The Messenger Walkthrough Guide, Gameplay, Wiki and Plot

The Messenger Walkthrough Guide


  • Start the game and head to the right.
  • Learn the Cloudstep technique when you encounter the first group of ninjas (jump, attack, quick midair jump).
  • Remember this technique as it’s crucial.
  • Reach a temple building and watch a scene.
  • Speak to the ninja master if needed.
  • Continue right until another scene, where you receive the Scroll item and your quest to reach Glacial Peak.

Autumn Hills:

  • Head right and collect Time Shards.
  • Attack the lit lanterns for more Time Shards.
  • Time Shards are used for upgrades and skills in the Shop.
  • Beware of Quarble, a demon that steals Time Shards if you die.
  • Wait a minute, and he’ll disappear.
  • Encounter a Green Demon on the second screen, defeat it with melee attacks.
  • Navigate platforms over spike traps with more Green Demons.
  • Defeat them and reach the Orange Demon at the end.

Forlorn Temple:

  • Start the level and activate the Shop portal for a checkpoint.
  • Note red platforms with tents above the main path.
  • Jump to the left-most platform, then onto a red pole.
  • Climb up to reach a platform with a Health Globe and Timeshard Crystal.
  • Destroy the crystal for 65 Time Shards.
  • Continue right and cross the crumbling bridge below.
  • It will collapse, taking you to the Catacombs below.


  • Meet Phobekin NPC Necro.
  • Jump across the gap, using candelabra to Cloudstep jump.
  • Defeat the attacking Bat.
  • Climb the wall, defeat the emerging Skeleton.
  • Jump between moving platforms, avoiding fireballs from an Orange Demon.
  • Dispatch the Skeleton and Orange Demon on the next platform.
  • Drop down, defeat another Skeleton.
  • Jump to the platform with a Green Demon.
  • Move to the far side.

Howling Grotto:

  • Head right, defeating Bats and hitting lanterns for Time Shards.
  • Drop down to the Shop portal.
  • Receive the Wingsuit ability from the Shopkeeper.
  • Exit the Shop and jump into the wind geyser.
  • Use the Wingsuit to glide across a gap to the right.
  • Continue to the next screen.
  • Beware of wobbling stalactites that drop when approached.
  • Drop through the platform and collect Time Shards with the Wingsuit.
  • Defeat a Skeleton and use the wind geyser to reach a ledge with an Orange Demon.
  • Climb up to the passage above, defeat Bats and another Orange Demon.
  • Head right to proceed.

Quillshroom Marsh:

  • Move right, encountering Boomerang Mushrooms.
  • Defeat them while they’re together.
  • Continue past Boomerang Mushrooms and Green Demon on mushroom platforms.
  • Be cautious in quicksand; keep jumping to avoid sinking.
  • Enter the passage to the right.
  • Drop down a vertical shaft, collect Time Shards from lanterns.
  • Encounter Sporeshooters that explode periodically; melee attack their spores.
  • Proceed right, encountering more Boomerang Mushrooms.

Searing Crag:

  • Head right, defeat the Earth Golem.
  • Jump across gaps, avoid Rolling Fireballs.
  • Reach a Shop portal; receive Rope Darts ability from the Shopkeeper.
  • Return to Searing Crag, climb right wall, and use Rope Dart on a hook.
  • Hop over spikes and continue climbing.
  • Defeat Blue Demon, use Rope Dart to bypass spike traps.
  • Reach a room with Green Demon to the right.
  • Eliminate Green Demon and Earth Golems.
  • Watch out for stalactites.
  • Proceed right to the next room with a spike pit and moving spike wall.

Glacial Peak:

  • Beware of ice-covered platforms and snow drift walls.
  • Start by climbing the right wall.
  • Jump across suspended platforms, defeating Green Demon.
  • Use collapsing platforms and ice platforms to progress.
  • Deal with Green Demons, Orange Demon, and navigate ice-covered platforms.
  • Climb the wall to reach the next area above.

Tower of Time:

  • Watch out for purple death lasers.
  • In the first room, use moving platforms to bypass lasers.
  • In the next room, avoid the crushing trap and use Rope Dart to reach the right wall.
  • Deactivate lasers with Pink and Blue Crystals, use Rope Dart and climb to exit.

Cloud Ruins:

  • Explore the 16-bit level.
  • Head right, Cloudstep Jump to climb walls.
  • Use Rope Dart to traverse spike traps.
  • Reach a Shop and continue right.
  • Navigate through different platforming challenges and hazards.
  • Reach the exit at the top-right of a large room.


  • Watch out for lava pools and rising fireballs.
  • Jump over lava pools and defeat Green Demon and Earth Golem.
  • Cross a pool of lava with stone columns.
  • Deal with Orange Demon, Flame Discs, and more hazards.
  • Use the Shop portal and enter a vertical shaft with rising lava.
  • Climb walls, use Rope Dart, and avoid hazards.
  • Reach the exit while dealing with various enemies and obstacles.

Tower of Time HQ:

  • After completing the Underworld section, return to the starting village.
  • Engage in conversations with the Shopkeeper, then open the cabinet.
  • Follow more dialogues and eventually return to the cabinet.
  • Enter the cabinet to return to normal and find yourself in part of the Tower of Time.
  • Proceed left to meet the Prophet, who will activate three portals in the room.
  • These portals allow you to teleport to locations you’ve previously explored.

Key of Hope:

  • The Key of Hope is the first of the five Music Notes and can be found in the Autumn Hills area near the Tower of Time Portal.
  • You can also collect the last two Power Seals in Autumn Hills.

Key of Strength:

  • Return to the Ninja Village where you began the game, using the Autumn Hills Tower of Time Portal.
  • Travel back in time and speak with your Ninja Master, who will give you an Astral Seed.
  • Take the Astral Seed to the top of the Searing Crag area.
  • Consider collecting a Power Seal along the way.

Key of Symbiosis – Dark Cave:

  • Start by returning to the Ninja Village, travel to the past, and speak with your Ninja Master to receive an Astral Seed.
  • Take the Astral Seed to the Searing Crag area and plant it.
  • Return to the future and continue your journey.
  • Explore various areas, including Searing Crag, Catacombs, Dark Cave, Riviere Turquoise, Quillshroom Marsh, Glacial Peak, and Elemental Skylands.

Riviere Turquoise:

  • Navigate a fast-running green river with platforms and plants.
  • Use moving logs and giant flowers to progress.
  • Watch out for enemies and obstacles.
  • Activate the Riviere Turquoise Portal to the Tower of Time HQ.
  • Collect a Power Seal hidden on the right-hand wall as you descend a waterfall.

The Fallen Monk – Healing the Cursed Monk (Queen of Quills):

  • Travel to the Temple of Time HQ.
  • Take the portal to the Howling Grotto (the one with green crystals).
  • Navigate to the room where you previously fought the Queen of Quills in Quillshroom Marsh.
  • Here, you’ll encounter the Queen of Quills again. Approach and interact with her to heal her using the Magic Butterfly.
  • The Cursed Monk is now healed, and the Queen of Quills will transform back to her original state.

Elemental Skylands:

  • After healing the Cursed Monk, proceed to the Elemental Skylands.
  • In this sky stage, you’ll fly on Manfred’s back and engage in a shmup-style section.
  • Control Manfred to avoid or shoot robotic enemies.
  • You have two types of attacks: rapid fire by mashing the fire button and a charged shot by holding the button.
  • Avoid contact with floating islands, projectiles, or enemies to prevent taking damage.
  • Fly around the Elemental Skylands, visiting four different platforms (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), each requiring brief platforming sections and the destruction of a shield generator.
  • After disabling all four shield generators, prepare to face the area boss to obtain the Music Note – Key of Symbiosis.

Finding the Phobekins:

  • Locate and rescue four Phobekins hidden in different game areas.
  • These Phobekins will return to their base camp at the start of the Forlorn Temple.
  • When all four Phobekins are found and returned, the bridge to the Forlorn Temple is restored.

Forlorn Temple:

  • After rescuing the Phobekins, head to the Forlorn Temple area from the Autumn Hills portal.
  • Cross the restored bridge to enter the temple.
  • Find a Portal to the Shop as soon as you enter.
  • Progress through the temple, dealing with traps and enemies.

Corrupted Future:

  • After defeating the Demon King in the Forlorn Temple and obtaining the Demon King’s Crown, return to the Tower of Time HQ.
  • Speak with the Shopkeeper near the inactive portal.
  • Interact with the portal, which will become active with the Demon King’s Crown.
  • Enter the Corrupted Future, a linear area where you follow glowing butterflies to progress.

The Music Box:

  • In the Corrupted Future level, move to the right and climb a wall to reach the next area above.
  • Use a Rope Dart jump to traverse a spike pit and a crusher.
  • Pass through a Timeshift Beam to return to the past.
  • Cross a spike pit again, drop down, and proceed through gates and obstacles.

The Messenger

“The Messenger” is an action-platform game released in 2018, developed by Sabotage Studio and published by Devolver Digital. Available on Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the game follows the journey of a young Ninja from a village that holds a prophecy of a savior, known as the “Western Hero,” destined to rescue them from the grip of the Demon King. When this prophecy comes to fruition, the Western Hero entrusts the Ninja with a crucial mission, appointing them as the Messenger, with the task of delivering a sacred scroll to a distant mountain.

What sets “The Messenger” apart is its captivating blend of action and time travel mechanics. As the Messenger embarks on their quest, the game’s visuals seamlessly transition between 8-bit and 16-bit styles, symbolizing the character’s journey through time. This unique feature not only adds depth to the gameplay but also pays homage to classic 8-bit and 16-bit games that inspired the creators.

The game’s development initially began as a personal project between Thierry Boulanger and Phillippe Dionne, driven by their shared passion for games like Ninja Gaiden and the nostalgia of playing 8-bit and 16-bit classics during their childhood. As the project evolved, Sabotage Studio was established, and more developers joined the team. “The Messenger” garnered critical acclaim for its engaging gameplay, exceptional music, and the creative way it incorporates shifting graphical styles to enhance the overall gaming experience.


Messenger Gameplay

In the game “The Messenger,” players step into the shoes of a ninja known as “The Messenger” on a mission to deliver a scroll for a legendary hero. This side-scrolling action-platformer draws inspiration from the Ninja Gaiden series, offering a thrilling and challenging adventure. Players have control over The Messenger’s agile movements, allowing them to run, jump, and wield a sword for combat. One unique ability is “Cloudstepping,” which permits an extra mid-air jump after attacking an enemy or object, adding a dynamic twist to the gameplay.

As the game unfolds, The Messenger gains new skills like wall-climbing and the use of a “rope dart” for propelling through obstacles and defeating enemies. Time Shards collected through combat and exploration can be spent on valuable upgrades, such as the ability to destroy projectiles. If the player happens to meet their demise, a demon named Quarble offers a chance at revival at the last checkpoint reached. However, Quarble accompanies the player for a brief time, collecting Time Shards as payment. “The Messenger” initially presents itself with a linear level-based structure, with distinct 8-bit graphics and audio for the past and 16-bit presentation for the future. Later in the game, it transforms into a Metroidvania-style adventure, allowing players to revisit both eras in any order, use special warps to shift between the past and present, and uncover hidden green medallions for rewards, providing a rich and diverse gameplay experience.

Messenger Plot

“The Messenger” unfolds with a captivating plot steeped in ninja lore and time-bending adventures. It all begins in a village of ninjas, where a prophecy foretells the arrival of a “Western Hero” who will save them from evil demons. When the village falls under attack by the Demon King, the Western Hero appears and fends off the threat. He entrusts a special scroll to a ninja, naming him “The Messenger,” and instructs him to journey eastward to deliver the scroll to a mountain’s peak. Throughout his quest, The Messenger encounters a mysterious blue-robed shopkeeper who provides valuable upgrades.

As The Messenger embarks on his journey, he traverses diverse landscapes, battles monsters, and forms alliances. Upon reaching the mountain’s summit, he encounters more enigmatic blue-robed figures who challenge him within their headquarters, the Tower of Time. Successfully passing their test, The Messenger is catapulted 500 years into the future with a mission to defeat the Demon King’s general, Barma’thazël. After accomplishing this task and saving his ninja village once more, he realizes that he has assumed the role of the Western Hero. He passes the scroll to a new Messenger and transforms into a blue-robed shopkeeper, continuing the cycle.

However, when the new hero meets an unfortunate fate due to the previous shopkeeper’s negligence, the blue-robes retrieve the scroll and assign The Messenger a new mission: collecting the notes of a mysterious music box hidden within the Tower of Time. During this quest, he confronts and defeats the Demon King, discovering the truth about the music box. It turns out that the box is a prison for a man named Phantom, cursed by the Demon King. Phantom’s curse creates a link to the demon realm, allowing demons to invade the world every 500 years. In a bid to protect humanity, Phantom crafted the scroll infused with time magic, establishing a perpetual cycle of Messengers who defend against demons, pass on the scroll, and join the blue-robes. As The Messenger ventures inside the music box and rescues Phantom, the curse breaks free. The Messenger and the blue-robes join forces to vanquish the curse and ensure the safety of their world

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