Starfield Mantis Puzzle Solution and Quest Walkthrough

Starry Sky Mantis Puzzle

The Mantis Puzzle in the Starry Sky acts as a powerful guardian, strategically positioned to protect the tempting rewards hidden deep within the mantis lair. It presents a thought-provoking challenge that tests your wits and creativity as you work to unlock the path to valuable loot beyond.

Overcoming this puzzle not only proves your gaming prowess, but also provides access to a wealth of riches for those who dare to delve deeper into the mysterious lair.

Starry Mantis Puzzle Solutions and Mission Walkthrough

Start the Mantis mission:

To start the Mantis mission, you must find the note titled “Secret Outpost!” Typically, this note can be found on deceased Spacers. In one instance, it was discovered next to the Nova Galaxy star field near Earth during the Old Neighbors mission to find Vanguard Mora. After reading this description, you will set your goal to visit Denebola Ib.

Find secret outposts:

Pentagram Ib is located in the Pentagram system. If you started this task very early, you may not have access to the system yet. To get there, you’ll need to do a gravity jump from Alpha Centauri to Olympus, then to Wally, then to Primar, and finally to the Fifth Plane. Along the way, you may choose some other mission starters that can be completed later.

Landing at Secret Outpost:

Upon arriving at the secret outpost, you will immediately encounter hostile spacemen. As you make your way to the objective markers, you’ll face more opponents. Although the levels vary (ranging from level 8 to level 30), they don’t pose much of a challenge. Be prepared to use grenades strategically.

Mantis lair:

In the Mantis Lair, you’ll encounter more Spacers in the same level range. Some of them will carry audio logs to advance the mission and provide insight into Doriane Voclain, the person behind the Mantis character.

Mantis’ motivation:

Through audio logs and intercoms, you’ll learn that Mantis is essentially a superhero vigilante and designed the lair as a test for her potential successor, Leon.

Explore and plunder:

While the path through the lair is relatively linear, keep an eye out for locked safes and crates containing valuable loot, usually at Expert level. Before reaching the Mantis Puzzle, you’ll meet Livvey, who can provide clues about the puzzle in exchange for a prize.

Mantis puzzle:

The task of the Mantis Puzzle is to move across the floor to spell out TYRANNIS. Once resolved, you’ll make your way through winding corridors and encounter mechanical enemies such as level 20 hostile turrets and robots. Use your ammo to destroy them.

Mantis Reward:

Enter a huge cave and you’ll find two quest markers. One of these will lead to obtaining Mantis’ Space Suit, which is especially useful if you complete the mission early. The set offers the random properties of a helmet, spacesuit, and backpack, as well as impressive physical resistance.

Get the Razor Leaf Ship:

Another mission marker activates the landing pad. Then, exit the Mantis Lair to find the Razor Leaf Ship waiting for you. The Razorleaf is a remarkable A-class ship with a shielded cargo bay, perfect for storing Starfield contraband


Starry Mantis Puzzle Solution

Here are the answers to Starfield Mantis puzzles

1. Start the journey:

– As you enter the hallway, you’ll notice letters on the floor that form the word “TYRANNIS”.

– Start by stepping on the letter “T”, which is the third button in the sequence.

2. Spell “TYRANNIS”:

– Continue stepping on letters in the following order:

– “Y” (first button)

– “R” (fifth button)

– “A” (sixth button)

– “N” (fourth button)

– “N” (seventh button)

– “I” (second button)

– “S” (third button)

3. Reach the other shore:

– After successfully spelling “TYRANNIS” you will reach the door on the other side of the room.

starry sky

“Starfield” is developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios, and was unveiled at Bethesda’s E3 conference in 2018. Set in a space-themed setting, the action RPG marks Bethesda’s first new intellectual property in nearly three decades. It is expected to release on September 6, 2023 on Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

Starfield was critically acclaimed for its open-ended gameplay, combat, visuals, music, and improved technical performance compared to Bethesda’s previous games. However, critics were more diverse in their opinions of its story and exploration aspects.

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