Top Boy Season 3 Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, Review, and More

Top Boy Season 3 Ending Explained

In the Season 3 finale of Top Boy, the story reaches a dramatic climax. After years of turmoil and fierce struggle, the fate of Dushane and Sully came into focus.

Facing increasing pressure and threats, Duchamp attempted bold actions to secure his future. In a chaotic neighborhood engulfed by riots, he intercepts a key drop-off with the goal of retrieving stolen drugs and evading authorities. However, the mission takes a tragic turn when a confrontation with Jaques, the key figure in this high-stakes game, leads to a desperate struggle over the fence. In a heartbreaking exchange, Sully reflects deeply on their cruel world.

Meanwhile, Sully is battling his own adversaries and dealing with the dangerous consequences of a deadly conflict. As tensions rise, Stefan seeks revenge for past wrongs and develops a hatred for Sully. At a critical moment, Stefan must make a life-changing decision. Eventually, an unexpected event shatters the fragile peace, leaving Sully’s fate hanging in the balance.

The gripping conclusion leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, raising questions about survival and the unforgiving nature of the world. The story of Top Boy Season 3 culminates in a shocking and emotional finale, marking the end of the long and intense journey of these complex characters.

Top Boy Season 3 Plot

The first season of the revival takes place six years after the original series. Duchamp had been living in Jamaica, working in his cousin’s car rental shop. He strikes a deal with imprisoned drug lord Sugar and returns to London to sell Sugar’s products, regaining his status as a top boy with the help of Dries and Jacques, who run the summer villa while Duchamp is away. However, a new crew led by ruthless Jamie from London Fields opposes Dushane’s return.

During Duchamp’s absence, London became more gentrified and the cost of living increased. He also discovers that his ailing mother is now in the care of Shelley, a young caregiver and single mother who has developed a strong bond with Duchamp. Sully was jailed along with rival gang leader Modi, from London Fields.

The argument escalated to Sully throwing scalding sugar water in Modi’s face. Modi seeks revenge on Sully after escaping from prison with the help of Sully’s cousin Jermaine. After Sully was released, he teamed up with Duchamp and the two began selling in Ramsgate. However, after a tragic incident, Sully reluctantly reunites with Duchamp. Meanwhile, Driss, who suffered a stroke, faces challenges upon Duchamp’s return.

Jamie, who needs to support his younger brother after his parents die, teams up with upper-class Irish drug suppliers Lizzie and her husband Geoffrey. His quest for power and a conflict with Duchamp’s crew at the summer house leads to a plot where police discover weapons and drugs in Jamie’s apartment, leading to his imprisonment, orchestrated by Duchamp.


Top Boy Season 3 Trailer

Top Boy Season 3 Cast



Ashley Walters

Dushan Mountain

Kane Robinson

Gerald “Sully” Sullivan

Giacomo Mancini

Jamel “Gem” Mustafa


Dries Wright

Michael Ward

Jamie Towell

Molly Jobson

Jacqueline “Jak” Lawrence

Simbi Ajikwo


Hope Ipaku Jr.

Aaron Tovill

Alaloin Osunremi

Stefan Tovel

Chef Qingyong

Atika “ATS” Aiti

Jolade Obasola

Amma Aiti

Khadim Ramsey


Lisa Duwan


Saffron Hawking

Lawrence Lawrence

Top Boy Season 3 Review

The gripping British crime drama Top Boy ends its 12-year run with its third season. Backed by rapper Drake, the show realistically depicts the struggles of Dushane and Sully as they rise through the ranks of the drug trade. It highlights the stark reality of young people trapped in crime, violence and limited opportunities.

Season three explores the aftermath of Jamie’s death, highlighting the dangerous nature of their criminal lives. Jamie’s brother Stefan depicts the impact of gang culture on young minds. This season takes a deep dive into summer home communities, tackling issues like evictions and gentrification.

The show remains rooted in East London and evokes nostalgia. Key storylines include Mandy’s transformation and Jaq’s vulnerability. Ashley Walters and Kano Robinson give stellar performances that bring new layers to their characters.

In its final episodes, Top Boy has progressed and left a lasting impression. The series ends this chapter while acknowledging the enduring cycle of crime. It’s a compelling portrayal of harsh reality, making it an unforgettable and impactful show.

top boy

Top Boy is a British television show that tells the story of people involved in drug trafficking in a London neighborhood called Summerhouse. The play mainly tells the story of two drug dealers, Dushane and Sully, and others in their drug dealing and gang world.

The show has a total of 26 episodes divided into four seasons. The first two seasons aired on Channel 4 in 2011 and 2013 respectively. After a hiatus, the show is back with the help of Canadian rapper Drake and his team. They worked with the original cast and crew to produce two additional seasons, which will premiere on Netflix in 2019 and 2022.

“Top Boy” was praised by critics for its performances, camerawork, realistic depictions, writing and music. It compares favorably to other crime dramas like The Wire, Snowfall and Thrones. It even received awards and nominations at the British Academy Television Awards for music, directing and casting.

In March 2022, it was announced that a fifth and final season would be produced and will air on September 7, 2023. The final season is also produced by Netflix.The show’s success made it an important part of British television

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