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Bethesda Game Studios, the renowned developer behind beloved franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, is on the cusp of launching its highly anticipated action role-playing game, Starfield. Unveiled to the gaming world in 2018 during Bethesda’s E3 presentation, the game has been a beacon of excitement for fans eagerly awaiting a new venture from the studio.

Breaking a nearly three-decade tradition of working with established franchises, Bethesda’s foray into the sci-fi genre with Starfield marks a significant departure. The prospect of their signature open-world style and storytelling applied to an entirely new intellectual property has set the gaming community abuzz with anticipation.

Scheduled for release on September 6, 2023, Starfield will initially be available on Windows and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Early access has already been granted to select players, and the initial reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This early reception bodes well for Bethesda Game Studios, suggesting they are poised to deliver yet another immersive and captivating gaming universe.

As the release date draws near, the excitement surrounding Starfield continues to grow. Players are eager to embark on cosmic adventures, uncover the secrets of space, and shape their destinies in this vast and uncharted universe. With a fresh intellectual property and the studio’s track record for creating expansive, immersive worlds, Starfield promises to be a game-changer in the world of action role-playing games.

Fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can embark on their own interstellar odysseys in this exciting new universe.

Starfield: How to Unlock Powers Anti-Gravity Field Guide? 

In Starfield, unlocking the Anti-Gravity Field Power is a crucial part of the “Into the Unknown” mission. To acquire this power, follow these steps:

  • Progress Through Main Story: Begin by advancing through the main storyline until you complete the “The Old Neighborhood” mission.
  • Activate “Into the Unknown”: After completing “The Old Neighborhood,” three additional missions become available. Select the “Into the Unknown” mission at the Lodge.
  • Visit The Eye: Travel to the space station known as The Eye, located in orbit around the planet Jemison.
  • Talk to Vladimir: Engage in a conversation with Vladimir at The Eye, who will guide you in your quest.
  • Investigate Two Locations: Vladimir marks two locations on your map – Tau Ceti 2 and Procyon 3. Visit both planets and search for scans, and look out for an explorer named Andreja at Tau Ceti 2.
  • Assist Andreja: At Tau Ceti 2, help Andreja reach the innermost cave, where you’ll discover an artifact.
  • Collect Second Artifact: Head to the second location, guarded by auto-turrets, and collect the artifact there. Return both artifacts to the Lodge.
  • Solve Temple Eta Puzzle: Progress to Temple Eta and enter the Zero-G chamber. Collect glowing lights while using your boost pack to speed up. Charge the spinning portal in the center to stop it.
  • Unlock Anti-Gravity Field: Fly into the center of the alien device to unlock the Anti-Gravity Field Power.

To address any issues with the Anti-Gravity Field Power not working inside the temple, try spamming both buttons (LB+RB on Xbox) to activate it. Some players have reported success with this method.

Unlocking and using Powers in Starfield adds depth to combat and gameplay, so follow these steps to ensure you can progress through the game effectively.


All Powers List in Starfield 

Power Name

What This Power Does

Best Combat Usage of This Power

Anti-Gravity Field

Creates a profound low gravity field.

Suspend enemies; prevent them from shooting.

Create Vacuum

Hinders oxygen supply of adversaries.

Incapacitate foes without engaging.

Creators’ Peace

Pacifies foes; they drop weapons.

Retrieve weapons; calm hostile NPCs.


Adjusts gravity to Earth’s level.

Change gravitational properties.

Elemental Pull

Dislodges inorganic resources; attracts them.

Instantly mine minerals and metals.

Alien Reanimation

Revives a deceased alien for aid.

Tactical advantage when outnumbered.

Eternal Harvest

Allows flora to regrow in radius.

Ensure a continuous source of resources.

Grav Dash

Uses gravity to thrust forward.

Enhance inflicted damage temporarily.

Gravity Wave

Releases gravity wave; topples enemies.

Target enemy weak points, like heads.

Gravity Well

Creates dense gravity area; compresses all.

Attract and compress objects and enemies.

Inner Demon

Enemies confront fears; manifest hostile images.

Divert enemy’s focus.

Life Forced

Extract life force from entities; assimilate it.

Harm foes while rejuvenating oneself.

Moon Form

Increases resistance; player becomes stone-like.

Defensive stance against damage.

Parallel Self

Summons player’s alternate version from another dimension.

Aids in combat; wields player’s current weapon.

Particle Beam

Discharges pure particle energy beam.

Inflict considerable damage to adversaries.

Personal Atmosphere

Creates unlimited oxygen zone around player.

Ensure oxygen supply; enhance mobility.

Phased Time

Decelerates universal time progression.

Make everything move in slow motion.


Glimpse into future events and actions.

Anticipate actions and conversations.

Reactive Shield

Creates shield; reflects incoming projectiles.

Defend against bullets or lasers.

Sense Star Stuff

Discern all life forms around.

Aid in navigation and strategy.

Solar Flare

Releases plasma orb; incinerates foes.

Set adversaries ablaze.

Sunless Space

Shoots icy coldness; freezes entities.

Freeze any living entity in blast range.


Detonate with supernova energy.

Cause massive damage to surroundings.

Void Form

Bends light around player; almost invisibility.

Use for stealth and surprise attacks.

What are Powers in Starfield? 

In Starfield, Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG set in space, players have the opportunity to harness a variety of Powers, which essentially function as magical abilities. These Powers, derived from artifacts and the temples associated with them, offer a wide range of benefits, enhancing combat, exploration, and interaction in the game’s expansive universe. Below is a detailed exploration of these Powers and how players can unlock and utilize them to their advantage.

1. Anti-Gravity Field

Description: The Anti-Gravity Field power creates a profound low gravity field, showcasing a planet’s intrinsic strength. It costs 45 energy units and temporarily suspends enemies in the air, rendering them unable to shoot.

Best Combat Usage: Use this power to suspend enemies, effectively immobilizing them and preventing them from posing an immediate threat.

2. Create Vacuum

Description: Create Vacuum power hinders the oxygen supply of adversaries within its radius for a set period, at the cost of 25 energy units. It’s a strategic move to incapacitate foes without direct engagement.

Best Combat Usage: Use it to suffocate enemies, leaving them vulnerable and incapacitated.

3. Creators’ Peace

Description: Creators’ Peace power pacifies all foes within its radius, forcing them to drop their weapons. It costs 25 energy units and provides an opportunity to retrieve weapons.

Best Combat Usage: Pacify hostile NPCs or disarm foes for both a tactical advantage and peaceful interactions.

4. Earthbound

Description: Earthbound adjusts the surrounding gravity to mimic Earth’s gravity levels for a set duration. It costs 15 energy units and can be strategically used to change gravitational properties.

Best Combat Usage: Modify the environment’s gravity to gain an advantage in combat or exploration.

5. Elemental Pull

Description: Elemental Pull discharges energy to dislodge inorganic resources and attract them, instantly mining minerals and metals. It costs 25 energy units.

Best Combat Usage: Efficiently collect resources from a planet’s surface without relying on mining lasers.

6. Alien Reanimation

Description: For 35 energy units, Alien Reanimation revives a deceased alien, compelling it to fight alongside the player. It’s a tactical advantage, especially when outnumbered.

Best Combat Usage: Summon an otherworldly ally to bolster your combat capabilities when facing challenging foes.

7. Eternal Harvest

Description: Eternal Harvest allows previously harvested flora within a large radius to regrow, ensuring a continuous source of fauna nodes for 25 energy units.

Best Combat Usage: Maintain a sustainable supply of natural resources for crafting and survival.

8. Grav Dash

Description: Grav Dash, at the cost of 15 energy units, uses gravity to thrust the player forward, enhancing their inflicted damage temporarily.

Best Combat Usage: Use it to quickly close the distance to enemies and deal more damage.

9. Gravity Wave

Description: Gravity Wave unleashes a formidable wave of gravity in a cone direction, toppling enemies for 25 energy units. It’s effective for targeting enemy weak points.

Best Combat Usage: Disrupt enemy formations by using gravity to your advantage, focusing on vulnerable areas.

10. Gravity Well

Description: Gravity Well creates an area pulsating with dense gravity for 45 energy units, attracting and compressing everything within its vicinity, both objects and beings.

Best Combat Usage: Manipulate the battlefield by drawing in and compressing enemies, creating opportunities for strategic attacks.

11. Inner Demon

Description: Inner Demon forces adversaries to confront their fears, manifesting hostile mirror images of themselves for 35 energy units. It diverts an enemy’s focus.

Best Combat Usage: Create confusion and divert enemy attention by forcing them to battle their inner fears.

12. Life Forced

Description: Life Forced power enables players to extract the life force from a living entity and assimilate it for 25 energy units. It deals damage to foes while rejuvenating the player.

Best Combat Usage: Use this power to sustain yourself during battles, making you more resilient in extended engagements.

13. Moon Form

Description: Moon Form fortifies the player to become as resilient as stone, providing heightened resistance to all forms of damage. It costs 35 energy units.

Best Combat Usage: Activate Moon Form to withstand heavy enemy assaults and emerge victorious.

14. Parallel Self

Description: Parallel Self summons an alternate version of the player from a different dimension, armed with the player’s current weapon, for 45 energy units. This twin aids in combat.

Best Combat Usage: Utilize your doppelganger to engage enemies, effectively doubling your firepower.

15. Particle Beam

Description: Particle Beam discharges a beam of pure particle energy, inflicting considerable damage to adversaries for just 15 energy units.

Best Combat Usage: Unleash devastating energy attacks on foes, especially effective against tougher enemies.

16. Personal Atmosphere

Description: Personal Atmosphere generates a zone of unlimited oxygen around the player, ensuring a full oxygen meter. It costs 45 energy units and enhances mobility.

Best Combat Usage: Maintain a constant oxygen supply and improve mobility, crucial during prolonged space expeditions.

17. Phased Time

Description: Phased Time temporarily decelerates the universal progression of time for 45 energy units. Everything else seems to move in slow motion, except the player.

Best Combat Usage: Gain a significant advantage by manipulating time, allowing for precise actions and reactions in battle.

18. Precognition

Description: Precognition grants players the ability to glimpse into future events and actions for 35 energy units. It aids in anticipating actions and conversations.

Best Combat Usage: Predict enemy movements and actions to make informed tactical decisions during combat.

19. Reactive Shield

Description: Reactive Shield envelops the player in an unstable antimatter shell for 35 energy units, augmenting resistance against attacks and reflecting incoming projectiles.

Best Combat Usage: Use the shield to defend against a variety of ranged attacks, including bullets and lasers.

20. Sense Star Stuff

Description: Sense Star Stuff allows players to discern all life forms around them for 15 energy units, making living entities visible as glowing silhouettes.

Best Combat Usage: Gain awareness of nearby threats and allies, aiding in navigation and strategic planning.

21. Solar Flare

Description: Solar Flare releases a plasma orb that can incinerate foes for 25 energy units, setting adversaries ablaze.

Best Combat Usage: Set enemies on fire to deal damage over time and create chaos in the battlefield.

22. Sunless Space

Description: Sunless Space shoots a ball of icy coldness, freezing any living entity in its blast range for 35 energy units.

Best Combat Usage: Immobilize enemies, rendering them vulnerable and easy targets.

23. Supernova

Description: Supernova detonates with the energy of a supernova, causing massive damage to the surroundings for 45 energy units.

Best Combat Usage: Unleash a devastating explosion to clear out groups of enemies or heavily fortified areas.

24. Void Form

Description: Void Form bends light around the player, rendering them almost invisible for 45 energy units.

Best Combat Usage: Utilize stealth and surprise attacks, remaining unseen by enemies.

Starfield Gameplay 

Starfield, an action role-playing video game, provides players with the remarkable ability to seamlessly switch between first-person and third-person perspectives at any point during their gameplay. Set within an expansive open world nestled in the Milky Way galaxy, the game boasts a captivating blend of fictional and real planetary systems.

What truly sets it apart is the opportunity for players to explore and land on over 1,000 planets, along with numerous moons and space stations. The game utilizes procedural generation to create the majority of its landscapes, which are then meticulously crafted and enriched with handcrafted content. Factors such as a planet’s star, atmosphere, and player proximity influence the generation of terrain, alien flora, fauna, and points of interest.

In this vast and immersive game world, players will engage with a diverse array of non-playable characters (NPCs), some of whom may join the player’s crew. These NPCs offer valuable assistance in combat, item carrying, and even conducting conversations with other NPCs on the player’s behalf. The choices made throughout the journey will lead to comments and reactions from these dynamic characters.

Character customization is a central feature, allowing players to define their silent protagonist’s body type, appearance, background, and traits. These traits, unlockable as the game unfolds, introduce advantages or disadvantages that significantly impact gameplay dynamics. The game encompasses five distinct skill trees, covering Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech skills, all of which can be upgraded through challenges and experiences.

Weapons take on a pivotal role, offering a wide array of firearms, explosives, and melee options for overcoming adversaries. Players can further customize their weapons with attachments to enhance accuracy or facilitate a stealthy approach. The inclusion of jetpacks, referred to as boostpacks, aids in both combat and traversal, adapting to the varying gravitational forces found on different celestial bodies.

Additional layers of gameplay depth are introduced through resource scanning, crafting, and outpost construction. Players can erect outposts for shelter or resource extraction, delve into research within laboratories, and craft items and upgrades across diverse categories.

Spaceships are integral to the Starfield experience, featuring modular customization, trade opportunities at spaceports, ship-based combat, and the potential to board and interact with NPC-piloted vessels. With each choice and action shaping their journey across the cosmos, Starfield offers an immersive and dynamically evolving gameplay experience, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated adventure in the Bethesda gaming universe.

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