The 10 Best Blues Brothers Quotes That Prove We’re On A Mission From God


  • Elwood’s prayer highlights absurdity and earnestness, adding humor to high-octane car chases in
    The Blues Brothers.
  • Police approval of ”
    unnecessary violence
    ” showcases satire and social commentary in over-the-top comedic situations.
  • Elwood’s casual defiance and deadpan delivery add comedic charm to tense encounters in
    The Blues Brothers



TheBlues Brothers, a 1980 comedy directed by John Landis, has become a beloved classic known for its unique blend of humor, music, action, and the many iconic Blues Brothers quotes. Starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as Jake and Elwood Blues, the film follows the duo’s journey to save the Catholic orphanage where they were raised by reuniting their old band and raising $5,000 to pay the property taxes. Along the way, they encounter a series of hilarious and outlandish obstacles, from law enforcement officers to neo-Nazis, all while delivering some of the most memorable quotes in movie history.

Though The Blues Brothers started as an SNL skit, the movie became a classic in its own right. The film’s success lies not just in its slapstick comedy and musical performances but also in its sharp, quotable dialogue. Whether it’s the deadpan delivery of absurd statements or the earnest declarations of their divine mission, these quotes highlight the film’s unique charm and wit. They demonstrate why the movie remains a cultural touchstone and a testament to the comedic genius of Belushi and Aykroyd, proving beyond a doubt that Jake and Elwood were indeed on a mission from God.

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10 “Our Lady Of Blessed Acceleration, Don’t Fail Me Now”

Elwood Blues

The blues mobile leaps over another car from The Blues Brothers

Elwood’s prayer is delivered during one of Blues Brothers’ many high-octane car chases. This line perfectly encapsulates the film’s mix of absurdity and earnestness. As the brothers find themselves in increasingly perilous situations, Elwood’s invocation of divine intervention through the personification of acceleration is both humorous and revealing. It showcases his unshakeable confidence in their mission and the near-mythical status he assigns to their vehicular exploits. This line exemplifies the film’s knack for blending high-stakes action with irreverent humor, making the chase scenes as entertaining for their dialogue as for their stunts.

Because of its links to Catholicism, The Blues Brothers was surprisingly endorsed by the Vatican in 2010.

It also highlights the characters’ reliance on faith, albeit in an unconventional manner. Elwood’s casual appeal to a higher power reflects the underlying theme of the movie—divine providence guiding their chaotic journey. It underscores the brothers’ belief that their mission is not only important but sanctified, infusing their reckless adventures with a sense of purpose. The line has become emblematic of the film’s legacy, often quoted by fans as a humorous nod to their favorite moments. By combining action, comedy, and a touch of spirituality, this quote remains one of the most memorable and beloved lines in The Blues Brothers.

9 “Use Of Unnecessary Violence In The Apprehension Of The Blues Brothers Has Been Approved”

Police Dispatcher

Destroyed Police Cars in The Blues Brothers

The absurdity of the announcement over the police radio is pure comedic genius. This line captures the film’s over-the-top approach to the escalating chaos that surrounds Jake and Elwood Blues. As their quest to save the orphanage leads to increasingly outrageous situations, the authorities’ exaggerated response serves as a perfect comedic counterpoint. It’s an escalation that fits seamlessly into the film’s narrative, highlighting the extreme lengths to which law enforcement will go to capture the brothers. This line underscores the film’s satirical take on bureaucracy and authority, amplifying the comedy through its sheer ridiculousness.

The line has since become a fan favorite, encapsulating the chaotic energy and irreverent spirit that define The Blues Brothers.

The approval of “unnecessary violence” is so extreme and unexpected that it becomes hilariously memorable, illustrating the absurdity of the situation. This moment, delivered with deadpan seriousness, highlights the film’s ability to blend humor with social commentary. It serves as a reminder of the film’s relentless pace and the ever-increasing stakes faced by the protagonists. The line has since become a fan favorite, encapsulating the chaotic energy and irreverent spirit that define The Blues Brothers.

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8 “It’s Got A Cop Motor, A 440-Cubic-Inch Plant. It’s Got Cop Tires, Cop Suspension, Cop Shocks. It’s A Model Made Before Catalytic Converters So It’ll Run Good On Regular Gas”

Elwood Blues

Joliet Prison from The Blues Brothers with Dan Akyroyd

Elwood’s detailed description of the Bluesmobile is a hilarious mix of technical jargon and matter-of-fact delivery. This line perfectly captures Elwood’s character—cool, knowledgeable, and unflappable. As he rattles off the specifications of their vehicle, it becomes clear that the Bluesmobile is no ordinary car. This description not only emphasizes Elwood’s deep understanding of cars but also elevates the vehicle to almost legendary status, setting the stage for the incredible stunts and chases that follow.

The humor in this quote lies in its contrast between the mundane technical details and the dramatic context in which it is delivered. Elwood’s deadpan delivery, combined with the unexpected depth of his automotive knowledge, adds a layer of absurdity that is quintessentially The Blues Brothers. This line also serves to underline the resourcefulness and preparedness of the brothers, who are ready to face any challenge head-on, even if it involves outrunning the entire Chicago police force. The Bluesmobile becomes a character in its own right, symbolizing the unbreakable spirit and determination of Jake and Elwood.

7 “We’re So Glad To See So Many Of You Lovely People Here Tonight, And We Would Especially Like To Welcome All The Representatives Of Illinois’ Law Enforcement Community Who Have Chosen To Join Us”

Jake Blues

Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) and Jake (John Belushi) speaking on stage in The Blues Brothers

Jake’s introduction at the Palace Hotel Ballroom concert is a perfect blend of politeness and irony, given the chaotic circumstances. As the brothers prepare to perform, they are acutely aware of the massive police presence gathered to arrest them. Jake’s formal and courteous welcome to the law enforcement officials is dripping with irony, making the moment both tense and hilariously awkward. It highlights the absurdity of the situation while showcasing Jake’s unwavering confidence and charisma.

Jake’s ability to acknowledge the police presence with such politeness, even as they are on the brink of arrest, underscores the film’s comedic genius. It’s a moment that reflects the brothers’ unshakeable focus on their mission, blending humor with a touch of defiance. This line is a fan favorite because it encapsulates the film’s unique tone—balancing high-stakes drama with clever wit. By turning a potential showdown into a humorous interaction, Jake’s introduction adds to the film’s enduring appeal and demonstrates why The Blues Brothers remains a beloved classic.

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6 “The Light Was Yellow, Sir.”

Elwood Blues

Elwood (Dan Ayrkoryd) being pulled over by a police officer in The Blues Brothers

Elwood’s nonchalant response, “The Light Was Yellow, Sir,” to a police officer showcases his casual disregard for the law and his smooth-talking nature. When pulled over, most people might react with nervousness or contrition, but not Elwood. His calm and almost indifferent remark about the traffic light color perfectly encapsulates his laid-back attitude and his knack for downplaying potentially serious situations. This line highlights Elwood’s ability to remain unflustered and composed, no matter the circumstances, adding to his cool and collected persona.

By minimizing the seriousness of the situation with such an offhand comment, Elwood reinforces the movie’s theme of irreverence and defiance.

Elwood’s intentional flat delivery and the foolery of his casual defense create a comedic moment that is both subtle and memorable. It underscores the brothers’ constant skirting of the law as they pursue their mission from God, adding to the film’s charm and wit. By minimizing the seriousness of the situation with such an offhand comment, Elwood reinforces the movie’s theme of irreverence and defiance. This line remains a fan favorite because it encapsulates Elwood’s character so well and exemplifies the film’s unique blend of humor and rebellion, making The Blues Brothers a timeless classic.

5 “I Hate Illinois Nazis”

Jake Blues

Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) and Jake (John Belushi) driving in The Blues Brothers

Jake’s blunt statement as they encounter a group of marching neo-Nazis, is a straightforward, no-nonsense declaration that leaves no room for ambiguity. This line is delivered with such deadpan honesty that it instantly becomes one of the film’s most memorable moments. Jake’s succinct condemnation of the neo-Nazis is both hilarious and pointed, reflecting the film’s ability to address serious subjects with sharp wit and irreverence. It’s a moment that underscores the absurdity of the situation, where the brothers’ already chaotic mission intersects with an unexpected and ridiculous obstacle.

The quote highlights Jake’s straightforward nature and serves as a satirical jab at the ludicrous presence of neo-Nazis in Illinois. The sheer absurdity of the scenario—where a comedy about two musicians on a divine mission is momentarily interrupted by a confrontation with hate groups—adds to the film’s eclectic and unpredictable humor. Jake’s immediate and unequivocal rejection of the Nazis resonates with the audience, reaffirming the brothers’ moral compass amidst the chaos. This line remains a fan favorite because it encapsulates the film’s blend of comedy and social commentary, making The Blues Brothers a timeless and culturally significant classic.

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4 “We’re Putting The Band Back Together.”

Jake Blues

Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) and Jake (John Belushi) with napkins tucked into their collars in a restaurant in The Blues Brothers

The simple line marks the beginning of Jake and Elwood’s quest to reunite their old band. This declaration is filled with nostalgia and determination, perfectly reflecting the central plot of the movie. For Jake and Elwood, reassembling the band is not just a task but a heartfelt mission that reignites their past and celebrates their shared musical history. This line encapsulates their unwavering belief in their purpose, underscoring their commitment to save the orphanage through the power of music.

The simplicity of the statement belies the epic journey that follows, filled with outrageous escapades and heartfelt reunions. It resonates with audiences as a call to action, stirring a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. By focusing on the fundamental goal of reuniting the band, the line encapsulates the film’s core themes of friendship, perseverance, and the transformative power of music. This moment remains a favorite because it captures the essence of The Blues Brothers—a blend of humor, heart, and an unshakeable belief in their musical mission.

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3 “Four Fried Chickens And A Coke.”

Elwood Blues

Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) and Jake (John Belushi) at a cafe ordering food in The Blues Brothers

Elwood’s unique order, “Four Fried Chickens And A Coke,” at the Soul Food Café, delivered with complete seriousness, never fails to get a laugh. This line is a perfect example of the film’s quirky humor and Elwood’s distinctive character. As he stands at the counter, Elwood’s deadpan delivery of such an unusual meal request captures the audience’s attention and highlights his unorthodox personality. It’s a moment that showcases his quirky charm and the film’s ability to find comedy in the most unexpected places.

This quote also illustrates the seamless blend of character-driven humor and situational comedy that defines The Blues Brothers. Elwood’s earnestness in placing such an odd order, coupled with the bemused reaction of the café staff, creates a hilarious contrast that underscores his eccentricity. This moment remains a fan favorite because it exemplifies the film’s unique comedic style, where even the most mundane interactions are infused with wit and personality, solidifying The Blues Brothers as a timeless comedy classic.

2 “It’s 106 Miles To Chicago, We’ve Got A Full Tank Of Gas, Half A Pack Of Cigarettes, It’s Dark, And We’re Wearing Sunglasses.”

Jake Blues

The Mall From The Blues Brothers.

Jake’s cool, deadpan delivery of the line right before one of the film’s most iconic car chases perfectly captures the mix of absurdity and bravado that defines The Blues Brothers. This moment is a masterclass in comedic timing and character portrayal. With a straight face and unwavering confidence, Jake lists their seemingly inadequate resources, turning what could be a dire situation into a matter-of-fact mission statement. This line epitomizes the film’s ability to turn the mundane into the epic.

The Blues Brothers held the record for most cars destroyed during a movie production for 29 years until it was beaten by 2009’s Fast & Furious (via Forbes).

Despite the overwhelming odds and the chaos that surrounds them, Jake and Elwood approach their challenges with a calm, almost blasé attitude that is both humorous and inspiring.

This quote also highlights the indomitable spirit and cool demeanor of the Blues brothers. Despite the overwhelming odds and the chaos that surrounds them, Jake and Elwood approach their challenges with a calm, almost blasé attitude that is both humorous and inspiring. There’s absurdity in the detailed inventory, paired with the nonchalance of wearing sunglasses at night. This moment not only sets the stage for the ensuing high-speed pursuit but also reinforces the film’s unique blend of action and humor, making The Blues Brothers a standout in the realm of comedy classics.

1 “We’re On A Mission From God.”

Elwood Blues

Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) and Jake (John Belushi) in a bar in The Blues Brothers

We’re On A Mission From God” is Dan Aykroyd’s best movie line ever and encapsulates the entire essence of The Blues Brothers. It’s not just a line; it’s a declaration that adds a layer of earnestness to their comedic antics. When Elwood confidently explains their divine mission to save the orphanage where they were raised, it sets the tone for the entire movie. This statement elevates their journey from a simple quest to a righteous cause, infusing their wild escapades with a sense of purpose and urgency that resonates throughout the film.

This quote has also become one of the most iconic lines in movie history, symbolizing the unwavering determination and faith of Jake and Elwood Blues. The phrase has transcended the movie, becoming a cultural touchstone that embodies the spirit of relentless pursuit in the face of overwhelming odds. It’s a moment that solidifies the brothers’ mission in the eyes of the audience, turning their chaotic adventure into a heroic endeavor. This line remains a fan favorite, highlighting the film’s unique charm and the profound comedic genius of The Blues Brothers.

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After being released from prison, Jake Blues (John Belushi) reunites with his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) to save a catholic home where they were raised together. To raise money, they put bring their old band back together and put on a show as “The Blues Brothers.” Set in Chicago and based on Saturday Night Live characters, The Blues Brothers features several musical celebrity cameos such as Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown.

Director John Landis Release Date June 20, 1980 Studio(s) Universal Pictures Distributor(s) Universal Pictures Writers Dan Aykroyd , John Landis Cast John Belushi , ray charles , Cab Calloway , James Brown , Dan Aykroyd , Aretha Franklin Runtime 133 minutes Sequel(s) blues brothers Budget $27 million


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