We Stand Together Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, We Stand Together Rewards

We stand together on the Avatar Pandora border

Start task

After arriving at Stone Lake in the Upper Plains Stone Castle area, Priya will contact you to initiate the “We Stand Together” side quest. Your goal is to investigate a missing truck carrying RDA defectors.

Investigate the scene

From Stone Lake, head east to where the defectors were last seen escaping in a truck. There, you’ll find four key clues:

  • Shattered Med Kit: Located across from the truck, facing south.

  • Scattered supplies and punctured fuel cans: Found near the truck.

  • Trail: Located to the west.

matching clues

Combine the following clues:

Match the punctured fuel can with the footprints.

Find RDA defectors

Follow the scent trail into the cave where you’ll find the RDA defector. One of them was poisoned. Talk to them.

Assist RDA defectors

After talking to the defectors, they will ask for your help in stopping an ambush near Stone Lake.

take a stand

Move northwest from the cave to the west cliff next to the stone lake. Climb the rocks to a vantage point to safely observe the ambush.

ambush encounter

Once in position, RDA Scorpions will arrive, sending out a patrol of four armored-suited officers and two RDA soldiers. Handle this situation covertly by targeting weak spots on the back of the RDA Armor suit or using SID to deactivate them. Dispatch soldiers with precise headshots. Remain hidden while searching for the attacker.

Collect antivenom

After clearing the scene of RDA, pick up the antivenom they drop. Return to the cave and give it to Levin to complete the “Together We Stand” quest.

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“We Stand Together” Pandora Avatar Frontier Rewards

Sir no



stagger turns


1x RDA roster


clan favor


Pandora’s Avatar Frontier

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier is a new video game set in the Avatar cinematic universe. This is an open world adventure game produced by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. The game was released on December 7, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

It is the second game in the Avatar series, following 2009’s Avatar: The Game. However, when it was released, reviews from critics were mixed. The game lets players explore a vast open world and go on adventures. It’s an action-packed game that allows players to enjoy the Avatar universe in new ways.

Avatar Pandora Frontier gameplay

In Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, players experience the game through the eyes of a Na’vi orphan who was trained by the Resource Development Authority (RDA) and woke up after 15 years in an abandoned facility. The story is related to the movie but can also be enjoyed on its own. The game offers a cooperative multiplayer mode for two players.

Set on the western border of Pandora, an undeveloped area, players must uncover their origins and unite with the local Na’vi tribe to fight against the RDA, aiming to develop natural resources. The vast open world is divided into three areas, each with unique environments, quests, and residents. Players use “Na’vi Sense” to identify weaknesses in objects and enemies, and use RDA and Na’vi weapons in combat.

Progressing in the game unlocks better gear, and players can craft items using collected materials. Hunting animals is possible, but using guns may affect crafting. By defeating the RDA and helping the Na’vi, players can earn “Clan Favor” to acquire rare weapons and crafting materials. Agile player characters can perform acrobatic maneuvers and ride flying creatures for rapid navigation.

“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” trailer

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