Valorant Bulldog Tier List: Discover the Best Skins Ranked from S to D Tier


Valorant is a free-to-play tactical hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games for Windows. It was originally called “Project A” in October 2019, then entered private beta in April 2020, and was subsequently officially released in June 2020. Taking inspiration from the Counter-Strike series, Valorant delivers a team-based first-person shooter experience set in a near-future world.

In Valorant, players choose from a diverse roster of agents, each representing a different country and culture. These agents have unique abilities, including signature moves and ultimate abilities that require charging through a variety of in-game moves. Players are divided into offensive and defensive teams, with each team consisting of five players.

When a round begins, players are equipped with a basic pistol and a few signature ability charges, and they must earn currency throughout the game to purchase weapons and additional ability charges. Valorant offers a variety of guns, each with unique characteristics, including automatic and semi-automatic weapons. The game’s tactical depth, emphasis on strategy, and diverse agents create a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

Valorant Bulldog Tier List Overview

In Valorant, the Bulldog is a versatile semi-automatic rifle that is typically used in half-buy or half-buy rounds. Riot Games has released a variety of Bulldog skins, each with unique aesthetics and functionality. To help players make an informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of Bulldog skin tiers based on a variety of factors, including animation quality, sound effects, finishers, number of variants, and overall player experience.

Bulldog skins are divided into five levels: S level (best), A level, B level, C level and D level (least recommended). Each level contains skins with varying levels of visual appeal and gameplay enhancements. This tier list is intended to guide players in choosing the Bulldog skin that provides the best value for their investment.


“Brave Bulldog” level list

S level:

  • Protocol 781-A Bulldog: Part of the Protocol 781-A bundle, this upgradeable skin offers four variations and superior visuals.
  • Glitchpop Bulldog: Known for its futuristic visuals and finishers, Glitchpop Bulldog is a community favorite and comes in four variants.
  • Spectrum Bulldog: Included in the high-end Spectrum bundle, this skin offers a premium experience.

Grade A:

  • Oni Bulldog: With four styles and a premium design, the Oni Bulldog is a great choice.
  • Undercity Bulldog: Released alongside the Undercity Bundle, this cyberpunk-themed skin offers a unique aesthetic.
  • Radiant Entertainment System Bulldog: The Radiant Entertainment System Bulldog is an expensive skin that stands out from the crowd with three variants.

Grade B:

  • Nunca Olvidados Bulldog: Inspired by the Day of the Dead, this skin comes in two versions (day and night) and is affordable.
  • Noble Bulldog: A simple and stylish design with a hint of gold makes the Noble Bulldog extremely attractive.
  • Glitter Bulldog: Part of the Dimensions Act One battle pass, this Bulldog comes in four vibrant variants.

C level:

  • Polyfox Bulldog: This adorable skin was introduced in the Ignition Act 2 Battle Pass without any variations, but enhances the player experience.
  • Horizon Bulldog: The Horizon Bulldog’s colorful and vibrant design makes it an excellent choice in its price range.
  • Varnish Bulldog: Although simple, the Varnish Bulldog has an elegant brown design that appeals to some players.

Grade D:

  • Runestone Bulldog: Obtained in the Dimension Ops 3 Battle Pass, this non-upgradeable Bulldog lacks visual appeal.
  • No Limits Bulldog: Part of the No-Limits series, this skin does not offer animations and is not recommended.
  • Rush Bulldog: Rush Bulldog is an Ignition Act 1 skin with an abstract design that may not visually appeal to everyone.

These Bulldog skins cater to different player preferences, offering a range of designs, animations, and price points.

“Valorant” gameplay

Valorant provides players with a tactical first-person shooter experience that combines elements of the Counter-Strike series with unique hero abilities. The game has a roster of agents with different skills. Players are divided into offensive and defensive teams, each with five members. Gameplay revolves around strategy, communication, and precision shooting.

At the start of a round, players have their base pistol and signature ability charges. In order to obtain more powerful weapons and additional ability fees, players must earn in-game currency by achieving objectives, securing kills, or winning rounds. Valorant’s weapons include a variety of firearms, each with its own recoil pattern and properties.

Skilled marksmanship and teamwork are crucial to success, as players must coordinate with their team to secure targets and outwit their opponents. The game’s competitive nature, dynamic capabilities, and tactical depth make Valorant a popular choice for casual and professional players alike, providing a challenging and rewarding FPS experience.

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