Starfield Akila City Location Guide, Where to Find Akila City in Starfield?

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Starfield is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was revealed at Bethesda’s E3 showcase in 2018.

“Starfield” is set in the universe and marks the first time Bethesda has owned original intellectual property in 29 years. The official release date is September 6, 2023, covering Windows and Xbox Series X/S platforms. The early access version was met with critical acclaim.

Star Akira City Location Guide

Akila City Map and Location Guide:

  • The city of Akira has a custom map with key areas and points of interest (POIs) marked.
  • Explore religious houses, shops, faction locations, residential areas, bars, and more.
  • White paths on the map represent general paths, while black lines represent walls and elevation points.

Starfield Akila City Location Guide, Where to find Akila City in Starfield?

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Mission and faction content:

  • Find faction-related content in the Monolith, including joining the Freestar Collective through missions near the bank.
  • Many side quests can be obtained by interacting with shop merchants, citizens, and guards discussing non-generic topics.

Supplier location:

  • Vendors selling various goods are mainly concentrated in Coe Square in front of Akira City.

Freestar Collective Points of Interest (POI):

  • Notable attractions include The Rock, Prison (located between the Plaza and The Stretch), Coe Heritage Center (Midtown), Freestar Consulate (Midtown), and The Rock Residence (Midtown).

Collectibles from Akira City:

  • Visit Sinclaire’s Books to find collectibles and interesting books.
  • There are two player houses available for sale: The Stretch Apartment (45,000 Credits) and The Core Residence (78,000 Credits).
  • Collect skill magazines at specific locations in the city, including Freestar Captain’s Log 03 (Consulate), Gunslinger’s Guide 01 (Rock), Gunslinger’s Guide 02 (Sinclair Books), and Solomon’s Adventures 01 (Coy Manor) ).


Where can I find Akira City among the stars?

The city of Akira is located in the Cheyenne galaxy, with convenient transportation, on the planet Akira. This Old West-style location has a variety of places to explore, as well as many unique characters. You’ll eventually head here with Sam in the Constellation for the main mission.

In Starfield, Akira City serves as a central hub where players can embark on various adventures, interact with interesting NPCs, and delve into the game’s main storyline through encounters with the Constellation faction’s Sam. Its unique blend of science fiction and Old West aesthetics makes it an alluring destination for players eager to immerse themselves in the rich Starfield universe.

How to buy a house in Akira City Starry Sky?

Players have the option to purchase two different properties: Core Estates and Stretch Apartments, each with their own unique location and price.

  • Core estate:

    • To purchase the core estate, players need to speak to Ngodup Tate.
      • The Core Estate is located behind The Rock, past Midtown Minerals and Freestar Collective Consulate, then past the Lance Estate and up the stairs.
      • The house can be identified by its low walled garden, located opposite the canvas-covered ruins behind the rocks on the north side of town.
    • The core manor costs 78,000 silver coins and is purchased without furniture.

Starfield Akila City Location Guide, Where to find Akila City in Starfield?

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  • Stretch Apartment:

    • Stretch Apartment is located in Akira’s vibrant Stretch district, famous for its shops, bars and unique character.
    • It overlooks Sinclair Bookstore, which has a distinctive “For Sale” sign on the front of the building.
    • Ngodup Tate also sells this property, but at a more affordable price of 45,000 points, almost half the cost of the core estate.
    • The Stretch Apartments offer views of the bustling activity below while maintaining a sense of privacy and tranquility.

Players can choose between these two properties based on their preferences, budget, and their desired Starfield gaming experience.

Starfield Akila City Location Guide, Where to find Akila City in Starfield?

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