Sea of Thieves 2.8.5 Patch Notes Revealed: All Improvements and Fixes

Sea of ​​Thieves 2.8.5 patch notes revealed

A new update for the video game Sea of ​​Thieves is coming to Xbox One and PC. In this update called 2.8.5, there is a new story called “The Legend of Monkey Island”. It is divided into three exciting parts called “Legendary Stories”. In the first part, “Searching for Guybrush,” players will embark on an adventure to save Guybrush from the dream world. They must overcome difficult challenges.

The update also brings some new content to the game. You can get some cool items from the Pirate Emporium, like the Crazy Monkey Ship Collection. They’ve also made the game easier for people to play with some new settings, fixed some gameplay issues, and made the game world look better.

If you want to know all the details about this update, you can read the official patch notes for Sea of ​​Thieves update 2.8.5.

Sea of ​​Thieves 2.8.5 Patch Notes

New Legend: The Search for Guybrush

  • A new and original story that tells the story of three legends.
  • Gablash is imprisoned in the dream world by LeChuck.
  • The crew must complete three legendary trials to convince Guy Blash to break free.
  • New commendations, achievements, and rewards added.

Pirate Emporium:

  • Players can purchase cosmetics from the Pirate Emporium using Ancient Coins (which can be purchased with real money).
  • Ship liveries, clothing, weapons, pets and emotes available.

New thing:

  • Crazy Monkey Ship Collection.
  • Crazy monkey ship emblem.
  • Crazy Monkey Weapon Pack.
  • Crazy Monkey Accordion.
  • Guybrush costume set.
  • Elaine clothing set.
  • Kara costume set.
  • Beautiful pets.
  • Paradise Garden Scimitar (Free!).
  • Sea of ​​Sands Sailor Bundle (Microsoft, Xbox and Steam stores only).
  • Various other outpost cosmetics and items.

Season 2 Traditional Cosmetics:

  • Cosmetics previously available in Season 2 can now be exchanged for doubloons in the Outpost Shop.
  • Pirate Legends can purchase special items such as Athena’s Power Scimitar and the Shackles Phantom Hull.

Refreshed envoy ledger rewards:

  • Players who represent different factions in the Emissary Ledger can receive specific rewards.

Accessibility improvements:

  • New aim assist option enables combat with audio cues.
  • Accessibility settings added to reduce camera shake when riding ziplines.

Resolved issues


  • Pirates who jump and grab the top ladder can now smoothly climb the last step and ascend faster.
  • Players who join the game and actively participate in Skeleton Fleet encounters may now find that they initially appear on the Cursed Ferry before reaching their ship.
  • Veil Legend quest books can now be hidden within quest radials.
  • Ponds around Port Merrick can no longer be captured.

“Journey to Mele Island”

  • In this saga, pirates cannot enter the restricted area of ​​Mele Island.
  • Pirates cannot inspect citizens’ items when handing them over to prevent overlapping dialogue.
  • The clock tower is now set to the correct time when starting the story from a checkpoint.
  • When objects blocking mansion doors are removed, they are now visible to all crew members.
  • Pirates will no longer be stuck on the ground at Lookout Points when trying to jump into the fog.
  • When pirates walk across the rocks near their mansion, their movement will no longer feel buffered.
  • Liquid in Corinna’s pot now moves as expected.
  • The history book is now back on display.

sea ​​of ​​thieves battle

  • Fighting with the same faction will now correctly award the Outstanding Faction Champion Commendation.

adventure captain

  • Placing a storage chest in front of the shipbuilder will no longer allow the captain to bypass the limit on the amount of supplies that can be purchased.
  • Pirates who were harpooned during transactions with shipyards will no longer be able to bypass supply purchase restrictions.

visual and audio

  • Players will no longer hear their text chat messages spoken by other players using text-to-speech.
  • Players equipped with the Prehistoric Predator Ship item will no longer experience visual issues when playing on Xbox Series X and Series S equipped with HDR screens.
  • Hendrick’s appearance is now always correct during the Lost Cargo Voyage.
  • The buoy and fishing line no longer disappear when equipped with a fishing rod in the Cursed Tunnel.
  • Snakes will no longer turn away from the player while being charmed.


  • Players can now easily talk to the Pirate Lord in the Pirate Legend Hideout.
  • We’ve also made further improvements to eliminate areas where pirates can travel through the environment and into the sea within the Pirate Legends Hideout.
  • Pirates can no longer interact with the palm trees in Port Merrick.
  • Pirates should no longer encounter invisible walls when walking around Ancient Spire Outpost.
  • Pirates can no longer propel themselves into the environment by swimming into the rocks of a looting outpost.
  • Pirates are no longer able to pass through the stone walls of the enclosed rowing dock at Mercy’s End Fortress.
  • The ship ornament on the memorabilia wall in the Pirate Legend Hideout no longer has the same sail pattern.

Text and localization

  • The second article of the Piracy Act hanging on the outpost now reads consistently across all locations as “The sea unites us as one community”.
  • Coral artifacts will now display the correct name on notifications when delivered to Reaper Bones.

Performance and stability

  • Improved initial load time when launching the game.
  • Continuous improvements to server stability to reduce instances of players disconnecting from their sessions.

Download size

  • Xbox Series X: 8.82 GB
  • Xbox Series S: 5.73 GB
  • Xbox One X: 8.82 GB
  • Xbox One: 5.73 GB
  • Microsoft Store: 8.7 GB
  • Steam: 7.93 GB


Sea of ​​Thieves Overview

Sea of ​​Thieves is a video game produced by Rare and Microsoft Studios. It was launched in 2018. In this game you become a pirate and do different jobs for a trading company. You can play with others and explore the open world on a pirate ship. Sometimes, you make friends with other players, and sometimes you fight them. When making the game, they drew inspiration from other games such as Eve Online, DayZ, and Rust.

They thought about making a game with vampires or dinosaurs, but they chose pirates. They were inspired by movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Goonies.” In the game you can customize your ship and go on adventures. You can also join an alliance with other players to earn more coins. If you die in the game, you go to a ghost ship until you can come back. The game received mixed reviews when it first launched.

Some people like the ship combat and graphics, but others dislike the progression and lack of things to do. But the developers keep adding new content to the game, and the game gets better and better. Now, Sea of ​​Thieves has millions of players and is extremely popular. You can play on Xbox and PC. This is an exciting game where you become a pirate and explore the high seas.

Sea of ​​Thieves gameplay

In Sea of ​​Thieves, you become a pirate and go on adventures with your friends. You can choose your pirate character and explore a vast world where you can meet other players. You’ll be sailing on a ship, and you can even customize its appearance. Sometimes, you will meet other pirates and you can decide to become friends or have a pirate battle. If your boat is damaged, you must use planks and buckets to repair it.

You can also perform tasks for the trading company, such as finding treasure or fighting skeletons, and earn coins to buy cool stuff. There are special story missions called “Tall Tales”, and if you do well you can become a pirate legend and receive special rewards. You’ll explore islands, face storms, sea monsters, and even go fishing and cooking. It’s all about having pirate fun on the high seas!

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