Solve the Puzzle Where 7+8=7 by Removing 1 Stick to Fix the Equation

Matchstick puzzles are a fun challenge that will get you thinking. If you like solving tricky puzzles, you’ll find these puzzles fun. There are many puzzles to explore. Let’s take a look at the matchstick puzzle below.

Solve the puzzle of equation 7+8=7 by removing 1 stick

Matchstick Puzzles are like puzzle games that allow you to use your problem-solving skills. They encourage you to think and use mathematics to find answers.

Solve the puzzle of equation 7+8=7 by removing 1 stick

The picture above is a matchstick puzzle. To solve this problem, you need to find the hidden patterns. You have to be quick because time is limited. This challenge tests your thinking and your attention to detail in images.

This is a bit tricky and is for those who are good with details. Mastering this puzzle can improve your thinking skills, which is helpful for study, work and life. Although it may seem difficult, the goal is to find a solution that follows the rules. The next section explains the matchstick puzzle and the solutions you can find.

Solve the 7+8=7 puzzle by removing 1 stick to fix the equation solution

This matchstick puzzle is very challenging and we encourage you to give it a try and find the answer.

Solve the puzzle of equation 7+8=7 by removing 1 stick

To solve this problem, remove a match from the number 8 so that it looks like a 0.

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Find the solution to 72 ÷ 8 x 3 – 6=?

In this problem, we apply order of operations (PEMDAS). First, we divide: 72 ÷ 8 equals 9. Then, we multiply 9 by 3, which gives us 27. Finally, we subtract 6 from 27 to get the answer: 27 – 6 = 21.

What is the result of calculating 90 ÷ 9 x 5 – 15=?

For this task we follow the sequence of operations. First, we divide: 90 ÷ 9 equals 10. Next, we multiply 10 by 5 to get 50. Finally, we subtract 15 from 50 to get the result: 50 – 15 = 35.

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