Valheim Public Test Update 0.217.13 and Gameplay

Valheim open beta update 0.217.13

Introducing Valheim’s latest public beta update 0.217.13, giving you a glimpse into the future of the game, filled with exciting enhancements and refined gameplay. Embark on an adventure to test and explore this new update before it rolls into the default version of the game. While the public beta may come with a hint of instability, it’s your chance to delve into Discovery Fields, find bugs, and fine-tune balance for the ultimate gaming experience.

Update 0.217.13 introduces a series of improvements, including improved Quick Stack functionality that seamlessly combines convenience with visibility. At the touch of a button, the inventory expands gracefully to reveal your actions, then discreetly closes. This update’s thoughtful tweaks will hopefully satisfy players’ desire for efficiency while ensuring your inventory interactions remain clear. In the pursuit of perfection, the Valheim team invites you to join the adventure and contribute your insights to help shape the game’s development and pave the way for the highly anticipated release of Hildir’s Request. So gather up your courage, gather your friends, embrace the magic of Valheim Open Beta Update 0.217.13, and leave your mark on a world that’s about to become great.

Valheim Open Beta Update 0.217.13 Patch Notes

Fixes and improvements:

  • Added the “quick stack all” hotkey again by holding down the use key while opening the chest (the chest will now open so you can see what’s moving, then close if you continue to hold the key)
  • Increased the probability of the Star Talisman Fuling being generated in the sealed tower.
  • Fixed R stick shortcut for “Stack All” button when browsing player inventory
  • Fixed “Unable to add component to terrain” error populating player.log
  • Accurate placement of builds changed to only show up when Ctrl is held down
  • Fix exception thrown when compressing world modifier data using unmodified presets



Valheim is an engaging sandbox and survival video game developed by the renowned Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. Its captivating gameplay is matched by composer Patrik Jarlestam’s musical prowess, and the Unity engine brings its immersive world to life. “Valheim” was released in Early Access via Steam for Linux and Windows on February 2, 2021, and expanded its horizons to the Xbox community on March 14, 2023, covering Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

The game’s genesis can be traced back to the passion project of Richard Svensson, who, along with a dedicated team of five, transformed his spare time efforts into an exceptional gaming experience. Hall of Valor’s journey from Early Access to its current state has earned it critical acclaim, and is hailed as a shining example of polished Early Access gaming. After its initial release, the game quickly soared to astonishing heights, selling over 5 million copies within a month and becoming one of the most popular games on Steam.

Valheim gameplay

Valheim’s gameplay blends survival, exploration, and combat, inviting players to embrace their inner Viking spirit as they create, fight, and conquer their way to victory.

Embark on an epic Viking adventure

  • Fallen Viking: Take on the role of a fallen Viking warrior, crafting tools, building shelters and fighting enemies to ensure your survival.
  • Dynamic Third-Person Perspective: Experience an enchanting open world through a dynamic third-person perspective, immersing yourself in stunning landscapes and challenging environments.

Aesthetic wonder and thrilling combat

  • Unique Visuals: Valheim’s unique visual style uses low-resolution stylized 3D graphics to create an atmospheric and visually appealing game world.
  • Action-Inspired Combat: Engage your opponents with an action game-influenced combat system that offers an exciting blend of strategy and skill.

Unlimited cooperation and unlimited challenges

  • Co-op Game: Team up with friends in co-op multiplayer mode for up to 10 players to overcome the challenges of the Viking Kingdom.
  • Optional PvP: For those looking for an extra thrill, Valheim offers optional player-versus-player (PvP) interaction, adding an extra layer of challenge and competition.

survival necessities

Resource collection and production mastery

  • Procedurally Generated Worlds: Create a unique world from a map seed, each composed of different biomes such as grasslands, swamps, mountains, and oceans, each with its own set of challenges.
  • Biome-Specific Survival: Travel through different biomes, each with unique enemies, resources, and bosses that influence your survival strategy.
  • Resource Gathering: Collect essential resources needed to craft tools, build shelters, and forge powerful weapons through gathering, hunting, mining, and farming.
  • Consumable Food System: Manage your health and stamina by consuming a variety of foods, which not only restore important attributes but also provide temporary enhancements based on the quality of the food.

Skill advancement and boss conquest

  • Skill Level System: Improve your abilities through a skill level system from blocking to running, each skill level affects specific game mechanics.
  • POWERFUL BOSSES: Challenge yourself by taking on six powerful bosses strategically located across different biomes. Each boss is summoned by providing a specific item on the altar.
  • Trophies and Power-ups: Defeat bosses to earn collectible trophies and obtain unique power-ups to enhance your abilities. Use these power-ups strategically and have short cooldowns.

Diverse armory and exploration

  • Combat Diversity: Fight with an array of weapons, including one- and two-handed, shields, bows, and spears.
  • Biome Exploration: Travel through an enchanting world on foot, or take to the sea in an elaborate vessel, from a basic raft to a complex Viking longship.

Valheim trailer

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