death on “Top Boy” stemmed from her struggles with trauma, addiction and the challenges of motherhood. In the first episode of Season 3, Jac finds her passed out with drugs nearby.

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