The Minecraft Legends Update 1.09 Patch Notes

The Minecraft Legends Update 1.09 

Today, Blackbird Interactive has unveiled the latest Minecraft Legends update, numbered 1.09 for the PS5 (also referred to as version 1.009). This significant release, known as the August Update, introduces a wide array of improvements that are bound to enhance your gaming experience. To get a comprehensive understanding of what’s in store, delve into the official patch notes for the Minecraft Legends August 16 update.

The Minecraft Legends Update 1.09 Patch Notes

The August update is now available for Minecraft Legends. In order to make it more accessible to the community, this update brings a lot of improvements in the game. Let’s look at the highlights and briefly look at them:

  • Communication with PvP is improved.
  • Custom game choices for Campaign and PvP.
  • Refund mobs at the spawners.
  • Changed campaign prologue flows to form a new set of experiments.
  • Banners were re-introduced View experience.
  • Several other improvements in the quality of life exist to be incorporated.

New things to offer and new things to do: PVP Communication Tools.

  • Markers for the World Map of the Year have been updated.

    The kinds of world map markers available have been expanded to a more descriptive communication.

    • On the map screen, you might take two or four different types of markers to choose from.
      • Call: Give an attack to the Orange Base.
      • Defend (eg, let’s defend at the Blue Base)!
      • Gather (so it’s that way; let’s sit here in the river.
      • If a Default is the case (either the PLAYER NAME has pinged the swamp biome).
    • The map marker messages will be displayed in the chat log so you can attract your team attention.
  • Added Structures to old structures.

    The new UI feature added by the hot bar to the bar when putting a structure which allows players to communicate a certain number of important phrases. A player is capable of getting the job done.

    • Say they intend to build the selected structure.
    • Ask a teammate to build the chosen structure.
    • Quickly say yes or no.
  • Lobby Roles

    Players who wish to play in certain styles can now choose among several presets to convey this intent to their fellow team members. Selection a position doesn’t affect gameplay. However, if it is a good way to tell your team what you intend to do in the upcoming match, this is a big decision.

    • Builder: Focused on building and defending your house’s foundation.
    • Explorer: Scouting, gathering resources for your team, and providing information for the enemy team.
    • Fighting: The enemy is focused on scathing combat.
    • Piglin Hunter: Focused on bringing Prismarine into Piglin’s bases.
    • Flexible (Default): Flexible roles that have no specific goal in mind.

Game choices are custom-made:

  • We added Custom Campaign and Custom Versus modes to allow player more control over their game experience.
  • New modes provide you with the ability to adapt different kinds of settings that can make changes to the game. If you can play, you can sand box games.
  • When you choose a custom campaign, you will skip the tutorial and the prologue so you can begin early in the main campaign when the piglin invasion is complete. If you don’t like what you’ve chosen, some settings can be changed by saves. The only exception is settings which must be set when the world is created, such as size or starting resources.
  • Online games are available. Invite your friends and craft your ideal match.
  • A quick breakdown of the different conditions.
    • We change the total size of the world, the number of rare resource veins, and a bonus set like gravity, knockback, and fall damage.
    • Resources The number of resources you start with, the number of resources you will find you need. Include a reward challenging option which consists of losing some % of the material during the game.
    • Players Change their character’s health and damage or give them bonus like any other thing: Speed, jump, or invulnerability.
    • Player-Tools Change your condition, damage and construction speed. You can unlock all the songs for use, or even limit some melodies to being used in a game (e.g. no creepers, no redstone launchers etc.).
    • Piglins affect the damage to the species’s unit and structure & its damage.
  • This is a method of experimentation, since there are lots of combinations, so we don’t have the ability to test every one, so there’ll probably be unexpected results.
  • We plan to make more custom settings in the future for further customization and experimentation. We hope you enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what unique worlds you are building!

Go to the taxi?

  • A new gameplay option has been added to help mobs immediately follow the player after being spawned.
  • This feature can be enabled in the control and keyboard/mouse settings screen by turning on Auto luring.


  • You can refund the lured mobs in any player’s way.
  • This gives players the ability to remove a lot of mobs from their spawned army, and then replace them with a bunch of other mobs. The value of the spawned mob will be refunded directly into the player’s resource.
  • Mobs player finds around the world can’t be refunded.

Structured health care procedures:

  • Banner view, and piglin structure, health bars are now visible.
    • Only structures that are in the range of Banner View can be seen with health bars.
    • The last game update makes the enemy structure health visible, but now your own structures are also showing health bars and bars.
  • Piglin sabbatical bars are now visible when using the Redstone Launcher.
    • Only structures that can be found in the Redstone Launcher will be able to have health bars visible.
  • Piglin structures hit by the player’s sword are going to display their health bar for a short time.
  • The most recent Piglin structure, built in range of players damaged by players mobs, will be available for a short time.
    • If player mobs actively attack two structures, the player who is closest to will be exhibited his health bar.


  • It becomes possible for you to pet animals by pressing the Pet Animal button when you are with them. We added new animations to the animals to show how much they appreciate it.

General Game Improvements: Molecular pathfinding:

  • Moved mobs around ledges and cliffs by improved behavior so that they don’t get lost or fall.
  • Mobs can no longer forcibly or accidentally push each other off ledges.
  • They’ll follow the player down jumps within mob fall height.

The Crooked Garden Association (Granseats of Canada) was given a lot of attention.

  • Creepers detonate more reliably on their assigned target on orders given by the player.

I want to regain a greater sense of value.

  • Rare resources are now burning up and becoming more common; so it’s easy to spot them when moving in the world, but with no movement around them.
  • Improved map legend to accurately tell the map legend a more accurate word of mouth about which resources can be found in that biome.

Player Empowerment Improvement:

  • Reduced fall damage.
    • Players, their mounts, and their mobs roll for a wide distance before falling. This results in fewer frustrating fall-related deaths.
  • Speedy Mason
    • The Stone Mason has lowered the time gap between the buildings being upgraded.
    • Structures don’t run faster; however, the time between the buildings finishing the upgrading and the next starts has been reduced, resulting in problems that occur when an inverted structure leaves the elevator.
    • That’s further decreased with the re-additional Well of Fate mason upgrade.

Combat armed with weaponry:

  • The effectiveness of starvation and piglin units has been upgraded. These changes were made to make the unit more unique and effective on the battlefield and to highlight the differences between the two unites more clearly.
  • Players now find that individual golems have unique roles on the battlefield, and players must be more careful as to pick the right mob to counter specific piglin units or structures.

Banners are seen, too.

  • Banners.
    • The banner view visuals were updated to provide a more accurate representation of where the players are going when they receive the banner view order.
    • Ive sahveef in s.r.e. s.r.l. that they can easily get to the anticipated destination.
  • Path presentation
    • Presentations on the banner view have completely been changed.
    • The rectangle path can be enlarged as you view your banner. This change is intended to better agree with the mobs pathfinding reality.
    • The navigateable rectangle regains its position in fast-real time, enabling the ability to find out where mobs are going to ultimately end up with the order. The independent targeting reticle maintains the stance of narrow mobs, with the same effect as the scale of large mobs in the distance.
    • When either Charge or Focus Target is activated, confirmation dotted lines and arrows appear quickly before fading out those showing the projected path the mobs will navigate.
    • Blue flags which were placed at the end of the banner view has been removed for greater visibility in the image.


  • Now three new awards are given to players at the end of the match: one for the new player : the three of the more significant awards he had given for the new winner: the re-emergence of the new apocalypse: the first two for his new apocalypse, the second for the new apocalypse.
    • Prismarine Pillager

      Awarded to the player who collected the most Prismarines on the road.

    • Fantastic Fortifier

      Awarded to the player who built the most walls, this player won the prize.

    • Runts Worst Nightmare, Goh.

      The player who defeated the most piglins received award.

Changes in user interfaces:

  • Menus andamp; Flows:
    • A new welcome message appear at the start of the day when you log in after applying a patch.
    • New menus and options for a custom game created in a campaign and instead of in mode.
    • The Lost Legends tab has been greatly improved. Players can see the latest monthly legend and reward, as well as a list of discarded, forgotten legends.
  • HUD:
    • Improved visibility of the icons on the compass.

Other repairs and improvements:

  • A message appears now when players approach the structure limit (MCLG-288).
  • Fixed village chests often missing in some villages (MCLG-52).
  • Allays no longer have trouble building steep ramps (MCLG-361).

Prologue improvements: Reworked Prologue flows:

  • We increased the length of the prologue to almost half the time it used to be by removing repetitive beats and unnecessary travel. It’s faster and more action-packed.
    • At the village of Poul, there is no other way that the player can go fast and fight the piglins in the prologue.
    • The player’s strengths and weaknesses are better compared to the whole piglin unit.
  • Most of the time people talk in the Prologue. These translations will be added soon in the next game update.

Updated In-Game-Text:

  • Prologue’s improved instructions help players improve their ability to play and highlight what positions their starter golems play on the battlefield.
  • Added the tools in order to show the strengths and weaknesses of all players.
  • Added mob descriptions while using Type Select in banner view to show better the strengths and weaknesses of a player’s mobs.

Job update: Job update: Job job update:

  • The carpenter hut flow in the prologue received a lot of polish and now dynamically reacts to the players actions and guides them to complete the objective more consistently.

Video Tutorial:

  • The tool for banner view enables the players to use different services like zoom and zoom.


  • To achieve the goals of the prologue, a beacon of light can be seen from anywhere in the world. This makes it easier to find these locations.

World Map:

  • Prologue goals now have an identifying decal and beacon for the world map to guide the player to their place.

Player Disc:

  • The compass a compass doesn’t turn off the edges of the compass. This is more difficult to track and follow these icons.
  • A large arrow is now shown on the left or right of the compass depending on the location of the flashing icon. This helps players decide which way to find these locations will be used to help them find the location that are available.
  • The flashing icons outlines were thickened to get visibility.
  • The images are pixelated to reveal the impression of more people.
  • The middle arrow in the compass suddenly becomes larger, as the flashing arrow goes along to better remind players that this is the direction they want to go.
  • Players map markers on the compass will pulse when the map screen is turned down to get closer to the map screen.

How to play tutorial pages:

  • Updated the video and description in various tutorials.
  • Added a new tutorial for the new Mob Refund feature.

Co-op Campaign Flow:

  • Players who have not completed the tutorial and are now encouraged to join a co-op session are told to give a pop-up so that they can continue the tutorial before getting involved in a co-op game.

Village bomber:

  • A timer was added in on-screen during the day.

That’s about him. Now that a new patch has been done, please notify your readers.


Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends, a real-time action-strategy video game released in 2023, has been developed collaboratively by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. Published by Xbox Game Studios, the game serves as a spin-off from the popular 2011 sandbox game, Minecraft. Its release on April 18, 2023, made it available on a variety of platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. While the game has garnered attention, it’s worth noting that critics’ reviews have been somewhat mixed in their reception.

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One of the game’s standout features is its thoughtful incorporation of both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. This versatile approach allows players to seamlessly transition between collaborative teamwork and exhilarating head-to-head challenges. In cooperative mode, friends and players can join forces to tackle shared objectives, strategize, and overcome formidable in-game challenges together.

On the flip side, the competitive multiplayer aspect invites players to test their skills and strategies against one another, adding an extra layer of excitement and variety to the gameplay. By offering a dynamic blend of strategic decision-making, action-oriented mechanics, and the option for collaborative or competitive interactions, Minecraft Legends provides an all-encompassing experience that caters to a diverse range of gaming preferences and playstyles.

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