SnowRunner: Customization Guide (Tires, Suspension & Beyond)

snowman It’s all about the truck! The right truck for the right job could be the difference between life and death for the people of this storm-ravaged town. The only thing more important than finding the right starter truck is finding and purchasing upgrades that turn an ordinary truck into a snow monster.

For those new to bugs and sims, the custom shop can be a bit complicated. Even the most basic trucks can be converted with strategic upgrade options. Before setting foot on the endless slopes of Alaska or the swamps of Tamil, players need to understand and master this basic mechanism. Here’s everything you need to know about customization snowman.

After selecting your car, you can find a customization menu in the garage. Customization options can be divided into two categories as follows:

performance upgrade

  • engine
  • Gear
  • pause
  • tire
  • lock up


  • winch
  • spare tire
  • framework plugin
  • Breathing tube

Performance upgrades in SnowRunner


Performance upgrades are options on how to make the vehicle more suitable for off-road environments. They are often more difficult to distinguish than other upgrades. When choosing which upgrades to buy, you should pay close attention to the item description.

Engine upgrades determine the power of each truck. To get out of trouble, the engine needs to be powerful enough to propel the truck carrying potentially tons of cargo. Each engine is named after its real-world counterpart, so they can cause confusion as to which engine is most efficient. A good rule of thumb is to read the description and look at the name of the bike to get an idea of ​​the power-to-weight ratio. This assessment will give a good indication of which engine is suitable for the job.

Gearbox upgrades are all about the number of options the player has while on the move. The transfer process determines the available drive settings, so more is always a good thing in most cases. Experiment with different options depending on the most common uses of the vehicle in question. The name of the upgrade is often the best way to determine which upgrade is needed. (i.e. if this truck is primarily used on asphalt, select “Highway”.)


Suspension is a matter of what a car can handle without damaging it. If the player’s vehicle frequently loses its engine when going over big bumps, then the enhanced suspension may be a better choice than Stock. The enhanced suspension also protects the truck from engine failure in deep water. Remember, the enhanced suspension system helps the car roll easily on steep roads and rough roads.

Tires are the most important part of your truck. A fully upgraded truck with poor tires will not survive in the snow. With so many options, tires are often the hardest thing to choose from the upgrade menu. Tires are divided into sections, named according to their purpose. Each tire has a wheel performance rating to help players make informed choices. To start, aim for on-road or off-road tires. The best tires are those with a rating of “good” or better in mud and/or snow. Chain tires are more difficult to manufacture but offer the widest range of versatility on the road.

difference. Tire locking refers to the vehicle’s ability to lock its rear tires after continuous movement. It’s always a good idea to get your vehicle roadworthy as soon as possible. Players won’t use this feature all the time, but it’s often necessary to get out of trouble.

Utilities in SnowRunner


Utilities are tools that can be used to help players navigate the world. Each has a function that will be useful in many different situations. Choose these wisely. Each has advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

A winch is a mountain bike’s best friend. The machine allows players to tie ropes around structures, trees, and other vehicles to pull themselves out of difficult spots, prevent vehicles from overturning, or salvage drowned vehicles. Extended Scout is probably the best early game choice, although Autonomous Scout is also very useful. The Extended Scout gives you a powerful winch and a very long rope. There’s nothing worse than being stuck and not having a tree within reach to hold onto. The Autonomous Scout is less powerful and more susceptible to damage, but can be used even if the vehicle overturns or runs out of fuel.

That is the spare tire. Most players underestimate the importance of spare tires. On a long trip over dangerous roads, it’s easy to puncture a tire and have to restart or risk missing a delivery. A spare wheel can be useful, but it reduces the weight of the vehicle.


The snorkel protects the engine from water damage. Places like Taymyr are flooded with swamp water. Advanced suspension system combined with good snorkel helps save time.

Frame additions are most important on larger trucks. For Scouts, the only option is to store repair items and additional fuel. These can be very useful but also very dangerous. Some thinner reconnaissance vehicles have a tendency to tip over due to the heavy load on the roof. For larger trucks, Frame Addons are different types of machines and beds that attach to the back of the truck. For beginners, the Flatbed is a comprehensive choice. High and low saddle options are both free, so double check that any trailer your target requires doesn’t require one or the other. Seat height cannot be changed outside the garage.

snowman Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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