The Outer Worlds Walkthrough, Guide, Gameplay and More

The Outer Worlds Walkthrough 

Stranger in a Strange Land

  • Phineas Welles awakens you and explains the situation.
  • Head to meet Hawthorne on the planet.
  • Your pod crashes into Hawthorne, who dies.
  • Phineas suggests getting Hawthorne’s ship.
  • Follow waypoints to get accustomed to the controls.
  • Encounter Guard Pelham, assist with Medical skill if possible.
  • Receive a gun and destroy barrels as instructed.
  • Confront marauders, eliminate them, and loot.
  • Continue through the area.
  • Meet Lieutenant Mercer, handle the situation based on skills.
  • Clear the way, ADA explains a damaged power regulator.
  • Receive an ID card and a task to find a replacement.
  • Decide Mercer encounter, head to Edgewater, and talk to Silas.
  • Get your first side quest.
  • Explore Edgewater, visit Saltuna Cannery.
  • Meet Reed Tobson, learn about the power regulator and the need to divert power for the next quest, “Comes Now the Power.”

Comes Now the Power

  • Your first objective is to speak with Reed Tobson, the leader of Edgewater. He’s the one who will give you the details of the power problem and what needs to be done.
  • Reed Tobson suggests that you divert power from the Botanical Labs to Edgewater. To do this, you’ll need to head to the labs and make a crucial decision.
  • Your next step is to travel to the Botanical Labs and meet Adelaide McDevitt, who leads a group of deserters living there. She has her own proposal for the power regulator.
  • Now comes the pivotal moment. You must decide whether to support Reed Tobson in Edgewater or Adelaide McDevitt in the Botanical Labs. This decision will affect the fate of both locations.
  • Depending on your choice, you’ll need to either retrieve the power regulator from Edgewater or the Geothermal Plant.
  • After acquiring the power regulator, return to your ship with this vital component.
  • Finally, install the power regulator in your ship’s engine to continue your journey across The Outer Worlds.

Passage to Anywhere

  • Upon reaching orbit, Phineas contacts you, explaining that Halcyon is in trouble, and the Hope’s colonists can help overthrow the Board. However, you must acquire chemicals from Stellar Bay, which necessitates obtaining a NavKey.
  • To get a NavKey, you must visit Gladys on Groundbreaker. She asks for 10,000 bits for the key. If you don’t have enough money, Gladys suggests an alternative: investigate a distress signal on Terra-2. Your ship remains impounded until you resolve matters with Udom Bedford, the Halcyon Board representative.
  • Converse with Udom in the Halcyon building. He initially mistakes you for Alex and discusses Alex’s fate. After this conversation, Udom releases your ship. At this point, you can also inform Udom about Phineas, starting a new main quest, “Balance Due.”
  • There are three methods to obtain a NavKey to Monarch: Accumulate 10,000 bits,Complete the side quest “The Distress Signal” and associated quests in Roseway and Progress in Halcyon’s Questline until you reach Signal Point in Space.
  • You can choose to follow Phineas’ or Halcyon’s questlines, or switch between them as you see fit. The decision is yours.

Radio Free Monarch

  • Upon landing at Stellar Bay, you’ll meet Grimm, who shares some valuable information about the colony. It becomes clear that Stellar Bay isn’t as it seems.
  • You’re tasked with hiring Nyoka, a hunter, to assist you on Monarch. However, she’s too drunk to help, so you need to obtain medicine from the dispensary, which involves completing the side quest “Passion Pills.”
  • After securing the necessary medicine, give it to Nyoka to sober her up. She agrees to guide you to Devil’s Peak, where the information broker is located.
  • Before heading to Devil’s Peak, consider taking on side quests to explore Monarch more thoroughly.
  • As you approach Devil’s Peak, you’ll have two routes: through a cavern near the river or climbing the mountain itself. The cavern is recommended for its ease, and defeating a Mantiqueen there can provide additional firepower.
  • Upon reaching the station near Devil’s Peak, you’ll be stopped by Joy, who informs you that marauders have taken over. You can try to convince the C3 campsite boss to help retake the station.
  • If you saved Berthold earlier, he’ll assist in clearing out the marauders inside the station. Joy will help eliminate marauders outside.
  • To enter the station, locate a side door to the right of the main entrance.
  • The station is filled with marauders. Eliminate them to secure the area. Hiram will inform you about the need to stop MSI and Iconoclasts’ transmissions.
  • To halt MSI’s transmissions, complete the side quests “BOLT with His Name” and “Errors Unseen” from Sanjar Nandi. To stop the Iconoclasts’ transmissions, complete the side quests “The Commuter” and “Pay for the Printer” from Graham. After completing these quests, return to Hiram.
  • The broker can now send information to Phineas, but Hiram needs you to jumpstart the antenna.
  • After transmitting the information, a spaceship crashes, leading to conflict between the Monarch factions. You can engage in the side quest “Canid’s Cradle” or proceed with the main story by heading to Phineas’ Lab to speak with him.

The City and The Stars

  • The City and The Stars,is the final quest in Phineas’ Questline leads you to Byzantium.
  • Meet Carmen, Phineas’ contact, who informs you about Minister Clarke and the chemical dimethyl sulfoxide.
  • Gather information about Clarke by talking to a drunk guard in a bar.
  • Obtain a key from the guard to enter Clarke’s manor or break in without it.
  • Discover that Clarke doesn’t possess the chemicals and directs you to the Chairman’s office in the HHC building.
  • Use the Maintenance Tunnels or fast travel if progressing through Halcyon’s Questline to reach the Chairman’s office.
  • Print a keycard, find that the chemicals are at the Ministry of Accuracy and Morale, and navigate the restricted area.
  • Acquire an ID card to safely enter the lab and withdraw the chemicals, making a choice that affects the subjects being tested on.
  • Return to Phineas’ Lab with the chemicals, where Phineas expresses concerns about the Board’s plans for the Hope’s frozen residents.

Balance Due

  • Balance Due is the first quest in Halcyon’s Questline.
  • Talk to Udom after resolving the ship impound issue to agree to turn in Phineas.
  • Discover that Udom sold his board seal to Gladys for extra cash.
  • Head to Rest-n-Go to purchase the badge for 8,000 bits from Gladys.
  • If you lack the funds, you can complete Passage to Anywhere or Side Quests to gather the required amount.
  • Return to Udom and give him the seal, allowing him to sign the paperwork.
  • Receive a NavKey to Byzantium, initiating the next quest, “The Puppet Masters.”

The Puppet Masters

  • The Puppet Masters is a quest in Halcyon’s Questline.
  • After signing the paperwork with Udom, travel to Byzantium on Terra-2 using the Unreliable.
  • Pass through security and meet Platt, informing him of your papers from Udom Bedford.
  • Platt will introduce you to Adjutant Sophia, a high-ranking Board member.
  • Sophia assigns you a task to eliminate Rachel Lockwood and retrieve sensitive documents, which initiates the next quest, “The Demolished Woman.”

The Demolished Woman

  • The Demolished Woman is a part of Halcyon’s Questline.
  • Explore Byzantium and complete Side Quests if desired.
  • Visit the Bureau of Exploration and talk to Sherman Bradshaw to learn about Rachel Lockwood’s disappearance.
  • Access Rachel’s office by either hacking the door (Hacking level 45 required) or obtaining the key from Sherman.
  • Collect documents from Rachel’s desk and read her terminal messages to discover her hiding in the tunnels.
  • Descend to the nearby tunnels and locate Rachel, where you have the option to spare or kill her.
  • Inform Adjutant Sophia of Rachel’s fate, leading to the next quest, “Long Distance,” based on your choice.

Long Distance

  • Long Distance is part of Halcyon’s Questline.
  • Your objective is to go to Phineas Welles’ lab and send a tracking beacon from his terminal to allow the Board to track him.
  • You have the option to inform Phineas about the Board’s plans and choose whether to send a normal or corrupted signal.
  • Your choice does not impact the quest’s outcome.
  • Return to Byzantium and speak with Sophia.
  • She commends your efforts and tasks you with dealing with anti-Board propaganda on Monarch.
  • Receive your reward from Percival and start the next quest, “Signal Point in Space.”

Signal Point in Space

  • Signal Point in Space is part of Halcyon’s Questline.
  • Sophia asks you to stop anti-Board broadcasts on Monarch.
  • Get a Monarch NavKey from Percival and land at Stellar Bay.
  • Speak with Grimm for information about Stellar Bay.
  • Visit the bar to meet Everett Gill, who suggests finding Nyoka.
  • Sober up Nyoka by completing the “Passion Pills” side quest.
  • Return to Nyoka, who will guide you to Devil’s Peak.
  • Consider doing Monarch’s Side Quests before moving on.
  • Choose a route to Devil’s Peak, either through a cavern or over the mountain.
  • Meet Joy, who tells you that marauders have taken over a nearby station.
  • Decide to either enlist the C3 crew’s help or find another way into the station.
  • If you saved Berthold, he can assist you in entering.
  • Clear the station of marauders with the Broker’s aid and unlock the elevators.
  • Hiram asks you to halt MSI’s and Iconoclast’s transmissions to clear the airwaves.
  • Finish the Side Quests “BOLT with His Name,” “Errors Unseen,” “The Commuter,” and “Pay for the Printer.”
  • Report back to Hiram after completing these tasks.
  • Activate the antenna and resolve the conflict between Monarch factions.
  • Optionally, complete the Side Quest “Canid’s Cradle.”
  • Persuade Hiram to use the airwaves for the Board’s benefit.
  • Return to Byzantium and report to Sophia to finish the quest.


  • “Foundation” is the final quest in Halcyon’s Questline.
  • Sophia reveals the colony’s resource crisis and suggests eliminating Edgewater.
  • You don’t need to do it yourself; Sophia provides automechanicals to do the job.
  • Travel to the Geothermal Plant in the Emerald Vale.
  • Captain Horgoth may try to stop you, but tell him you’re following Sophia’s orders to proceed.
  • Use the automechanical terminal to run the termination protocol.
  • Completing this process will automatically fail any Side Quests in Edgewater.
  • Eliminate the automechanicals, then return to Sophia to report your actions.
  • Start the next Main Quest, “Kept Secret But Not Forgotten,” to begin the game’s conclusion.

Kept Secret But Not Forgotten

  • “Kept Secret But Not Forgotten” is a crucial Main Story quest in The Outer Worlds.
  • This quest initiates the game’s Conclusion and involves choosing between siding with Phineas or Halcyon.
  • Your first task is to travel to The Hope and prepare for the skip to your chosen location.
  • You must provide ADA access to the Hope’s Communications system and reroute power from the Unreliable to the Hope’s auxiliary power supply.
  • You can either reroute the power first, which will activate hostile robots, or find alternative ways to proceed using disguises, IDs, or by disabling the robots.
  • Locate the communications system and establish a connection between ADA and the central computing system.
  • Proceed to the Hope’s Bridge and use the terminal to initiate the jump.
  • Do not input the calculations yourself; allow ADA to handle this task.
  • The Hope will successfully skip to your chosen location, either Tartarus or Terra-2, triggering the final Main Quest, “Brave New World.”

Brave New World 

  • “Brave New World” is the final quest in The Outer Worlds if you sided with Phineas.
  • Phineas starts a prison riot on Tartarus, and you need to deal with the situation.
  • Discuss your decisions with your crew before heading to Tartarus.
  • Complete any remaining quests because this is the point of no return.
  • Prepare your gear and assemble your team.
  • On Tartarus, you can use a guard’s ID to sneak into the prison or confront guards.
  • Navigate through the prison to reach The Pit, where you can stock up on supplies.
  • Proceed through The Pit, either avoiding combat or engaging as needed.
  • A prison riot involving MSI and prisoners may occur in the middle level.
  • You can choose to talk to the Chairman or eliminate him.
  • Continue to the elevator, reaching Sophia at the top.
  • Battle the Mechanical Warden, R.A.M., targeting its energy supply.
  • Defeat R.A.M., grab the keycard, and proceed upstairs.
  • Confront and eliminate Sophia, then rescue Phineas.
  • With this mission complete, Halcyon is free from corporate oppression, concluding The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Guide

Here is a guide for the quests in The Outer Worlds and how to unlock them.

Quest Name

How to unlock the quests?

Stranger in a Strange Land

Comes Now the Power

Speak to Tobson in Edgewater

Passage to Anywhere

Complete “Stranger in a Strange Land”

Radio Free Monarch

Complete “Passage to Anywhere”

The City and The Stars

Complete “Radio Free Monarch”

Balance Due

Talk to Udom about turning in Phineas on Groundbreaker

The Puppet Masters

Complete “Balance Due”

The Demolished Woman

Complete “The Puppet Masters”

Long Distance

Complete “The Demolished Woman”

Signal Point in Space

Complete “Long Distance”


Complete “Signal Point in Space”

Kept Secret But Not Forgotten

Complete either “The City and the Stars” or “Foundation” 

Brave New World (Phineas)

Choose to skip the Hope to Terra-2

Brave New World (Halcyon)

Choose to skip the Hope to Tartarus


The Outer Worlds Gameplay 

In The Outer Worlds, players step into an action-packed, first-person role-playing experience set in a vibrant, interstellar universe. Here’s a breakdown of the gameplay elements:

Character Creation and Ship Hub:

  • Players begin by creating their character and gaining control of a personal ship, which acts as the central hub for the game.
  • The ship serves as a fast travel point and provides inventory storage.
  • While players can’t directly control the ship, it plays a crucial role in the game’s exploration and progression.

Companion System:

  • Players can encounter and recruit non-player characters (NPCs) as companions, each with their own personal missions and stories.
  • These companions assist the player in combat and have unique skills and special attacks.
  • Companions can develop their skills and specialize in specific areas.
  • Up to two companions can accompany the player while others remain on the ship, creating diverse party dynamics.

Branching Narrative:

  • Players make dialogue decisions that significantly impact the game’s branching story.
  • Choices range from heroic to maniacal, affecting relationships, quests, and outcomes.

Combat and Weaponry:

  • Combat offers a variety of weapon types, including melee and firearms.
  • Weapons feature three ammo types: light, heavy, and energy, with customization options for elemental damage.
  • Players can use stealth or social skills (persuasion, lying, intimidation) to avoid combat situations.
  • Experience points are earned as players progress, allowing character and companion leveling.
  • Technical skills, such as Science, Medical, and Engineering, provide advantages and unlock new combat-oriented perks.

Tactical Time Dilation:

  • Players can enter a “Tactical Time Dilation” state, slowing down time and revealing opponents’ health statistics for tactical advantages.

Flaws and Perks:

  • Players can gain “flaws” by repeatedly failing certain gameplay segments, which come with drawbacks but also offer unique perks and advantages.
  • Leading companions can improve their combat effectiveness and resilience over time.

The Outer Worlds combines immersive storytelling, dynamic combat, and character progression in a vast and engaging science fiction world, offering players the freedom to shape their own adventure through choices and actions.

The Outer Worlds

“The Outer Worlds,” a 2019 action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division, captivated players with its rich storytelling and satirical take on corporate culture. Initially released for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One, it gained critical acclaim and sold over four million units by August 2021. A sequel, “The Outer Worlds 2,” was announced in June 2021, promising to continue the franchise’s legacy of immersive spacefaring adventures.

“The Outer Worlds” was initially released on October 25, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. The game quickly gained attention for its unique take on the action role playing genre and its satirical exploration of corporate culture and science fiction. It offered players an engaging narrative experience set in a dystopian, alternate future where megacorporations rule the galaxy.

Later, on June 5, 2020, the game became available on Nintendo Switch, allowing a broader audience to explore the intricacies of the Halcyon colony. “The Outer Worlds” continued to receive positive reviews and recognition for its storytelling and gameplay mechanics, solidifying its place as a notable entry in the RPG genre.

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