Sea of Stars Romaya Secret Passage, How to Unlock Sea of Stars Romaya Secret Passage?

Star Sea Romania Secret Passage

The following is a detailed introduction to how to obtain the Romania secret passage in the game Sea of ​​Stars:

  • Defeat Romania: The first step in this quest is to defeat Romania. This boss battle takes place on Ghost Island, which is also the entrance to the secret passage in Romania.

  • Gain the ability to fly: After defeating Romania, you will gain the ability to fly. This is a key skill required to access the island.

  • Find Romania’s Secret Passage: Once you gain the ability to fly, you’ll notice a small island next to Ghost Island. This is the island that hides the secret passage of Romania.

  • Check the locked door: After landing on this island, you will come across a locked door. This door has three colors of locks or runes. These locks were the keys to the secret passages of Romania.

  • Understand the puzzle: At this point, you need to figure out the correct pattern to unlock the door. The game does offer some hints to help you solve the puzzle, but they can be a little vague.

  • Talk to friends in camp: In the game, you have the option to talk to friends in camp. Conversations with your campmates can sometimes provide clues or hints related to various secrets and puzzles in the game. Talking to them may give you some clues as to where to look for answers.

  • Reveal the solution: While tips from fellow campers can be helpful, you may prefer a simple solution.

How to unlock the secret passage in Romania, Star Sea?

Unlocking the secret passage of Romania in the Star Sea involves a series of steps and interactions with Yumara, Romania’s neutral sister, and the Cauldron in the Pine Mushroom Swamp on Mesa Island. Here’s a detailed guide on how to unlock it:

  • Getting to the Pine Mushroom Swamp: First go to the Pine Mushroom Swamp area on Mesa Island. This is where Yomara, Romaya’s sister, lives.

  • Looking for Yumara: After entering the Pine Mushroom Swamp, look for Yumara. You’ll find her in a specific room. When you approach her, she will mention her neutral stance on everything going on around her. If you decide to investigate her cauldron, she won’t interfere.

  • Find the Cauldron: In the same room as Yumara, you’ll notice a cauldron. This cauldron is the key to the secret passage in Romania.

  • Interact with the Cauldron: Approach the cauldron and interact with it. Once you do this, you will see three runes and their corresponding colors. These runes and colors are crucial to unlocking secret passages.

  • Learn the Pattern: The cauldron will display a pattern containing three runes and colors. You need to copy this pattern to unlock the secret passage.

  • Unlock the Passage: To unlock the secret passage, arrange the three runes in an order that matches the pattern shown in the cauldron. This order corresponds to the specific colors associated with each rune.

  • Purchase the Eye of Yumara (optional): If you have not obtained the Eye of Yumara accessory before, you can choose to purchase it from Yumara herself. The Eye of Yumara is a powerful accessory that can provide valuable information in combat. It allows you to see the weaknesses, resistances and health of non-boss enemies in combat. This accessory is available for purchase for 799G.

By following the steps below and arranging the runes correctly according to the pattern displayed in the cauldron, you can successfully unlock the secret passage of Star Sea Romanaya. This text will lead to new adventures and discoveries in the game. Additionally, if you choose to purchase the Eye of Yumara, it can significantly enhance your combat capabilities by providing valuable enemy information during combat.


Stars and sea

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