Songbird Armored Core 6, Gameplay, Release Date

Songbird Armored Core 6

“SONGBIRDS”, the rear unit in Armored Core 6, is a compact double-barreled howitzer manufactured by Melinite. It is designed for medium weight Armored Core (AC), offering a unique balance of power and size. While its compact form reduces its explosive potential, the twin-barreled configuration makes up for this limitation.

In terms of specifications, its attack power is 754×2, its impact power is 745×2, and it has a total of 42 rounds. The weight is 5500 units and the energy (EN) load is 285. Furthermore, it is classified as a dorsal unit and can be connected to the right and left shoulders of the AC.

To get SONGBIRDS in Armored Core 6, you can buy them from the Parts Shop in the Garage for COAM 182,000. This is a versatile option for players looking for a balance of firepower and mobility in an AC build, especially those with mid-weight AC.

About Armored Core

“Armored Core” is a famous third-person shooter mecha game series developed by FromSoftware. It takes players into a futuristic world where they play a silent protagonist hired as a mercenary pilot. Their primary mission is to operate the powerful combat droids known as Armored Cores (ACs) on behalf of various corporate and private clients.

Gameplay mainly revolves around completing missions to accumulate points, which are then used to upgrade and customize their AC. Some games have introduced an “Arena” mode, allowing players to engage in one-on-one AC battles for additional rewards and reputation.

The series spans multiple different storylines and includes 13 main games, 7 spin-off games, and 3 remakes. Each entry adds layers to the story, exploring themes such as post-apocalyptic survival, corporate power struggles, and resistance movements.

Player choices within a mission can affect the narrative and usability of the mission, thereby enhancing replayability. Additionally, players can import save data between certain games, fostering a sense of continuity and progression throughout the series.


Armored Core gameplay

Armored Core delivers an engaging gameplay experience that seamlessly blends mech combat, extensive customization, and mission-driven progression. In this futuristic world, players assume the role of a skilled mercenary pilot responsible for operating a powerful combat mech known as the Armored Core (AC). Here’s a comprehensive overview of the gameplay:

1. Mecha Customization: A core pillar of Armored Core’s gameplay is its complex mech customization system. A large number of parts and weapons are available to players, allowing them to tailor their AC to their preferred play style. Each component offers unique advantages, promoting strategic diversity and personalization.

2. Mission-focused gameplay: The game unfolds through a mission-based structure, with players receiving missions from a range of corporate and private clients. The objectives and difficulty of these missions vary widely and include tasks such as convoy protection, enemy air combat elimination, and facility attack. Completing these tasks rewards players with valuable points to enhance their AC.

3. Resource Management: Effective resource management plays a vital role as players must balance expenses such as repair costs and ammunition replenishment. These costs are covered by points earned from successful missions, directly affecting the player’s financial balance.

4. Narrative impact: Many works in the series introduce branching storylines, and choices in tasks have a profound impact on subsequent tasks and the overall narrative. This feature enriches the game’s replayability, as players can explore different storylines through different choices.

5. Arena Duel: Some games in the series offer an “Arena” mode, allowing players to participate in exciting one-on-one AC battles. These competitions not only serve as a source of rewards, but also showcase players’ prowess in customizing their mechs.

6. Save Data Continuity: A notable feature of the Armored Core series is the ability to import save data between specific games. This feature ensures that progress and customization are preserved, fostering a sense of continuity throughout the player’s journey.

Armored Core 6 release date

“Armored Core 6” was officially released on August 25, 2023. Developed by FromSoftware, this release marks the return of the famous mecha-themed game series after fans have been waiting for some time. Armored Core 6 is expected to deliver the signature gameplay experience the series is known for, including extensive mech customization, mission-based gameplay, and potential new enhancements and features.

Given FromSoftware’s proven track record of producing high-quality games, this release attracted a lot of attention from both long-time fans of the series and new players alike. It offers players an opportunity to immerse themselves in intense mecha battles and enter a fascinating future world.

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