Starfield Easter Eggs and Secrets Revealed

Easter Eggs and Secrets – Star Guide

The Starfield Easter Eggs and Secrets Guide is an invaluable resource for players exploring Bethesda’s vast RPG universe. This guide has compiled a comprehensive list of Easter eggs, hidden references to other games, secrets, and unlockables found throughout the settlement system.

It’s worth noting that these secrets apply to both the PC and Xbox One S/X versions of the game, and while PC players have the option of using console command cheat codes, this guide focuses on organic discoveries within the game. This guide is designed to simplify the process of finding these hidden gems, making it easier for players to start their treasure hunt in the game.

This could also reveal some of the game’s most important plot points, making them spoilers for players. As players venture into the vast starry universe, they may encounter a plethora of Easter eggs and secrets that add layering and intrigue to their gaming experience.

Starry Easter Eggs and Secrets Revealed

Below is a list of Easter eggs and secrets involved in the game, with possible spoilers for players ready to learn more.

Easter Egg: Toy Sounds

Certain items in the game make unique sounds when you pick them up, adding an immersive feel to your gaming experience. These auditory cues not only enhance interaction with the environment, but also provide creative possibilities for personalizing surroundings. For example, you can choose to place these items on your spacecraft or home to add a decorative element and make your space truly your own.

One example is the Space Cat Plush Toy, which emits a pleasant, brief note when lifted. This captivating sound effect can bring a touch of whimsy to your gaming environment. Another fun item is the “Wooden Duck” which makes a playful quacking sound when picked up. This fun aural detail can be a source of entertainment as you collect and rearrange items in your ship or home, making your play space feel more vibrant and personal.

Secret: an unusual, obscure, or hidden command

To directly manipulate objects near you (without putting them into your inventory), just hold down the Action/Select button (corresponding to the “A” button on the Xbox controller) while hovering over the desired object. Can. This action can also be applied to bodies in the game, allowing you to interact with them more efficiently.

In urban environments, you can choose to simplify the process of taking off your space suit. You can toggle this feature by accessing the suit equipment menu in the pause screen and selecting the “Remove Suit” option. On an Xbox controller, this is accomplished by pressing the “RB” button while navigating the menu.

To instantly use the flashlight, regardless of your current gaming situation, just press the “LB” button on your Xbox controller at any time. This quick action enhances your in-game exploration and navigation experience by ensuring you have instant access to light sources when you need them.

Skyrim “Arrow in the Knee” reference

The Distinguishing Feature of the Crippling Skill Badge is the image of a human knee, which visually represents an arrow piercing the knee as you advance and upgrade this badge. This visual representation is a subtle nod to the oft-repeated line from a background NPC in Skyrim: “I got an arrow in the knee.”

cowboy bebop

It’s entirely expected that Starfield will pay homage to Cowboy Bebop in some way. At certain points in the game, you may have the opportunity to select the dialogue option “Goodbye, Space Cowboy” when interacting with everyone involved in the mission. This iconic phrase is a direct reference to the concluding message on the end card of the famous anime series Cowboy Bebop.

John Williams

In the game, there is a prominent poster promoting the Sol Symphony Orchestra, with the name “Conductor William Johns” prominently displayed. This clever tribute pays homage to world-renowned composer and conductor John Williams, known for his iconic roles in Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and many other classic films Known for the outstanding musical compositions created in the Sex Films series.


Starry sky game information

Starfield is an action role-playing game that is the brainchild of Bethesda Game Studios and brought to life by Bethesda Softworks as publisher. The highly anticipated game first hit the gaming stage during Bethesda’s E3 presentation in 2018, causing a huge stir in the gaming community.

A notable feature of Starfield is its immersive space-themed environment, which is significantly different from Bethesda’s previous titles. In fact, this groundbreaking game represents Bethesda’s first attempt at creating an entirely new intellectual property in an amazing 29 years. While gaming enthusiasts eagerly await, Starfield is expected to be released on September 6, 2023, and will be available on the Windows platform and Xbox Series X/S, promising to transport players into a unique and unknown gaming universe.

Starfield has already received notable acclaim from critics as the game gains traction due to its release. Reviews from these gaming industry experts were mostly positive, with several key aspects of the game earning praise.

Critics praised Starfield’s open-ended gameplay, engaging combat mechanics, stunning visuals, captivating musical score, and commendable technical performance. Together, these elements represent a significant improvement over the standard set by Bethesda’s previous games. It’s worth noting, however, that perceptions of Starfield’s story and exploration elements are more mixed, suggesting that while the game excels in some areas, there may be room for improvement in others.

starry sky game

Starfield is an action-packed role-playing video game that gives players the flexibility to seamlessly switch between first- and third-person perspectives at any time during the adventure. This vast game takes place in an open world environment, specifically a part of the galaxy.

Across this vast land, players have access to a series of planetary systems, blending virtual and real-life celestial bodies. The scope of the game allows players to land on over 1,000 planets, in addition to an unknown number of moons and space stations.

Much of the landscape in the game is procedurally generated, then refined and enhanced with carefully crafted content. Starfield’s dynamic system generates terrain, alien flora and fauna, and points of interest based on a planet’s stellar characteristics, atmospheric conditions, and proximity, ensuring players have a compelling and immersive experience as they approach different planets. Notably, the game features the most extensive fictional city to date, New Atlantis, demonstrating Bethesda’s commitment to creating immersive virtual worlds.

As players travel through the richly detailed game world, they will encounter a variety of non-playable characters (NPCs), some of whom may become valuable additions to the player’s team. These NPCs provide a variety of support functions, including combat assistance, item carrying, and communicating on behalf of the player when interacting with other NPCs.

Additionally, they may provide commentary on the player’s choices, adding depth to the narrative. Players are free to place their crews in any outpost they build, each with its own unique skills and abilities. Some of these recruitable NPCs even offer the possibility of forming romantic relationships with players, enhancing the game’s interpersonal dynamics.

From the start of the game, players can embark on a journey to personalize their character, taking on the role of the silent protagonist. This customization includes choices related to body type, appearance, background, and characteristics. Background selection unlocks three initial skills for the player character, and features are gradually introduced as the game progresses, providing either an advantage or a challenge.

As players gain experience and level up, they can unlock abilities in five different skill trees: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Technology. Skills are improved by completing relevant challenges. Starfield equips players with a variety of guns, explosives, and melee weapons to use against their enemies.

Most of these weapons can be customized with attachments, with telescopic sights improving accuracy and suppressors facilitating stealth tactics. Additionally, the game introduces jetpacks (called booster packs), which prove invaluable for combat and traversing dangerous environments. Gravity depends on the mass of the celestial body and plays a role in combat dynamics when landing on different planets.

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