The Wrath of Becky 2023 Movie Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, Review, and More

Becky’s Fury 2023 movie

Becky’s Fury, released in 2023, is an American action thriller film directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. Matt Angel also wrote the script, drawing inspiration from a story he co-wrote with Suzanne Coote. The film is a sequel to the 2020 film “Becky,” starring the talented Lulu Wilson and Seann William Scott as the eponymous character Becky. .

The film debuted at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival on March 11, 2023, and is likely to have created buzz and anticipation among movie buffs. The film will then be released in the United States on May 26, 2023, providing audiences with the opportunity to delve into a thrilling cinematic experience.

Importantly, Becky’s Fury received positive reviews, a testament to its compelling storytelling, action sequences, and performances. This positive response demonstrates the film’s success in engaging audiences and maintaining the intrigue established by its predecessor, “Becky.” As such, it’s likely to have attracted a loyal following of fans eager to explore the continuation of Becky’s journey in this action-packed sequel.

Becky’s Fury 2023 Movie Ending Explained

In a dramatic finale, Becky manages to break free and Daryl needs to recover after defending himself with a mace. When Daryl Sr. tries to hurt Diego, she quickly and accurately throws a knife into his forehead.

The chase continues into the forest, where Becky cleverly lures young Daryl into an animal trap, ultimately ending his life. After retrieving the key, Becky returns to the cabin to find old Daryl miraculously alive. However, his goal was hampered by a head injury suffered by Becky earlier. Becky seizes the opportunity and orders Diego to send out Daryl Sr., ending the threat.

Twenty-four hours later, CIA agent Kate Montana interviews Becky about her courageous act of dismantling Noble’s cell and the precious thumb drive. An invitation to Becky to join the CIA is extended and accepted, raising the question of what secrets her mysterious key holds.

Meanwhile, DJ tries to continue his journey after his truck breaks down. Unexpectedly, Becky, wearing a black suit, arrives in an official law enforcement vehicle and delivers a decisive blow with a rocket launcher, destroying DJ and his truck.


Becky’s Fury 2023 movie cast



Lulu Wilson


Sean William Scott

little darryl

Dennis Burse


Jill Larson

old daryl

Michael Sirro


Aaron Dara Vera


Matt Angel


Courtney Gain


Parker Williams


Alison Simmit


Derek Gaines


John Hickman


Kate Siegel

montana state agent

Zoe Morris


Becky’s Fury 2023 movie plot

Three years after her father was murdered by neo-Nazis, 16-year-old Becky moved out of foster care and lived in isolation. She eventually meets the kind-hearted Elena. One day, she clashed with an aristocratic male extremist at work, leading to tragedy. They kidnapped her dog, Diego, and knocked her unconscious. Becky vows revenge.

Becky investigates members Daryl and Anthony, members of the Noble Men, to uncover their dangerous plans. She also stole a secret thumb drive. She mocks the men, lures Anthony into a deadly trap, and reveals Elena’s murder. Another member, DJ, ran away.

Becky confronts Daryl and Twigg, killing Twigg, but is captured by Daryl. Becky escapes, fights off Daryl Sr., and retrieves her key. CIA agent Kate recruits Becky and hints at the secret of the key. DJ tries to escape, but Becky, now a police officer, blows him up with a rocket launcher.

Becky’s Fury Review

“Becky’s Fury” seems to be a film that has captured the interest of audiences and critics alike. With a running time of just over an hour and twenty minutes, it promises a concise and engaging experience. The film received positive reviews from critics. audiences, and the impressively high ratings indicate strong approval from critics, who often scrutinize films more carefully.

It expresses high praise and admiration for a film’s storytelling, action scenes, or performances. While the film’s exact plot and details may vary, these ratings and reviews hint at a thrilling, engrossing cinematic experience that resonated with many who saw it.

Where to watch Becky’s Fury 2023 movie?

“Becky’s Fury”. “If you subscribe to Showtime or Paramount Plus, you can watch the film for free as part of your subscription. If you don’t subscribe to those services, you can rent the movie on platforms like Amazon, Prime Video or Vudu, where you can watch it for a limited time Watch.

Or, if you really love the movie and want to add it to your collection, you can buy it on Amazon Prime Video or Vudu so you can watch it forever. So whether you prefer to stream, rent or own your own movies, there’s an option to suit your viewing preferences.

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