Starfield Survey Data, How To Collect And Sell Survey Data in Starfield?

Sky survey data

In Starfield, you can discover survey data, which are collectibles obtained by scanning planets. Each planetary scan generates survey data annotations that correspond to the type of resource or feature detected. These survey data annotations can be sold to vendors for profit.

To sell survey data in Starfield, find a vendor willing to buy it. One such supplier is Vladimir, who is stationed in the Eye space station in orbit around the planet New Atlantis. To sell your survey data to Vladimir, talk to him and select the “Sell” option.

The monetary amount of survey data you receive depends on the specific type of resource or feature you scan. It’s worth noting that survey data containing rare resources will generally fetch a higher selling price.

Survey data has proven to be a valuable asset in Starfield, so it’s worth investing your time in scanning planets to accumulate data. Funds earned from selling survey data can be used to purchase new equipment, upgrades, and a variety of other items to enhance your gaming experience.

How to collect and sell survey data in Starfield?

Surveying a planet and collecting survey data involves a two-step process, one of which can be skipped depending on the planet’s characteristics. Survey data include planetary orbital scans, as well as separate scans of the planet’s plant life (flora) and animal life (fauna). These combined data sets ultimately form the survey data disks in your inventory.

Get survey data:

  • Plot a route to the planet of your choice, take measurements, and continue your journey.
  • Once in orbit, equip the scanner, specify planets of interest, and access the planet map.
  • Select the “Scan Planet” function.
  • If the planet in question happens to be a gas giant or any other uninhabitable object lacking resources, plant life, or wildlife, your mission is accomplished.

After obtaining the planet scanning data, the next step is to land on the planet to accumulate more data.


How to collect various data on planetary surfaces in the starry sky?

Conducting a comprehensive planetary survey requires collecting data on all aspects of the planet, including its plant life, wildlife, available resources, and any unique features it may have.

In order to gain a complete understanding of each animal and plant species, detailed scanning of several individuals in each group is essential to achieve a complete 100% scan. Resource data collection, on the other hand, requires scanning a single representative resource from the Earth’s inventory.

When it comes to gaining information about planetary features, your path will lead to uncharted territory highlighted on the scanner. Look for unexplored geographical or biological features, such as the interesting Corraline pool on Gagarin, and start the scanning process.

To simplify your surveying efforts and ensure a safer experience, consider investing a skill point in Surveying. This enhancement extends the scanner’s range from 10 meters to a more comfortable 20 meters, reducing the need to get too close to potentially hostile wildlife.

How to sell sky measurement data?

Participating in the process of scanning planets and collecting survey data is a fairly simple undertaking, although the complexity may vary depending on the specific characteristics of the celestial body in question. Survey data typically include a combination of planetary orbital scans and detailed scans of the planet’s plant and animal life. These disparate data sets are seamlessly merged into survey data disks in your inventory, ready for potential sales.

Here’s a systematic breakdown of how survey data is obtained across the vast Starfield universe:

  • Plot your path: Begin your investigation by selecting a target planet and carefully plotting your route to your distant destination. Travel through the vastness of the universe until you reach your desired celestial destination.
  • Orbital Review: Once near a planet’s orbit, equip your trusty scanner, designate a target planet, and access the planet map interface. Here, the moment of truth comes when you select the “Scan Planet” function. It’s worth noting that if you encounter a gas giant or an inhospitable celestial sphere lacking significant resources, plant life, or wildlife, your investigative journey will end at this point.
  • Surface exploration: If comprehensive data is to be pursued, descending to the Earth’s surface is imperative. This is where all aspects of the Earth, including its flora, fauna, resources and unique features come into focus.
    • Flora and Fauna Insights: A comprehensive understanding of Earth’s biodiversity requires a systematic approach. Scan multiple representatives of each species to get a comprehensive 100% scan.
    • Resource Reveal: Resource data acquisition takes a more direct approach. An individual scan of each resource is enough to add it to your information repository.
    • Planetary Characteristics: To unearth detailed information about a planet’s unique characteristics, start exploring uncharted territories focused on your scanner. Uncover unexplored geographical or biological wonders, such as the mysterious coral pools on Gagarin, and initiate scanning rituals.

When you venture into surveying, it is recommended to invest a skill point in the art of surveying. This wise decision increases the efficiency of surveying efforts by extending the scanner’s range from a modest 10 meters to a more generous 20 meters. This enhancement reduces the need to get too close to potentially hostile wildlife, ensuring a safer measurement experience.

Where can I sell sky measurements?

Now that you’ve amassed a treasure trove of valuable survey data, it’s time to turn your diligent efforts into a lucrative career. While the prospect of other potential buyers may still exist, selling your carefully collected survey data to the respected Vladimir is the most financially rewarding option.

To get started on this profitable journey, follow these simple yet effective steps:

  • Find Vladimir: Vladimir’s presence graces the Eye, a famed space station located near Jamison in the Alpha Centauri system. This heavenly place is the precious home of New Atlantis. Your chance encounter with Vladimir is carefully planned early on in your cosmic adventure, especially during the crucial Into the Unknown mission.
  • Kickstart the deal: Have a nice chat with Vladimir, during which you can express your keen interest in contributing comprehensive survey data to his research efforts. This proposal was bound to arouse Vladimir’s conspiracy. As your interaction with the Loremaster progresses, tempting options separate from your survey data will become apparent in his dialogue choices.

It is prudent to remember that while alternative suppliers may be lurking in the shadows of the universe, Vladimir serves as a model of generosity when it comes to compensation. By diligently continuing your planet-scanning missions and rendezvousing with Vladimir at appropriate intervals, you’ll soon see a steady accumulation of points. This financial strength ensures you have ample resources to fuel your ever-expanding intergalactic adventures.

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